Commish Cited For Packing Heat At Airport

When Canyon County Commish Dave Ferdinand came through the security lane at the Boise Airport packing heat he didn’t get far.
The TSA X-ray tech tipped the cops and in addition to his electronic ticket and boarding pass, the Commish had a paper ticket–charging him with a misdemeanor. He reportedly made his flight but the pistol is now in a Boise PD evidence locker.

Ferdinand reportedly told authorities he packs heat everywhere and forgot to leave the weapon out of his carry on bag.

There is a pretty fair chance the cops will have difficulty prosecuting Ferdinand because he is an “elected official.” In Idaho that means he can carry a concealed weapon without a permit or training.

Idaho Code 18-3302 reads, “(12) The requirement to secure a license to carry a concealed weapon under this section shall not apply to the following persons:
(a) Officials of a county, city, state of Idaho, the United States, peace officers, guards of any jail, court appointed attendants or any officer of any express company on duty.
(e) Any publicly elected Idaho official

We don’t know if Fed-X, UPS, and others qualify as “express companies,” but it would be interesting to define an “express officer.”

The GUARDIAN has it on good authority that judges, county commishes, prosecutors, and a bunch of other politicos (legislators) in this Wild West state are packing heat. They claim it is for “protection,” but we think there are a fair number of politicos who are just downright scared of the public.

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  1. “but we think there are a fair number of politicos who are just downright scared of the public.”

    I dunno. They might just be cowards, but it might be a higher-evolved form of SUVitis. They have (that certain envy), and seek to compensate.

  2. Commish Ferdinand’s true colors are showing through. It is well known at the courthouse that David “pistol packen” Ferdinand carries his pimp gun around with him all the time. This lunatic has always bragged about his gun and why elected officials can carry them.

    I doubt David forgot about his gun being in his carry on bag. He’s more aware of that gun than he is with how much taxpayer money that he has squandered over his lackluster career as commissioner. I’m sure that he will be taking some lessons from Larry Craig “how to lie your way out of an airport scandal”, David take the bus back, you will need a gun.

  3. sam the sham
    Mar 1, 2008, 5:47 am

    so it is true – guns don’t kill people, politicians kill people (as well as bother them in public rest rooms).
    These guys from Idaho do get picked on by cops at airports!

  4. well I always pack heat when I’m running on the unpaved, walking/running only paths from Barber Park to River Run… You bikers that are breaking the law might remember that.

  5. Must we suffer, once again, through this repetative, seemingly endless, and certainly mindless, penile compensatory position that is so beloved by our community “tree huggers”? EVERYONE knows that is strictly limited to owning a Corvette!
    As I have said before, you forget your keys, your glasses,your wallet. You do NOT forget the fact that you are carrying a firearm!
    Should we cut this nimrod any slack? Hell no! But I am amazed that anyone could draw a correlation between this act of stupidity and Craig. Why don’t we just go ahead and blame the stupid S.O.B. for global warming!!! Some of you folks need to find a new “cause d’jour”!

  6. BoiseCitizen
    Mar 1, 2008, 9:34 am

    The guy is a moron of the first order. What world is he living in? In the real world, when one is going to catch a flight on an airplane, it is the usual custom to pass through a metal detector and have your bags screened. How in the world could one “forget” about having a gun in a bag? Makes no sense to me. Talk about not having a clue. There isn’t any excuse especially since 9/11.

  7. Blazing Saddle
    Mar 1, 2008, 10:01 am

    “but we think there are a fair number of politicos who are just downright scared of the public.”

    Undoubtedly true for many of them. I am reminded of Kempthorne’s perpetual paranoia of the public. He continually increased security at the statehouse until, at one point, you could only enter by one door.

    Politicians want the public to elect them, term after term, and fund their pet projects, but heaven forbid that they should have to actually rub shoulders with their constituents.

  8. I find it hard to believe that he cleared out his pocketknife, packaged his appropriate liquids but forgot his gun (this according to the Canyon Co spokesmouth). It’s nice that the police gave him a ticket, let him go without arresting him because they believed it was an honest mistake.

    The question is, do they do this for everybody? Because I’m sure there are a lot of honest mistakes out there.

  9. I sort of like the idea that our elected demi-Gods night be a little afraid of us.

  10. Actually, you are mistaken, it doesn’t matter if he had a concealed weapons license or not, you cannot enter a secure area of an airport without express prior consent and only under very specific situations. He will be easy to prosecute, however, with no intent, it will be a minimal fine at most.

    EDITOR NOTE–We can buy that. We were trying to bring to light the silly law that allows elected officials to carry by virtue of being elected.

  11. Maybe Mr. Ferdinand will get an up close and personal opportunity to “test drive” some jail time.

    It sort of amazes me that he didn’t get hauled in and booked into jail and have to actually bond out or sit until arraignment time Monday afternoon. This is how most folk without the political connections are treated ( Larry Craig same deal).

    Cite and release is not used that much as the general rule in Canyon County where most everyone cited for a misdemeanor gets the “booking experience” so that they can pump up the statistics to justify more jail beds.

    Perhaps, the judge will let Mr. Ferdianad have WORK RELEASE and he can use one of the 100 empty beds in the work release tent in Caldwell. Or given his elevated status in the food chain of life he might get off with a prescriptive fine.

