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Guardian On AM 580 Tuesday

The GUARDIAN editor is scheduled for a live radio broadcast on AM 580 Tuesday from 9-10 a.m. We will be talking about everything from photography and travel to current events in local government.

We always like to connect with readers, so feel free to call with any comments or ideas. It isn’t our show, but expect to hear about the recent trip to Argentina and the appointment of the new fire chief in Boise.

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  1. I hate to be picky, but could we ditch the “we” and go for “I”? I know the royal or editorial “we” has precedent, but hey, we are in Idaho! How about a 3rd person compromise “This reporter”?

    EDITOR NOTE–Gosh Eric, even a one man band is still a band. I do try to avoid the “I” as much as possible and honestly look at the GUARDIAN as a lot more than just “me.” Without “us” it isn’t much. I will try to do better with our pronouns for all of us.

  2. We don’t mind. And be we, I mean me. Wait… Me don’t mind? By me we mean I. I don’t mind.

    We think.

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