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Karen Crapser
Boise, ID 83709
Unallocated Funds: My complaint is about the over-budgeting of our city government and how they can over spend with our extra $14 million. I would like part of that back in my pocket instead of the government’s and let me decide where we should have it or the people. You’re supposed to be a government for the people and by the people and I don’t believe you’re doing that. If you’re over-budgeting all of your departments, it’s time that we get people in there who can restructure this and get the budget down where it belongs. There should not be this over excess in two or three years in a row. You take taxes off the things that we purchase. If that’s where the problem is, I think it’s time you guys start listening to us who are paying your salaries, especially you, Dave Bieter. Thank you.

Paul Ashley
ACHD: I’m calling about a couple of “Road Closed” signs put up on Sherman St. between 12th and 13th. They were put up about a week ago and there’s no reason whatsoever that I can see for doing it. People are starting to drive around on the wrong side of the road now. It reminds me of the story of the little boy who cried “wolf”. If they don’t start doing something people are going to ignore the signs and drive through there. This happens all over Boise and it makes me sick. My father owned a sign company for 50 some years so I know a little bit about signs.

Analee Judge
5131 Stoker Ln.
Boise, ID 83703
Signage: I have a complaint about the Night Moves Club on State St. They have just totally inappropriate messages on their signs. The one currently now is, “Tease the Season, buy a lap warmer inside.” The last one was, “If you are cold, we have topless heaters inside.” I realize it’s a dance club, but it’s just rude to people who don’t condone that kind of behavior.
Action Taken: contacted

Cathy Scofield
1919 S. Roosevelt
Boise, ID 83705
Morris Hill Cemetery: My son is buried at Morris Hill Cemetery. I have gone to visit his grave a number of times recently only to find so much goose poop everywhere that it gets all over my shoes, all over everything so much that you cannot walk through it. It is horrible, horrible. It’s all over his grave and all over the graves around him. I am so distressed about this. I just kept thinking that it would get better but I cannot go and visit my son at his grave with this mess. Please let’s have a change so that we can have something done about these geese; a dog to scare them off, I don’t know what. There’s a no dog policy, a no pet policy. It’s just like there’s one thing and another and another. This is ridiculous. Everyone should be able to go and pay their respects to their loved ones without having this situation. I look forward to a resolution to this problem. Thank you.
Action Taken: BPR contacted

Steven Hill
11889 W. Bronte
Boise, ID 83709
Rivendell: Several years ago Mayor Bieter was a deciding vote that allowed for the construction of the Rivendell Estates. It has created a massive disaster in our neighborhood with traffic, speeders, and people almost getting run over and killed. He was the deciding vote that allowed this against the wishes of 600 and some odd families that was under protest and gone around for over six years. I would like to know what he plans on doing to get this problem resolved. ACHD has decided they aren’t going to do anything about it; the police department doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it. I would like a call from him telling me what he’s going to do to protect our lives. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: ACHD contacted and explained that until the sub. Is completed, no add’l traffic calming will occur. BPD pending

Maria Doyle
Rochester NY 02124
My concern is the snow plow plowed yesterday morning around 3:00 and pushed the snow on the sidewalk in front of my stairs. I’m the owner of the house and I have to get the tenant to move some of the snow in order for them to get up the stairs. I had knee surgery and I had to climb over the snow to get into my house and I don’t think that’s very nice for the snow plow. I just had to comment and let someone know whenever they plow they can’t put snow on the sidewalk in front of people’s residence because they give tickets and I can’t afford to get a ticket for something that the city people are doing. That is my concern; thank you.
Action Taken: left msj

Neal Timmerman
Unallocated Funds: I read in the paper this morning that you had a $12 million surplus. My thoughts are, it’s taxpayer money, why don’t you give it back to the taxpayers. It’s not yours to go ahead and throw around to the other agencies. Give it back to the taxpayers and you’ll probably get $14 million next year. Thank you.

Bob Riley
3639 Rampart St.
Boise 04
Library: I noticed today when visiting the bookmobile, and by the way I’m a resident in the new W. Boise Library District, I noticed that the new library site is being used as a storage area fro the Ustick Rd. widening project which is under way. My understanding is that the groundbreaking for the new library was to occur within the next couple of months. My question is, is is that work by ACHD going to interfere in anyway with the initiation of the construction of the new library.

Roland Hobbs
1301 N. Gwaine Place
Transitional Houses: I just finished listening to Mayor Bieter’s accomplishments for the year on Channel 7 and I didn’t hear one thing about what he had done or did or tried to do about our situation with Dennis Mansfield and his so-called safe houses. When we had the meeting with Mayor Bieter I was quite impressed thinking he was going to try and help us in this situation. I understand now that Dennis Mansfield has more connections and influence with Mayor Bieter then we as the people living next door to these so called safe houses. The one behind me started out having 8 young men. It is now moved to 12. As we said before, there is no way I could have 8-12 unrelated people in my home. As far I’m concerned it’s overfilled with people. The traffic situation is bad, and again I say I’m disappointed in what Mayor Bieter and his influence has had any effect in this situation.

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  1. AMEN to Karen and Neal.

    If the city council and mayor don’t have the intergity to put ALL EXPENDITURES in the budget for public review then they are no better than common crooks. They steal tax money to play with on pet projects out of pulic review.

  2. I feel compelled to comment on Cathy Scofield’s call to the hotline… complaining about goose poop at the cemetery.

    While I’m sympathetic to her situation – if life was fair, NOBODY should have to visit a child’s gravesite – if goose-poop is her big problem in life, she’s got it pretty good.

    And – if she thinks there should be a city government solution to goose droppings, we’re in trouble! Geese are EVERYWHERE this time of year. I bicycled past the fairgrounds a couple days ago, and there were literally thousands of ’em strolling about on the lawns.

    Of course… on the other hand… the city DOES have that huge surplus of taxpayer dollars burning a hole in their pocket. Maybe now is the time to hire a qualified Goose Poop Czar. (/sarcasm)

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