Mayor Hotline April 5 to 11


Doug Stuart
5416 Hill Rd.
Boise, ID
Plano Lane Development: I was one of the residents at the River Glen Jr. High School
concerning the Capital Development in the foothills (the 333 acres, 154 single-family
homes between Collister and Plato Ln. above Hill Rd.) I feel that this is a very
environmentally sensitive area and I’m one who does not wish to see this development proceed. Also, at the meeting they seemed to only want to do what was necessary to put this development through; they did not want to put in any more than their $3,500 allotted per lot. There’s tremendous infrastructure needed on Hill Rd. for such a development, which would cost millions of dollars, especially the intersection of Plano Rd. and Hill Rd., and in the Collister area. As the Mayor has said, there should be a moratorium on building in the area until the infrastructure is in place in the total area of Boise, especially the required road problems. This would have a tremendous impact on our taxes, and they are going up and up, so I feel that this development should not proceed. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

Tara Duplessie
Boise, ID
BPR: I am working with a little league team, trying to get permission to land a military
helicopter at one of the sports complexes at opening day ceremonies, which will occur on April 12th. I was told that there is a city code that prohibits helicopter landings,
specifically in parks, and I am looking to find out whether or not there is an exception, or
an exemption, or some sort of permit to allow the National Guard, which is the helicopter
that we’re looking to have land as a static display for this day, at Hillside Sports
Complex. I’m wondering if there’s some way to find that out this week.

Action Taken: contacted
Patty Coonce
Boise, ID
Guinness Record: We want the Mayor to go down to 103.3 to support Kiki who is
supporting Child Support Prevention Month. He’s on 24 hours a day, so there’s not
really an excuse for the Mayor not to show up even if it’s 2:00 in the morning. Anyway,
check out the blog on 103.3; there are a lot of people starting to talk about the Mayor.
Thanks a bunch.

Bridget Furstenau
IHS: I just need some peace and quiet at my home. I’ve been trying to call, leaving
messages and I never get to talk to a real person, and here I am leaving a message
again. I’m going to call the newspaper or one of the TV stations or something because
people do not respond to citizen complaints. There’s a dog that barks constantly and I
had some people here checking my irrigation system and they can verify it. They
became very frustrated because you couldn’t even hear. I don’t know why nobody ever
calls me back, but I deserve some peace and quiet in my home. I can’t even go in my
back yard because this dog constantly barks, lunges at the fence, and that’s all I’m going
to say right now until I can talk to a real person. I hope you don’t write it down and wait
until the Mayor meets with somebody because I need it taken care of now. This has
been going on too long and nobody calls me back; nobody responds.

Action Taken: contacted
Gas Prices: I’m calling because I’m trying to get hold of someone to talk about what we
as Idahoans can do about the raising gas prices.

John Watts
5954 N. Collister
Plano Lane Development: I’m calling to voice my displeasure with the Stewart Land
Development Company and the Capital Development Company that is proposing to
build the new Plano Lane Subdivision on top of the foothill mountains above Plano and
above Collister. They had their public hearing tonight and it was less than congenial; it
was less than professional and there was very little information, or give and take
discussion they wanted to engage in with the community they’re required to meet with.
Developer/neighborhood associations are required to meet, but it was not a very
productive meeting. They kept citing city hall approval already of ACHD. Some of us
have questions about that.

So, I guess I would encourage the Mayor and City Council to
look very closely and talk with Planning and Zoning, and embrace and engage the
neighbors on Collister, as well as around Plano and on Hill Road, more than have been
to date before this thing is approved and before it goes forward. There’s going to be
serious traffic impacts on Collister Lane. They said ACHD had done a traffic study and
found Collister can hold the traffic but did they also factor in the new Pole Cat Gulch
parking traffic? I think there’s going to be serious wildlife mitigation concerns as well. I
know the Mayor is very concerned about natural resources in this area. Hopefully the
Mayor and City Council, and ACHD will look into all these things, or at least you can
have dialog with ACHD. I recognize that is not your domain. Questions arose and not
answered. The developer had no information and the engineers have no plan. The 17
proposed homes and an area that is now encompassed in the overall footprint of the development area used to be in the Quail Ridge Development PUD. Now it has moved
to the Plano PUD. How did this get transferred? Finally, the derogatory terms I heard
were “the fix is in, the fix is in.” Ramon Jorgensen is the landowner and has given the
city ROW to build a parking lot in Pole Cat Gulch. Is that because he can now build in
the foothills? Now somehow this has become part of the Plano Lane Development. How
did this happen?? Thank you very much.
Action Taken: contacted

Barbara Pond
2828 Heather Pl.
Boise, ID 83702
PDS: I have a concern about the dumpster that has been in front of Café Paris on the
corner of Capitol Blvd. and Idaho. It’s been there for months; I know the people above
them are doing some remodeling, but I’m wondering if there isn’t a limit on how long
another business can interrupt the ability to do business of another business. In other
words, you can’t even see that restaurant right now unless you know it’s there. It’s been
like this since, I think, the end of last year, so it’s been months. I’m sure that it adversely
affects the amount of business that Café Paris can do, and it’s a great little restaurant. I
think they need some help with this, so if there’s a limit to the time somebody can have a
dumpster on a city street, I think that should be checked into; or how long was their
permit for to have that dumpster. That’s my concern and my question. It is also blocking
3 of the parking places in front of the businesses. How long are they going to be allowed
to park there? Thanks so much.
Action Taken: contacted

Ann Guardiola
924 N. 22nd St.
Remodel: Her home is a contributing house in the North End Historic District. She is
remodeling it and has gotten the Historic Preservation Commission’s approval, all her
permits, etc. During the remodel process, her contractor discovered that part of her
foundation is crumbling and needs to be repaired. He went to Planning & Development
Services and they told him it would have to go to the Planning & Zoning Commission,
and they can’t get her on until June, 2008. She feels that is too long to wait and is
putting her in a real bind. She would like to know how to address this problem.
Action Taken: contacted

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  1. Curious how Jim thinks the city might control gasoline prices? Maybe Boise can create peace in the middle east as well.

  2. UGH! Election over! Baboon no care! Chimps no care! Build in foothills! Now! Leave dumpster on street 4 months. No care about local business! No care about citizens!
    It’s a heckuva way to run a railroad! The next 43 months will seem like 43 years!

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