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Warm Thoughts From Argentina

Driving across the Andes Mountains from Argentina to Chile today I couldn’t help but have warm thoughts of Idaho and the USA.

The first couple of switch backs reminded me of the old White Bird Hill. The other 30 left the old Highway 95 route a dull memory.

Have to say the Sawtooths really do seem like mole hills when compared to the Andes. Idaho wins in the “Alpine beauty” category, but for the mother of all mountains the Andes take the cake. Will try to post some pictures upon return.

Many venues are “state owned” in South America and from the sound of things, that may be a good idea for Tamarack. They can’t make it on their own–seem to be looking for some sort of bonding authority from the state, they use public land for their commercial enterprise and have been working very quietly to get the state to do a land swamp with the feds so they can get another 18 square miles.

Finally this overweight oldtimer actually hiked for an hour at 12,000 feet to get some shots of the tallest peak in the western hemisphere. I have never heard of ACONCAGUA until doing research for this current photo shoot. It tops out at 22,600 feet.

All weekend the BBC news on the hotel cable system kept mentioning the Obama presidential campaign visit to Boise. Even credited KTVB 7 with the video as did the CNN WORLD story that ran about 20. Sure had a lot of Dem crowds at the Taco Bell Arena since all the money came in with the name…Al Gore drew a fair crowd too.

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  1. shealyisnottheantichrist
    Feb 4, 2008, 9:51 pm

    I am looking forward to the photos.

  2. Well, I am glad that you have the energy to get around the way you do. And I am looking forward to the pictures. Everyone who has the chance should visit as much of the earth as possible, despite the carbon emission problem. When we have to go back to horse and buggy, then I guess that is what we will do. Wasn’t the 20th century grand?

    Those Tamarack people will do anything to get public money to subsidize all those rich folks. It makes me sick. And it isn’t a “lake” at Cascade. It is a reservoir – otherwise known as a “fake lake.” Was made to help farmers, not tennis players. First those folks ruined Sun Valley, then McCall, now the rest of Valley County and Boise County. Guess it is time for us oldtimers to find another place to live.

    Heck, I’m not bitter. Just not rich enough to live here.

  3. I just got back from climbing Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the the western and southern hemisphere at 22,841 feet. (and tallest outside of the Everest area). It took us 13 days to reach the top. I’ll be posting my pictures on It was good to get back to Boise, though, even with all this snow!

    EDITOR NOTE–You beat my little hike by about 12 Days and 22 hours! We need to do lunch if you will be seen in public with a fat old man. Just don’t shame me with great pictures too.

  4. Enjoy the trip! One of my uncle’s has a home in Chile which we have been fortunate enough to visit and it is indeed beautiful. Western Argentina with all of its ranches and mountains is another great place to visit…especially now when it is summer there!! Enjoy the trip and we look forward to hearing more.

    TJ, I couldn’t agree with you more on the situation here in Idaho. I was raised in Elmore and Owyhee counties and we spent summers in the Pine/Featherville area as kids. Back then it was an economical fun place to vacation, sort of the summer spot for Magic Valley folks who couldn’t afford Sun Valley. Don’t know if you have been up there lately but we recently lookede into purchasing a small cabin and the cheapest available was in the 3-4k range. Wow, I can’t afford to live here anymore either! I am not one to cast stones at growth but the cost of living here has gotten so high, I am not sure how some folks do it any longer. Wish I had a good answer.

  5. I am INSANELY jealous, Dave! A dream of mine is to (someday) visit the Andes, and particularly down Patagonia way. The Andes are more like the Himalayas than the northern-hemisphere Rockies. Many, many Andes mountains top off higher than Denali (Alaska), or Whitney (the highest in the continental U.S.) or Elbert (Colorado, the highest in the Rockies, far as I know).

    A few years back I rode my motorsickle to the highest paved road in N. America – the top of Mt. Evans at 14,200+ feet. By contrast, Ticlio Pass in Peru is 4,818 meters… 15,807 feet. Gotta go there someday.

    Looking forward to your photo journalism.

  6. bert farber
    Feb 6, 2008, 10:02 am

    Guardian Guy:
    So you took a little hike up a hill in Argentina, and you took some pitchers. Big deal, unless you got a pitcher of some abominable cajones.

  7. chessplayer
    Feb 6, 2008, 10:46 pm

    I am feeling a bit jealous also, but not because I have much wanderlust these days. I’m a homebody and glad to have a warm fireplace and a cup of cocoa. However, even I am wishing for warmer weather! You enjoy and I can’t wait to see your trip chronicled with gorgeous photos.

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