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Low Stakes Gambling Hall

Not to be confused with LIBRARY!, Boise has resumed the old Catholic cultural icon BINGO! Like the fairgrounds, the all park, and Plantation Golf Course, BINGO! is actually located in Garden City.

Three charities will share the take. Northwest Alternatives, Treasure Valley Community Television, and Sacred Heart School and Church have re-opened the Bingo facility located at 5443 Glenwood in Garden City under the creative name of BINGO!.

This facility was a very popular bingo destination until it was closed earlier this year. Now under the new management of the three above-mentioned charities, BINGO! Opened November 10th. Daily games start at 6:30 p.m. with afternoon action Sunday and Wednesday at 1 p.m.

BINGO! will feature a wide variety of bingo games, with proceeds to be used for charitable purposes. We hear the lottery commission is overseeing the operation in some manner.

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  1. That address is located in Garden City, not Boise.

    EDITOR NOTE–You are entirely correct! We got the address directly from a press release…has the GUARDIAN gone mainstream?

    Now we have to ask the question: While the address is indeed located in Garden City, don’t the people in that ZIP code put BOISE as their return address?

  2. Michael Quinlan
    Dec 13, 2007, 10:28 pm

    5443 Glenwood is in Garden City, I think. Not Boise.

    EDITOR NOTE–You too are correct. As a former Garden City Cop, I should know better!!

  3. Garden City residents can put Boise on their inbound and outbound mail. The post office does not seem to care.

  4. SSHHH! Don’t tell team Dave! They will file a lawsuit to try and annex them.

  5. So how much can you win?

  6. Re the address: As long as it has the correct ZIP code, it’ll get there.
    And have you ever noticed that the ads in The Daily Paper and elsewhere for businesses in Garden City list their addresses as Boise? I guess they’re all ashamed of being in Garbage City, even though the G.C. officials keep bragging about how much they’ve “improved” the area (Translation: Tried to drive out the low-income folks).
    Re gambling: So, with Bingo, lottery, scratch-off games, horse racing, dog-racing betting via TV at Les Bois track, the stock market … Why not just admit Idaho has gambling, and let the casinos return to Garden City where they were before the state decided it and not the cities would be the big boss?

  7. Why is bingo a “Catholic cultural icon?”

    EDITOR NOTE–Never could figure that one out. Guess it is just a fun way to raise cash. Sorta like Polish bowlers in Detroit, Indian casinos, Jewish night clubs in the Pocono Mts., old people comparing medical histories, cowboys chewing tobacco, and lawyers wearing wing tipped shoes.

  8. I believe that as far as the post office goes, permitting the Boise address for Garden City mail was because until a few years ago, Garden City did not have a post office. They apparently continued the practice even after a post office opened on Marigold just off Glenwood.

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