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Handler Idea Canned For Now

We have to pass along an “attaboy” to Team Dave for their decision to not fill a “position” created last June for a lobbyist coordinator.

The Daily Paper reported last week that Ryan Hill–Dave Bieter’s campaign manager–was the lead contender for the job. The GUARDIAN blasted the idea, saying the winners of the recent city election apparently were not up to the job of managing the city. We also speculated Hill would be known as a “permanent handler.”

We found the idea of hiring a guy to oversee contract lobbyists and “forge good relations with other elected officials” a bit much. The Daily Paper agreed with our position as did our sister blog the, CALDWELL GUARDIAN. Even Hill withdrew his application for the $57,000 a year job.

This could be a new tactic for Team Dave, admitting they had a bad idea and public opinion was against their plan. No doubt there was some discussion by councilors as well. Kinda strange the job was approved in June and they waited until after the election to post it. We hope they are not waiting for things to cool off and then hire someone.

Money would be better spent on an auditor to routinely safeguard our tax dollars and report to the public on any misdeeds.

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  1. Seems like cronyism. Maybe his campaign manager would be a good person to have in that job regardless, but it just seems like a payback. Jobs of any kind should be awarded on the basis of merit, not favoritism.

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    Dec 6, 2007, 10:51 pm

    I read in the Boise Weekly that Hill withdrew his application because it would have taken months to fill the position and he needed a paycheck sooner than that, as might we all.

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