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Mike Baker
2217 N. 9th St.
Boise, ID
Flooding: I live in a flood plain right at the mouth of Hulls Gulch. Because we have
some flooding every year, and this year because of the snow pack, I believe that we’re
going to have a little higher flood probability than normal. The Boy Scouts dropped of
this informational flyer to us over the weekend and listed Ada County Emergency
Management as a contact number to be prepared. I wanted some sand bags so I could be prepared for when this happens. They informed me that they only provided sandbags after the fact when the flood is already under way. Well, I want to be prepared before it happens, so they suggested that I call the Department of Public Works because ACCEM only does it after the fact. So I call Public Works and talked to Gail and she informed me that they didn’t have any sand bags or anything and I should call Ada County Commissioners and check with them which I did. Ada County Commissioners told me that they only dealt with unincorporated areas and that because I lived within the Boise city limits, I should either go purchase my bags from Zamzows or D&B and go find my own sand some place. I didn’t want to do that because I thought that somewhere in the system, whether it’s Boise City, Ada County, State of Idaho, United States Federal Government, somebody, somebody somewhere should have these sandbags available. So far, I haven’t found anybody who has these bags available to the public. That’s why I called the Mayor’s office. I would like to hear what the Mayor’s office has to say about it.
Action Taken: contacted

BPD: I’m calling in because this morning just now at 7:49, I just called the police
department because of aggressive driving. I was trying to report to this woman that down
here on Mountain View over by Capitol High when I come into work in the morning,
people are jammin’ down that road passing on double lines; there’s speed bumps down
there. There are old people that get out and walk in the morning and somebody’s gonna
get hurt. The lady kept saying, “Do you want to fill out a form, a complaint? Ya know, I
don’t want to file any complaints about people who are aggressively driving and people
that are breaking the law. That’s their job, that’s one of the reasons it’s such a crappy
drive into work, because the police aren’t out there enforcing the laws. When you call
dispatch ya can’t send um an email, ya gotta call in and then ya gotta fill out a form that
finally becomes public record and everything else, when he should have been stopped
by the police in the first place! There were two cars on there this morning that jammed
up against me and then passed me over the speed bumps. This isn’t the first time it’s
happened. I really hate the way you folks do things. You can only expect road rage and
everything else to get worse when you don’t take an action, when you call in to report
aggressive driving and things of that nature. You get this dispatch, who is a dispatch for
everybody and their brother, who just sits there and goes, “well do you want to fill out a
form and file a complaint?” No I don’t, what I want you to do is get your police cars down
there and get it stopped. Hand some tickets out for a change for Christ’s sake!
I just called and left a msj I forgot to leave the truck number of the truck on Mountain
View Dr. that is driving aggressively that the police refuse to take this number. So if they
want to do their job they can check this guy out. It’s an older white ford pickup with a
plate 1/A HD776. Ya know I would strongly encourage the city of Boise and the mayor
and council to consider using these cameras you have at these intersections and start
handing out tickets. The other day on the way home I had a ValleyRide transit bus run a
red light and nearly hit me. So now that everybody wants to get on transit, the busses
are running red lights. You need to start getting those cameras going. If you don’t have
the resources to get out there and get this mess stopped and start using your cameras
and start handing out tickets that’ll stop it, you can make some revenue in the mean
Mike Baker
2217 N. 9th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Flooding: I called a couple of days ago and enquired about getting some sandbags so I
could be prepared for the flood waters that could come to the North End probably in the
next 30 days or so. A young lady called me back the same day in the afternoon and
said that she would be getting back to me or she would have the agency that had the
sandbags get back to me. Well, not a peep out of anybody, so I’m enquiring what the
status of this is; if there are sandbags going to be available, or if we have to wait until
after we’re flooded out, which happens about every three to five years or so. Anyway I
wanted to be prepared and I hadn’t heard anything, so give me a call. Thanks.

Mike Baker
2217 N. 9th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Flooding: I called on March 17 and left a message; I called on the 19th and left a
message; and this is Friday the 21st. If you don’t know the answer to my question, give
me a call and tell me that you don’t know. I’m just sitting here in limbo. I’m looking for
some sand bags; we live in the Zone One flood zone. I know it’s coming this year and I want to be prepared. All I need are some sand bags. I have called Public Works, Ada
County Commissioners; just about everybody I can think of. I’m looking for some
sandbags. Give me a call and tell me that you don’t know where I can get them, or that they’re not available, or tell me something.
Action Taken: PW contacted

Bob Riley
3639 Rampart St.
Boise, ID 83704
Cole & Ustick Library: My comment is in regard to a West Boise library. I’m wondering
if the city is still serious about constructing a library in West Boise at the Cole and Ustick
site. It seems that the only action that is occurring there is the continued storage of
construction material for the Ustick Road widening project. It’s my understanding that
the West Boise library was to be underway at some point this spring. I wonder if the
Council and the Mayor are still serious about this or whether another West Boise effort

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  1. Did Mike get his free government-supplied sandbags? Or is he still getting sandbagged by all those various government agencies?

    Would it help if all Guardian readers called the Mayor’s Hotline on behalf of Mike? (It’s just a cryin’ shame if he ends up having to pay MONEY out of his wallet for sandbags! Sandbags are a RIGHT!)

    (/heavy sarcasm)

  2. I love the letter on aggressive from Mr. Anonymous…

    I’d bet my entire life savings he’s the type of guy that reads a sign that says 35 MPH and he thinks it reads 12 MPG.

    Aggressive driving isn’t an issue in Boise, unless of course you can’t drive force people blow past you.

  3. On the aggressive driving, my daughter just got her permit and she actually drives the speed limit and obeys traffic laws, and it’s amazing how many people are following too close or honk when she turns a corner for not going fast enough. It’s opened my eyes to the fact that many of us have forgotten basic driving rules, and how to be nice in traffic. My road rage comes from people following too close and not letting people into traffic and getting mad at a student driver for following the laws.

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