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USHUAIA, ARGENTINA–Dining with folks from England, France, and Argentina this evening at the “southernmost town in the world,” the GUARDIAN editor bragged that he had also visited Hammerfest, Norway which claims to be the “northernmost town in the world.”

Eventually forced to detail the location of Boise on the world map for my new friends, I paraphrased a line Mayor Bieter of Team Dave is fond of using about Boise being the most remote (isolated) town of its size in the USA .

“I have been to the ends of the earth and now I live there,” I quipped. They all understood.

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  1. Rod in SE Boise
    Feb 11, 2008, 9:14 pm


    Hope you get to see Punta Arenas and Torres del Paine National Park while you are there.

  2. We’re All Livin’ in Our Own Private Idaho’.

    If you like that B-52s Song, follow the link to our MySpace Page @ and it’ll leap out at ya.

  3. bert farber
    Feb 12, 2008, 2:23 pm

    I hope you ate a lot of king crab and had a drink at Joe’s Jazz Bar.

  4. Ah, if only we could keep Boise “isolated.”

  5. Mike Murphy, Bull Moose Bitcher & Moaner
    Feb 13, 2008, 8:08 am


    Forgive me, but there’s no new entry to mention this.


    It didn’t occur in Boise, or even Idaho, but it goes directly to those who blindly pledge allegiance to Law Enforcement…

    As reported on NBC News and other national media outlets…

    Sheriff’s Deputies in Florida booking a Quadriplegic Man into the county jail on a Minor Infraction, dumped the man out of his wheelchair onto the floor because he refused to stand up for a pat down search!

    Bad enough, this happened in full view of other Deputies and a Supervisor, and was known to have occurred by other Supervisors.

    All of whom failed to report the incident, and initially denied its occurrence.

    And so it would have remained. A “Perps” word against multiple Law Enforcement Officers.

    And then a local Reporter obtained the Video Tape!


    At a minimum, it’s a near certainty that the multiple incidences of Sexual Misconduct (recently including an Underage Girl on a Ride-Along) by rogue (let me repeat that: ROGUE!) Officers of the BPD in Patrol Cars, while On Duty, would not have occurred had A / V Equipment been installed.

    Or did the underage girl (like others some contributers on these pages so eagerly act as Judge, Jury and Executioner toward) “deserve it” also?

  6. Well, there ‘ya go again Mike! Why don’t you just share what has happened in your past that has given you such a “stink-on” for cops? There are times when you are one of the most insightful bloggers there is. And then there are times like this! I am sure that we would all like to see cameras in all the cop cars. I also believe that the cops would like them as well. Now, get the mayor to pay for them instead of his precious libraries or his “choo-choo”! It obviously ain’t gonna happen!
    No one! (cops included) want to see the type of crap that went on in Florida, or a teen aged ride along have problems or get hurt in any way.
    Even though I am completely disgusted with the BPD union, I don’t see how you make the jump from Florida to Boise.

  7. Mike Murphy, Bull Moose Stinker-On
    Feb 14, 2008, 7:21 pm

    A thorough reading of my past posts would instill in the reader the knowledge that I have the greatest respect for Law Enforcement as a Profession in general, and the vast majority of the BPD in particular.

    I’ve even gone out of my way on numerous occasions to single-out individual Officers of the BPD that exemplify all that I, and many others believe is good and honorable in a Police Officer.

    I have a “Stink-On” for bad service overall.

    I can dislike a waiter, and still love the restaurant.

    I can dislike an actor, and still enjoy a movie.

    I can be disturbed by Larry Craig, and still respect the United States Senate as an Estate.

    And I am quite enlightened enough to disdain, even hate rogue cops (One More Time… R-O-G-U-E Cops), and still value and respect our police.

    The leap?

    It can be made from / to any point on the globe where citizens need “Protection from the Protectors”.

    Wasn’t it our former CHIEF of Police who was busted by a Security Camera in City Hall helping Mr. Coles, ahem, “relocate” evidence in the wee hours?


    “…one of the most insightful bloggers there is”?!?

    Aw Shucks! ; )

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