  12. “but we think there are a fair number of politicos who are just downright scared of the public.”

    Well, maybe some of them should be!

    As for politicos in general carrying guns — hell, I don’t care. They do a lot more damage with their plans and votes than they could ever do with a gun. (Besides, if they shoot bullets at you, you have the right to kill them in self defense. But if they simply take your money, condemn your property, destroy your lifestyle, etc., you’re not allowed to finish ’em off.

  13. OK, BG…lets discuss the law.

    Hmmm, I torn on this one.

    One one hand, I believe that what is good enough for the public (having to have a CC license) should go across the board to elected officials.

    On the other hand, If I were an elected official, I would hate to have my CCW license revoked because I pissed off another elected official (i.e. the sheriff who oversees issuance of the CCW) ) in the course of my duties as an elected official. Talk about a subtle way of intimidation?

    So Im not sure its so silly…when I think about some of the other small town politics that goes on to our north (and right here in fact), and the pettiness….I can actually see the point.

    Besides , isn’t there a proud tradition of killing elected officials here in Idaho…Dont I remember something about a Gov assassination in the distant past?

    As a side note, you can indeed check firearms on a plane, unloaded in your checked (in the cargo hold) luggage, locked, with out ammo I believe. (Have to check for sure)

  14. Gordon said:

    “As for politicos in general carrying guns — hell, I don’t care. They do a lot more damage with their plans and votes than they could ever do with a gun. (Besides, if they shoot bullets at you, you have the right to kill them in self defense. But if they simply take your money, condemn your property, destroy your lifestyle, etc., you’re not allowed to finish ’em off.”

    Couldn’t have said it better. Government is far more dangerous to citizens than any individual with a weapon.

  15. Nemo, do you really believe that a single action 60-70 years ago qualifies as a proud tradition?

  16. Actually Cyclops, it was a bit tongue in cheek….

    Anyway…I was thinking of an event much older than that…….

    But on review, it seems he was killed AFTER his term ended (albiet for his actions while in office). My bad. Perhaps we should extend the CCW waiver to any former elected official as well?

    (again just poking fun here….get a grip!)

    But which event were you speaking of?

  17. I was actually referring to Steunenburg, but I am not smart enough to find out when it actually happened. Anything past 2007 gets a little foggy to me. I am starting to believe that the main reason to deny a CWP is stupidity. The felon, mental history thing is all fine, but there are obviously some very stupid people that currently qualify. (what am I supposed to grip?)

  18. Steunenburg was blown up by a bomb. No gun was used. If he had a ccw it wouldn’t have done much good. This Canyon County moron should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. That won’t happen because he is part of the gun culture that arrested him. John Doe. public would get the book thrown at him to make a point and set an example that Idaho does not tolerate potential terrorists, blah, blah, blah. The gun nut set just snicker, since he is one of them. They belive in gun crime enforcement unless it’s one of them or a packing gun frat toad. Too bad he didn’t get on the plane and get caught in an out of state airport.

  19. Two comments. First, I’d like to know if Ferdinand has a “real” concealed weapons permit, where he had to go through at least some rudimentary training, or be an ex-cop, or ex- military, or if he has one by the mere fact that he is an elected official. Secondly, I think that pictures, locations and identities of everyone who has a concealed weapons permit should be posted on the internet. They do it for sex offenders and for anyone who has been in jail for 20 minutes, so why not concealed gun toters? I’m far more concerned about knowing about who is “packing” a Glock, rather than someone who may want to “pack” something else.

  20. Why in the world does a public gun registry make sense?

    Carrying a gun LEGALLY is not a crime, although there are those who obviously think it is.

  21. Mrkm.. you must be kidding. Post my name and picture for doing something that is perfectly legal because of your unreasonable fears? And to put people with concealed weapons permits in the same category as sex offenders? Further, just because I have a permit doesn’t mean that I pack a Glock.. or any other weapon.

  22. So now we want to treat CCW holders just like sex offenders and felons? Really! We have a new “Blogging” champion! You, sir, have just been awarded the esteemed “single dumbest post in history”. Stop by my office to pick up your trophy.
    Oh, and just treat everyone you come in contact with as though they are carrying concealed and you will be fine. I can’t believe someone would actually hit the “post” button on something so dumb!

  23. Mike Murphy, Armed and Dangerous Tenor
    Mar 4, 2008, 6:36 pm

    “The gun nuts say…” ? ! ? !


    Just because some of us defend our Right to Keep and Arm Bears ?

    ; )

    EDITOR NOTE–One thing all gun nuts have in common is being sensitive. That was a term of endearment like lefty, greenie, tree hugger. THOSE people aren’t offended. 🙂

  24. G-man,
    Gun toters just want to be the new, new age sensitive guys. Cut em a break. Most of the CCW pistol packers I know, who pack daily, are the ones who need something stiff in their pocket to remind them of days gone by while they lust for the chance to save the day. They just switch fantasies. The spooky kookies are the ones who like to troll for trouble. Your talkin about sensitive private stuff here.

  25. Dave,

    Dont you know that, like the N-1ord…you cant cal someone a gun nut and not expect them to get offended unless you are one yourself?????

    (poking fun here, get a break)

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