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Delbert Coon
1911 Spaulding St.
Boise, ID
Electronic Payments: I tried to renew my dog license over the phon for my little dog,
Butterscotch, and called the City Clerk and they don’t take debit cards. I just wondered if there’s a logical reason why. You know, it is the 21st Century guys. Thank you.
Action Taken: left msj

Smoking: I am calling the Mayor’s hotline because I am a city employee and I typically
park in the garage on the second or third floor. Often when I park on the second floor
and walk in the back door in the morning, there are several people standing around the
back door smoking. I know that it’s an issue that has been addressed in the past either
by the EAC or by the Safety group, maybe with mixed results. There aren’t smokers
typically that often at the main entrance of City Hall, but this entrance is notoriously bad
at this point for non-smokers having to walk through in that area and be subjected to
smokers. I am wondering if there isn’t something better that we can come up with. I
realize for a little while that there was some attempt made to make the area off the
atrium on the 1st floor the smoking area. I don’t know what happened to that or why
there isn’t some stronger enforcement to make City Hall a “non-smoking” building with a
limited smoking area. I’ve spoken to some other people, and for non-smokers to have to
walk through that first thing in the morning and be subjected to that in this age of being
aware of health issues and all the things that we do at the city for awareness of health
issues, I’m not sure that this is the best answer. I’ve walked by that area later in the day
and still see that little thing where they put out their cigarettes and there will still be
smoke coming out of it. So, you still smell it when you walk by even though there are no
people there. I just wish that we could do something else to address this a little bit
further. I still think that it should be considered a serious issue. Thank you for looking
into it.

Motorcycle Patrol: There’s nothing that makes me happier in the morning than a
motorcycle patrol in the school zone; i.e. this morning the Franklin Elementary School.
There’s nothing prettier than seeing the motorcycle patrol sitting in a school zone. Yes
siree, they’re doing their job and I love it. Have a good day, sir.

Americorp Group
Volunteers: We’re actually looking to do a service project next month and I was
wondering if there was going to be another graffiti clean-up day. We’re looking for a
chance to help paint over graffiti. I would appreciate it if you would call. Thanks.
Action Taken: left msj

Sharon York Pretty Weasel
506 E 50th # C215
Garden City
Hi there. I did call yesterday and set forth a laundry list of problems and I have a brain injury and I failed to write things down so I’m afraid it got a little garbled. I’ll briefly say that on behalf of the Access drivers, I will tell you they are demoralized and exhausted.
They work 11 or 12 hour days, 5 days a week at least. They’ve been promised new
drivers month after month after month. They don’t believe that, so they can see no end in sight. It is my information that there are times when there’s actually a driver sitting
around because there’s no vehicle for him or her to drive. I will leave it at that. I will tell you now about the fact that I was denied use of the Access Bus. I do not call at this
point about the denial; I will appeal that through the regular channels. However, I do
object strenuously to the method that they used. I applied last summer and after a long
time I called and they didn’t have record of my application and she did tell me there had
been some issues with office personnel. I filed a new application and had my face-toface
interview after some time. I got a letter saying I would be allowed to ride the
Access Bus pending a review of that face-to-face interview. However, it should be noted
that that was – I’m thinking the end of October, but certainly before mid-November. The
method they used to tell me I was no longer eligible to use the Access Bus, they picked
me up at work on the afternoon of the 10th; the evening of the 11th I was waiting for the
bus and it was late so I called and they told me I didn’t qualify any more; I wasn’t eligible
for the Access Bus. They put me on the phone with Jennifer and she told me I was just
temporary pending the results of my face-to-face. She said they sent me a letter, but the
fact is I didn’t get a letter. I had just talked to the Access personnel a couple of days
before that and they did not say anything about ineligibility. When they picked me up on
the night of the 10th I was expecting to get on the bus the night of the 11th. I find that
unprofessional. As I talked further with Jennifer, I asked her if I could continue to ride
the Access Bus pending appeal and she said it wouldn’t be allowed. I am disabled and I
cannot drive. There are some real problems with me riding the fixed line; I tell you about
this now because I have raised these issues – all of them, including bus driver problems
with Ms. Fairless probably four, maybe more occasions and I never get a call back. One
of the main problems with me riding the fixed line is the only place I have to stand to
catch the bus in the morning is on 50th St. on the far side of the road. I am so close to
the road that when a truck goes by I get wet from the spray even though I put a big
umbrella in front of me. I have no place to go but the ditch if a car loses control or just
doesn’t see me. It is still dark when I catch the bus and it makes for extremely unsafe
conditions for me. I have attempted to submit these issues to Ms. Fairless and never get
a return call. I understand it is not the fault of the person who dispatches the bus; this
has nothing to do with anybody but the administrators of the Access Bus and the fixed
line. I have asked for a safe place to stand and I’ve gotten no response so I bring this to
you at this point. If I have further troubles as I go through the appeal process I will most
certainly raise them with you. I thank you very much and hopefully I will talk to you.
Action Taken: left msj
Aseem Raj
Shopping Malls: I live in Boise, Idaho. I was just wondering about the mall system. I
was wondering since we have one main Boise Towne Square, if we are going to have
any other malls being built, or in construction as of now. This is just my opinion; it would
be nice if we could actually have more than one mall here in all of Idaho in Ada County.
My question is – would we be having another mall besides the Boise Towne Square
Action Taken: incorrect #

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  1. Mike Murphy, Bull Moose Tenor
    Mar 18, 2008, 12:35 am


    I also love to see the police in school zones, and wonder why we don’t see them in them more often.

    It’s especially worrisome when the folks they cite are Teachers, Administrators and Staffers (as has been the case on multiple occasions near Boise High, and elsewhere)!

    Even more than I appreciated seeing the BPD this weekend hammering the knuckleheads who treat the connector like their own private drag strip.

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