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Susan Austin
8955 W. Lancelot St.
Boise, ID
Store Front Library and Bus Service: I see where you want to put that new library where the old Ridley grocery store used to be. Right now there is no bus service going anywhere around that area. I think you need to consider checking out to see what can be done about transportation for the senior citizens on this so that they can have a chance to be able to get involved in that.
Action Taken: contacted

I’m just curious, does it require detonating something like a hydrogen bomb at the corner of 10th and Franklin St. to get some enforcement. Despite the well-documented problem to the best of my knowledge and to everyone I’ve spoken to here in the neighborhood, there was one brief enforcement effort here about a year and a half ago, and that’s where the documentation came into play because the officers in question couldn’t wait to get fast enough. Of course, it’s a rhetorical question; I neither possess a hydrogen bomb nor have any knowledge of anyone possessing a hydrogen bomb, in case you decide to get all patriot act on me; we would just like to have some enforcement here. Thank you.

1306 N. 26th
BPD: Miles, you see it everyday on your odometer and they are still letting you guys drive to work! We are seeing increasing activity of stalkers and harassers with cell phones around St. Mary’s Catholic Church and school. Around the New Life Church on Heron and 26th. I figure when there are 10 people out there checking the new security system around the New Life Church with cell phones there is something awry, that the police in that area evidently are looking the other way at tee times. Individuals such as
—– —- were harassed out of her home again using the technique of cell phones and what part of the building to attack. It is something that needs to stop. Using the regular police lines does no good because evidently when you put the darn police union in charge of whose where and what have you, it does no good because they simply figure out a way of blowing it all off. The only thing we have the police union doing, is in one instance moving a particular culprit to another area. I figure if I’m being offered drugs on my own block, that I grew up on, there is something different ya know? That when you have alleys blocked off with tape by certain culprits from a group of individuals that are working on buildings that they are trying to secure and homes that around both the New Life Church and St. Mary’s, a catholic church and school. Now by darn it the mayors a catholic and he should start giving a darn! Thank you very much and I hope you guys can start sleeping!

Diane Herdegen
5429 Capson Ave
Boise 83704
Half-Way Houses: I’m calling with a concern over a half-way house that has been placed in the Skyline Subdivision in west Boise. This is my neighborhood and my concerns have to do with how this house was put into our neighborhood without any knowledge on the part of the neighbors. I’m also concerned over the lack of any government oversight or guidelines or controls over the number of people in the house and the living situation. I’m also concerned about the safety of children and others in our neighborhood. I would like Mayor Bieter and possibly the Idaho Legislature to take a look at these half-way way houses that are popping up. We need some oversight and controls.

Jerry Lang
5628 Chriscliff Court
Half-Way House: Comment on the half way houses. I was at a meeting the other night and finding out about these places. As I understand, it was run for profit which I also understand the one Dennis Mansfield has needs to have a business license so it can be inspected by the city and limit its persons per square feet and fire inspection and so forth. I think the mayor should get the council and the governor and legislature and get a law passed so these can be controlled. This house I’m referring to has 11 occupants in it. I understand it’s a four bedroom, two bath house. They are living in the basement, which they can’t get out of, and I just hope that something can be done and also notify the neighbors before something like this is done. Thank you

Jail: I’m hesitant to give you my name; I’m in a very bad state of mind today. It’s incredibly cold out; my friends are getting in funny little accidents that are not quite so funny, like getting stuck in avalanches, bashing their heads and breaking their bones. It’s going to be a complicated and cold winter in that regard. Also it’s the season when a lot of people die and even kill themselves. I will say, however, that I witnessed someone next to me kill himself in Ada County jail. Perhaps they have never seen someone respond that way to a code; perhaps that’s why they let me out and let me live. Shame on America for incarcerating so many human beings; shame on America for putting them in jails that do not give them the hospital care they need. We jail children, and also according to the nurse practitioner who looked at me afterwards, most of what goes on in the jail hospital is neglect. Someone had scratched on the cell wall – 67 degrees, it’s not fair. I saw evidence of many, many souls perishing in that environment. That is our taxpayer dollars at work. That is what we have done to American children. Shame on America.

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  1. I feel sorry for the person who has to listen to these messages and try to figure out what needs to be done. The hot line has become a place for the mentally ill to call and rant about whacked out things. Paranoia is sadly taken it grips on some sick souls in our city, and they have access to phones.

  2. Mike Murphy, Bull Moose Tenor
    Jan 14, 2008, 3:52 pm

    I don’t feel too sorry the reasonably well salaried, PERSI Vested, undoubtedly medical / dental / optical coverage provided, Civil SERVANT who has (as part of their job description) the task of fielding calls from Citizens.


    Unwhacked or Whacked-Out though they may be.

    Me personally… I prefer my whackadoos gripping a telephone receiver in anger than a Smith & Wesson any day.

  3. bert farber
    Jan 14, 2008, 3:58 pm

    I ain’t paranoid. Everybody’s just talkin’ about me all the time. And followin’ me, too.

  4. You can combat the evil by wearing aluminum foil on your head! It works everyday for me! They stopped watching me the day I put one on. Big brother is watching!

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