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After years of scandal in the ranks of college football, it is refreshing to see some of those high salaried coaches apparently “doing the right thing” when it comes to making the game “clean.”

As the bowl season got into full swing we heard of Boise State’s Coach Pete not only benching a couple of players for “breaking team rules,” but he left them in the chill of Boise when the Broncos traveled to Hawaii for the post season bowl game.

Similar report from Florida where 36 players missed the Music City Bowl as the result of an academic cheating scandal.

Then, Fresno State coach Pat Hill sent 8 players home prior to the Humanitarian Bowl here in Boise for curfew and team rule violations.

At least on the surface, it looks like these high paid coaches are taking no chance with their own reputations (sports writers call it a “legacy”) when it comes to allowing wild and crazy guys to get out of control.

It can be a costly mistake for a coach–end ultimately the universities–to allow bad things to happen. They lose TV revenue, recruiting opportunities, and support of fans.

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  1. I always loved college Football. Can’t get enough of it.
    But know I’m beginning to change my thoughts a bit.
    Anyone but me think there should be a cap on what these overpaid coach’s should be paid?
    Should’nt there be more of this wasted money used for educating our kids? I have to ask myself. Have we lost sight of what colleges were meant to be used for?

  2. Thank you, Robert, for your sensible comments. As adorable as Coach “Pete” may be, I would like to see the teachers make decent money….and what’s with all these “adjuncts”? – we call them temps in the business community. No job security, no bennies, what a rip-off.

  3. Sorry guys, simply a question of supply and demand.
    A winning coach MAKES the university way more than he, or she, is paid. And as long as there are so few coaches that have the ability to deliver a winning program, they will continue the admittedly obscene pay scale they enjoy.
    On the other side, as long as there is an overabundance of adjuncts, they will continue to receive no security or bennies. Not a rip-off, just the reality of basic economics.

  4. Wow!
    Cyclops actually believes that stuff about a coach making the U more than he or she is paid.
    Cyclops, do you also believe the one about how cities should grow because growth pays for itself?
    Or the one about how all drugs approved by the FDA are safe?
    Or … oh, never mind.

  5. Gordon, I was a real fan of yours when you proposed the “party”, but really!
    Athletic programs are paid for by “butts in the seats”! Butts in the seats are brought about by winning programs! Winning programs are brought about by talented, good recruiting coaches.
    6 home games at an average of $15.00 per butt and 28,000 per game gives you a cool 2.4 MILLION income for the school. Now, let’s factor in all the Bowl income and the cash that the “fat-cat” alumni ponies up. Pretty basic math from here…. The growth thing and the drug thing was a stretch even for you!

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