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No Avimor Poop For Boise

We recently got a whiff of pending plans on the prospects of placing poop from Avimor in Boise.

The GUARDIAN broke what is really a significant story last month in the saga of the planned community in northern Ada County and the subject of AVIMOR POOP . We revealed the developer wants to use a membrane filter system which leaves a sludge residue requiring additional treatment. They planned to truck the crap to Boise for treatment and disposal, but had never told the folks in Boise about their plans.

After the GUARDIAN broke the story, Boise officials questioned how the developer had obtained approval from the county to build homes without providing proper sewage disposal. Turns out Boise sewage plants accept the contents from those septic tank pump trucks and Avimor figured they could take advantage of the poop program.

Not anymore! The poop plant policy is being changed to NOT allow Avimor poop in Boise. One insider told us, “That hole is being plugged.”

As we understand it, AVIMOR will have to use septic tank pumper trucks of some sort
until they get enough “product” to get their system up and running. Somewhere between 40 and 80 homes are needed to “activate” the sewer plant. After that they will take “qualified solids” (stuff filtered out of the sewage) to the Ada County Landfill. Ada County’s landfill director, Dave Neal offers the following:

1. The sludge has to pass the “Paint Filter Test”. This test, as
described in fed regs, if passed, insures that the material does not
contain “free liquids”. If the material fails the test, it has to be
dried further or mixed with an absorbent and retested. This has to go
on until the test is passed.

2. The sludge has to pass the Toxic Characteristics Leaching Process
(TCLP). TCLP set up guidelines for maximum levels of contaminants
(dozens are listed) that can be present in the sludge. If the material
passes TCLP, it is considered safe for disposal in our (or any other)
municipal waste landfill.

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  1. Mike Reineck
    Jan 9, 2008, 8:21 am

    I believe the Cliff’s development on Hammer Flat is also planning on using a membrane filter sewage system. Is their sludge also planned for the Boise treatment?

    The Cliff’s will also discharge water into the Boise river.

    EDITOR NOTE–Both Cliffs and Avimor plan to use same system. The water they end up with is essentially clean. The sludge is the problem and both
    developments planned to use Boise sewer plant facilities–they just never told anyone.

  2. Clippityclop
    Jan 9, 2008, 8:53 am

    I believe the homes the developer is building now are dry, poopless (unoccupied) model homes. The real buiding will require a final plat approval, and I don’t think that’s gone before the County yet.

    What has been approved so far are preliminary plats that allow for infrastructure. Who knows what will happen. If Boise won’t take their poop, will they fling it far and wide? It seems so strange that this poop-handling business wasn’t worked out in advance or questioned by the County earlier in the process.

  3. Thanks Guardian for letting the left hand know what the right hand was doing. Since the City of Boise has publicly opposed the development I hope the City will conduct an assessment of what other city services will be burdened by it. It should give them more standing should things get legal.

  4. Avimor: We don’t want to pay Boise taxes, we just want to use its services.

  5. We seem to have a true dilemma on our hands. I remember when the “newbies” bought homes in Eagle back in the mid 90’s and then found out that the farmers spread the cow poop over their fields to fertilize them. Boy, did they raise a stink about the stink! Now that there are no more fields left, where, oh where, shall all that poop be spread? Maybe in their common areas?

  6. Clippityclop
    Jan 9, 2008, 4:10 pm

    I agree with Cyclops. In this era of green building and environmental responsibility, I suggest they fertilize their own development, not the dump (yum! poop-filled trucks cruising down 55, intermingling with Hidden Springs traffic on Seamans Gulch — that’ll “change their view” all right). This just gets kookier by the day. Commissioners, what have you done? Where was your trusty staff input in all of this? I’m afraid you’ve been taken for a ride (on a poop truck).

  7. I guess Eagle’s poop must not stink as much. Boise has been processing Eagle’s treated effluent for years.

  8. I live in Eagle and think we should spread poop in the common areas. Golf courses, too. Instead of golf shoes we should wear those knee high rubber boots like the ones I wore in western Alaska where summer was celebrated by changing from cleats to waders. However, knee high rubber boots would usually do.

    It is just amazing how the basics of living, modern or otherwise, could exclude the process of disposing of human waste. In referring to my earlier life in Alaska, I can recall that every household had a “honey bucket” which was a big bucket that sat underneath the usual toilet seat. A couple of times a week the honey bucket guys would show up, knock on the door, then come on in and collect the honey bucket. They would bring it back empty, but it was the inhabitants’ responsibility to pour Pine-Sol in the bucket to cover up the odor remaining. To this day I can’t stand the smell of Pine-Sol – funny isn’t it?

    In the middle of town was a lake, commonly referred to as “Honey Bucket Lake.” Fortunately it was frozen most of the year. The soil in the area was permanently frozen downward from about 12 inches or so, a condition called “permafrost.” I don’t know where the residue eventually ended. Guess it is probably still there, along with a plethora of dead cars and non-working appliances. Or they could have shipped it to Boise for treatment at the West Boise Sewer Treatment Facility. It wouldn’t surprise me.

    This is a true story and I survived it.

  9. Well, there you have it! Clancy has supplied the solution to the “poop” problem!
    According to the Eagle sewer web site, “we are considering building a state of the art sewage treatment plant”.

    Avimoor wants to be in Eagle. Fine! Note to new Eagle mayor- quit “considering” and start building.(The sewer plant, that is)

    We may be forced to deal with your cars, but we don’t have to handle your excrement! (you have crapped on us enough already!)

  10. Rod in SE Boise
    Jan 13, 2008, 8:09 pm

    I think I need further clarification, in spite of my BSU education. Here’s a quote from the Guardian’s article:

    “Turns out Boise sewage plants accept the contents from those septic tank pump trucks and Avimor figured they could take advantage of the poop program.”

    Aren’t septic tank pump trucks a completely different amimal from the proposed “sludge” from Avimor and The Cliffs (which will be more or less dry, having been treated somehow)?

    And just what is it that comes from Eagle? Sludge or septic tank pump truck loads? And why won’t the Boise plant accept sludge? Is it too dry for them to process, and has to be sent to the landfill or spread on the ground?

    EDITOR NOTE– Rod, you have a lot of questions.
    I thought I got most of them in the follow up. Here is a short version answer.

    –Avimor will have same thing as septic tanks at the beginning “pump and dump.”

    –When their membrane is up and running the water passing through the filter will be pretty clean (irrigation quality).

    –If it passes various quality standards for lack of moisture and contaminants it can actually go to the landfill or to land application with permit.

    –Boise has contract to take sewage via pipeline from Eagle and treat it. We are told Boise will take no more volume from Eagle than current level.

    –Boise is changing policy to keep Avimor out of Boise sewage treatment facilities period, even for a short period of “pump and dump.”

    –Had Boise known 3 years ago Avimore planned to use the septic tank truck route, they would have had “standing” when Team Dave tried to stop them.

  11. Can’t wait to see Avimor when they start building outhouses out back – will those be one-holers or two?

  12. The Dog called it on a previous Poop thread. Canyon County wants Avimor poop! Saw it in the fish wrap. What did I tell ya. They think the predominantly white Avimore poop will make Canyon County smell even more Republican.

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