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John Hetherington
3400 N. Kampton Wy
Boise, ID
Fire Chief: This is a message for Mayor Dave Bieter. I am deeply disappointed by your
selfish and politically self-serving decision to appoint Dennis Doan as Chief of the Boise City Fire Department.

As a candidate, Mr. Doan’s only redeeming qualification was his personal and financial relationship to you. Your decision to appoint him is a blatant misuse of the public trust. The Fire Chief is one of the most important public safety positions in the city government. As such, it requires the most qualified candidate for the position, not just someone who is politically in bed with you.

Dave, I knew your father, Pat, when I went to Boise State University. His sincerity, integrity, and uncompromising pursuit of excellence inspired me to seek an advanced degree in my field. It’s a shame that your decision to appoint Mr. Doan lacks both sincerity and excellence, but reeks of quid, pro-quo politics; so much for your so-called commitment to restore integrity to the Boise Mayor’s office.

As a life-long Democrat and Boise resident, I thoroughly supported your Mayoral candidacy, but sadly I cannot do so in good faith any more. Do not count on my support in the future. Thank you for this opportunity.

February 2 – 8, 2008

Tanner Page
3378 S. McCormick Way
Boise, ID 83709
Sidewalks: Hello Mayor Bieter. I am a 12 year old Boy Scout. I would like to ask you a
question. Since there is a big problem of children being obese, I think that providing
more sidewalks in Southeast Boise so children would be able to walk to schools, parks,
libraries, etc. to help with that problem. I would like to know how I could help in this
matter. If you could call me back and let me know how I can help, that would be great.
Thank you and have a great day.

Toni Breese
8050 Crestwood Dr.
Boise, ID
Safe Winter Fun: My concern is twice this week I have dialed 911 and both times for the
same reason. The first time I called in it was because a gentleman had his dog tied to
one side of the rear of his truck and had a sled to the other side with children on it. He
was driving around the block and there were two cars behind him, so he was in traffic.
Luckily the dog didn’t slip and fall or he would have been hanged. I guess it works for
him to have his children breathing exhaust which is horribly toxic and dangerous. I
understand that this is a common practice and it comes under the category of being fun,
but I think it’s reckless endangerment of our children and certainly our pets. I though this
was an isolated incident and I ended up dialing 911 yesterday again when a gentleman
had the rear of his car open, like a hatch back or whatever, and he had four children
coming out the rear somehow, holding onto something, and he was driving down the
street while they hung on. One little girl accidently let loose on one side, and the car
went into a spin. She did not get hit. I understand that people do this, but I feel, if I’m
not totally losing it, that this needs to be addressed. I was told many years ago that
Idaho has a reputation of running over their children, and boy this sure made it clear to
me how it’s done. I think it’s absolutely insane. I certainly hope that you could explore
the possibility of putting this on your driver’s test, that this isn’t acceptable and possibly
contacting a pulmonologist about just how great it is for your kids to breathe exhaust.
Please look into this matter if you have a few extra moments; and thank you so much for
all that you do. I am nuts about Mayor Bieter and all that he does for the city. Thank
Action Taken: Contacted

Pam Williams
133 E. Worklander Dr.
Eagle, ID
Development: I’m in real estate and I work for Synergy Realty. I’ve got an investor
coming into town and I’m trying to help do some due diligence for him. I’m wondering if there’s any way that I could visit with the Mayor any time soon. I don’t know what his schedule is like; I’m sure he’s slammed and he’s booked, but if you could pass this message on to his secretary so she can arrange a time for me, I would really appreciate it.
Action Taken: contacted

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  1. robert lilly
    Feb 17, 2008, 8:41 am

    To: John Hetherington
    Too bad your father never taught to you not to judge a book by its cover. Chief Doan was the President of the Professional Firefighters of Idaho. Its focus is firefighter safety, health, and welfare. Anything that affects firefighter safety also directly affects public safety. Take your blinders off and look into Chief Doan’s other accomplishments and his community involvement. Please extend a common courtesy to your fellow man and least give him a chance.

  2. chessplayer
    Feb 17, 2008, 1:09 pm

    To: John Hetherington
    You are absolutely spot on with your observation. Doan’s appointment is nothing more than you scratch my back and I’ll butter your bread. Doan’s experience with PPFI is anything but a prerequisite for Chief status. PFFI mostly serves as a lobbying political action group to get more money for firefighters. That really hasn’t much to do with public safety, although some would have you and I believe otherwise. Pulling a Chief from a Captain level is rediculously transparent and no amount of rationalizing can make it different.

  3. John, as much as I can’t stand the sight, or actions, of our beloved monkey of a mayor, I have to agree with Mr. Lilly on this.

    I am not sure that Bieter did Chief Doan any favors with the appointment. It had to be a major consideration by the members of the council that met with Doan, knowing well that the political implications would be the first reaction.

    Let’s give the guy a chance and let him succeed, or fail, on his own merits. Besides, at the first politically expedient moment, Bieter will toss him under the bus anyway.(if they are running)

  4. Hey Cyclops. How’d your old buddy Jim Tibbs deal with the nomination of Mr. Doan? Did he say anything or did he have a mouthful? Its funny that you seem to give the Mayor a back-handed compliment after your scathing hatred of him for years.

  5. Bob, no backhanded compliment here. The scathing hatred is still bubbling. The only change for me is that the majority of the voters had their say. It is not up to me to judge them no matter what I feel personally. Tibbs hasn’t said anything to me about his meeting with Doan. I don’t really expect him to either.
    I actually do believe that Bieter hasn’t done Doan any favors. The vultures will be hovering over him for a long time and a lot of senior members of the BFD will be lost and missed.

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