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Levi Nall
5980 Ensign
Police: I wanted to suggest that when construction comes around, I think you should have police officers, at least one or two, where they do construction because some people I saw ran through that construction speeding very fast. Give me a call if you have questions.

Steve Smith
466 S. Browning Ave.
Boise, ID 83709
Allied: I’m calling in regards to a complaint about our trash service here in Boise. I have dog fesses, produce, and trash dumped out in front of my house every week when they come by. I have complained repeatedly; they will take no action, and we’re at the point of having to take pictures and turn it over to the police. I would like some assistance from the Mayor’s office; I’ve got a phone call into them right now, and trying to get a response from the trash service is very difficult. We are very frustrated, and I would appreciate a return call. Thank you.

Joan Lechtenberg
3120 E. Nature Dr
Boise 83706
PDS: This is on the SE side of the river on Wood Duck Island. I’ve noticed that across the river, right across from Barber Park, someone, whether it’s the developers or who I don’t know, are putting a lot of fill dirt in that area. It looks like they may be outlining walking paths along by the river on that side and in doing so they seem to be adding a lot of fill dirt to that area. I don’t know if anyone realizes this but this area floods on a regular basis. It is part of the flood plain and is one of the main reasons that Wood Duck Island and other developments down there are not flooded because on that bend of the river that goes out to the north side of the river it is lower. If a change is allowed in the topography on the north side of the river there our developments will, not maybe, will be flooded, I would just like to find out what can be done and how we can protect our property from this kind of thing. We have had a problem already with a development west of us, Bown Crossing, where developers have been allowed to put enormous amounts of fill dirt and have raised the level of Bown Crossing so they are now higher then we are. Where in effect it was much lower and was the low spot on the south side of the river. It has now made us the low spot and puts us in considerably more danger of flooding. Now it is happening across the river from us. We need to protect our homes. I would like the city council and mayor to address this matter. I brought it up once before at a meeting and was told, oh its fine. Then they closed the meeting because they really didn’t want to hear it. We really would like some sort of answer that you aren’t going to allow developers or anyone else to change the topography of the flood plain. Thank you.

Glenn Miles
1306 N. 26th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Misc; I was awakened last night at 3:00 in the morning with somebody picking my lock. I just spent $250 putting a brand new lock in the system, which has a much more challenging aspect for the average lock picker. Now, hassling is against the law, stalking is against the law; there’s got to be officers in the North End of Boise that know who’s doing this. The fellow who used to live at XXXX N. 25th was in on this. I was going through the neighborhood trying to find my cat at 3:00 in the morning and I noticed him pulling the same little stunt; usually on people who are retired, or people who they want to hurry up and move out of the house so they can turn over the development process. The city has got to wake up and come to the viewpoint that if stalking and hassling is against the law, then somebody better start enforcing the law because gradually people are going to hear that the City of Boise is not enforcing the law and is allowing people to disrupt peoples’ sleep. The guy that put the new lock in, can clearly verify that it’s been marked by somebody trying to pick the lock. I’m tired of this, and I bet you there are a lot of elderly people in the neighborhood who have been hassled in the area that are too. I realize that many of them do not constitute a large enough constituency as far as people are concerned to do anything about it, but there’s got to be somebody on the city council that has enough morals left that they’re going to start turning the straight jackets down on some of the police that are looking the other way at key hours of the night. I lived in the same dorm for awhile with a guy who became chairman of the political science and criminology dept at the University of Maine. Anybody who’s in criminology knows the culprits are people who perpetrate the little escapades and they have a character flaw. There ought to be somebody left on the city council that won’t have to wait until the next election or public embarrassment like Mayor Coles’, before something is done. It’s not right, it’s not right, it’s not right. I’d appreciate a letter from the mayor.

Illegal Parking: A black Pasat, license plate 1ACG511, is halfway on the sidewalk, halfway in the fire lane on the redline fire lane on 8th Street between Idaho and Main. Bad enough, the fire truck had to stop and the firemen were actually out, evidently looking for the owner. I’m driving down the street and the fire truck had to stick itself halfway into the road, of course this is not the fire truck driver’s fault at all, and in front of me driving right past the scene was a Boise police car. I’m just wondering exactly what it takes to get the BPD to enforce the fire lane on a street between Bannock and Main.
BPD Parking Control

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