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Guard Offers Shooting Range To Cops

Nice gesture on the part of the Idaho National Guard to local cops to offer use of a shooting range. Besides, after the National Guard shooting team dude (who was also a BPD member) set fire to the foothills with an M-16 popping tracers, they probably OWE it to the citizens of Boise.
They are offering use of a mock village and shooting range south of Gowen Field to local cops for training purposes. Boise’s top cop Mike Masterson is going to “run the numbers” to see if the 45 minute drive is worth the savings in construction costs at a city-owned “poop farm” also south of Boise.

We figure if they use a bus or two instead of each of the 260 cops taking a car it will probably pencil out. Because of the foothills fire and citizen complaints about a site near the landfill, Sheriff Gary Raney has been looking for a joint facility away from town–a location that seems to get more difficult to find each year.

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  1. I can’ t believe there is much difference in drive time from downtown Boise to either facility. Leave it to a beaurocrat to not govern by common sense.

  2. Anthony Jones
    Mar 25, 2008, 11:26 am

    This was, is, and always has been the best solution. Curiously, at the Board of County Commissioner hearing, the Sheriff told us that joint federal and local shooting ranges were not possible.

    It is seemingly rare, but it is still good to see common sense prevail.

  3. Perhaps I don’t understand – it takes 45 minutes to drive from where to where? Wouldn’t 45 minutes from Gowen Field put you in the Snake River canyon going south? And going west you would be in Oregon? Please someone draw me a map. Thanks.

  4. I timed it the other day and after 47 minutes I
    arrived at the Snake River Canyon lookout south of Kuna when I left my home near Curtis by St.Al’s Hospital. How far is this range? Why don’t they take a van instead of each taking a car? Oh, I forgot, the cars need to idle in the parking lot while they practice. Hope Masterson factors in the gas for idling cop cars at the range. Is this range an effort to save bullets? They seem to kill everything they shoot at.

  5. “… Is this range an effort to save bullets? They seem to kill everything they shoot at. ”

    Last I heard the Second rule of guns is you never point it at anything you dont mean to KILL.

    So when you shoot at something…THATS THE IDEA.
    Shooting to wound is a stupid idea though up by people who watch too much TV.

  6. Hey, Dog. Thanks for proving my point about the 45 minute trip. Sounds like someone is pulling a little wool here. And it is true that people who are in that part of their schedule where they need to practice shouldn’t be driving vehicles with a single occupant, which vehicle has to be left running in order to keep the electronics cooled. Does the police department have any idea about the cost of gasoline these days?

  7. Oh you poor fools. Can you not divine the truth? The distance or time to the Nat Guard range has nothing to do with anything save perhaps a convenient smoke screen.

    Masterson apparently has the money in his budget to build a new range on City owned property. The important question to ask is “what will happen to that money if BPD uses the guard range?”.

    Remember people – when divining the truth about anything, particularly goverment at any level, follow the money.

    BTW – dog – loved your post. Hilarious.

  8. Mike Murphy, Ex Wildlands Firefighter
    Mar 27, 2008, 3:39 pm

    All I know is…

    If that Foothills Fire had been started (Unintentionally or not) by you or I, we’d STILL be making little rocks out of big rocks at some prison somewhere.

    BPD and National Guard trained to know better, AND he admitted in his initial statements that it was his fault.

    “…and justice for all.”

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

    Oh, wait… That’s not funny at all.

  9. Good grief, you people thrive on negativity! Anyone ever happy? Anyone?

  10. LJ – happiness requires freedom, freedom requires courage.

  11. bert farber
    Mar 28, 2008, 1:32 pm

    I think none of you gets the big pitcher. It wouldn’t cost any gas money if the policemen marched to the shootin’ range…”yer left, yer left, yer left right left, Jodie was home when you left, you’re right..sound off..cadence count”..AND it would be good excercise to work off all them donuts..especially if they carried some sandbags.

  12. Howcum the cops need a range? Don’t they get enough practice already from all the nut cases who try to outrun the cops and then jump out with a gun in hand? Plus, of course, the various other actions that prompt the boys in blue to shoot first and figure out the details later.
    And, yeah, lately the policefolks do seem to hit what they’re shooting at, unlike some years ago when they’d have to fire 30 or 40 shots to knock down some guy a few feet away. (Always wondered where all those other slugs went. Amazing they didn’t kill a few innocent folks throughout the neighborhood in some of those cases.)
    Still, if a cop has to shoot to protect me, I want him to hit the bad guy with the first shot. (On the other hand, if he’s shooting at me, or course I want him to miss. Hmmm a real dilemma.)

  13. Sara-

    I have some news for you: You are free. If you don’t think so then do some research on life in Iraq. Happiness is a mindset, if you choose to focus on all the negativity, then you will never be happy.

  14. Mike Murphy...
    Mar 30, 2008, 2:32 pm

    Painting in broad strokes of course; but…

    A bad day in Boise is still better than a really good day in most of the rest of the world, in both land mass and population.

    I am always cognizant of that, and that part of the reason we enjoy life in a better-than-average community in a substantially better-than-average nation is that there are those willing to bitch & moan, from time-to-time, about that which demands a wee bit o’ bitchin’ & moanin’.

    Otherwise we just might still be drinking exceptionally overpriced tea.


    And don’t forget Boise’s 1st Annual No Pants Day on Friday, May2nd (

    How’s THAT for fun!

  15. LJ,
    Yeah, I’m with you, why are all those Iraqis fighting and complaining. Didn’t America make them free? They must have a negative mindset like Sara. How can we get the Iraqis and Sara to start focusing on all the fun stuff our government is trying to give them and stop focusing on the negative stuff in their minds.
    I’m rediculously happy, focusing on all the fun stuff happening here in Idaho. Especially the free government suff they say I want.

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