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Tim Johnson
495 S. 15th St.
Boise Cold Storage
BPR: As you guys know, we are getting an increasingly large population of transients
coming back and forth through this area, which is a real problem for us. Just recently,
it’s increased several fold; now that we’ve got the skateboard park opening up and the transients increasing, and for some reason they’ve built this skateboard park under the interchange and now they’ve shut the bathrooms down on it, so we’ve got transients and skateboarders coming up into our business trying to use our restrooms and actually defecating and urinating all over on our facility numerous times.

I’m concerned why the Parks Department would build a park there, and then when there are three or four hundred people there at an event last weekend, they shut down the bathrooms and expect us to open up our facility to all these people and kids who are using it.

They’ve got to take care of their own people; when you open a park, you got to at least have facilities for them. Please see if you can do something about this; not only the transients and defecation problems that we’re getting down here, but now the skateboarders have no place to go, which hasn’t been a real problem up until now. They’re usually pretty good kids, but they don’t have any place to go to use the restroom. Thank you.
Action Taken:BPR contacted

Code Enforcement: This comment is in regard to the Goodman Oil site at 30th and
Fairview. I believe it’s in violation of city code, at least with respect to the junk cars and trucks out there. In my opinion, it’s about time to clean that site up. Thank you.

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  1. I was pleased to see this sentence.

    “They’re usually pretty good kids, but they don’t have any place to go to use the restroom. ”

    It would have been easy to blame the kids. Nice to see some recognition that most of the skateboarders are good kids and blame the city.

  2. As someone who works downtown near 6th and Main I can empathize with your problem with the homeless, and lack of public bathrooms provided by the city.

    For years the smell of urine and the occasional terd was part of my morning as I walked into the back of our company’s building. Now that the mission has moved from 6th and Front to its new location on River Street the problem disappeared overnight. Now the homeless have become your neighborhoods problem. This issue is tough, but one thing is for sure, the Boise homeless population is growing at a staggering rate. As for the public restrooms, there needs to be 24 hour public restrooms at the skatepark and one at the intersection of Capital and Main. (1000 people waiting for a cab + hotdogs and beer + no business open after 1:45am = peepee all over the parking lots/alleys/doorways of downtown.

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