Easy Fix For Twin Falls Problem

Sometimes it takes the creative skills of the GUARDIAN to coordinate the efforts of well intended parties and bring them together for the greater good.

Such is the case with two recent news items–one in Twin Falls and one in Owyhee County.

Authorities have encountered an animal loving elderly woman living in rural Owyhee county who has a menagerie of wolves and bobcats and assorted domestic pets. She legally keeps the wild animals under permit from the Idaho Fish & Game Department.
The local sheriff reports one of the wolves escaped, dined on someone else’s critter and problems ensued. The lady agreed the wild beasts were becoming more of a burden than she could afford. The Humane Society has stepped in, found homes in zoos and rescue centers around the nation and it looks like the problem is solved.
TheDAILY PAPER reported Friday she had been feeding the malnourished wolves domesticated feral cats. Her place was reportedly littered with half eaten carcasses.

Meanwhile, in Twin Falls the TIMES-NEWS reports a vet in the area has offered to spay and neuter one cat per day to stem the tide of feral “disease riddled cats” infesting the Magic Valley. There is a danger of infecting house pets with cat-borne diseases.

We doubt if a single sex change procedure per day will prevent many cats, however we know where to find some really hungry wolves…

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  1. I am just going to sit back, relax and watch this one 🙂 Maybe while we are at, F&G could open a private-pay to hunt ranch

  2. A cat can be domesticated or feral, not both, as far as I know.

    EDITOR NOTE– If you refer to the danger of disease, I think they are afraid the feral cats will infect the pets.

  3. UMMMM, cats, they taste just like chicken!

  4. I’m with Clancy on this one. Just gonna sit back and let the “games begin”!

  5. Obviously from the comments and the article anti growth folks might be anti cat also? My mental picture is of growthafobic anti cat gladiators throwing the kittens to the wolves.

  6. Janedoe–
    Growthophobes are not really bad people. LOGICALLY they would toss the developers to the wolves and that would eliminate the cat-people problem eventually.

  7. Cats? Cats? What cats? As some of our easterners might say whatsamata, doncha buy tacos from the fly by night burrito wagons? Look at it as kitty recycling.

    Morally I have absolutely nothing against feeding all of the damn developers, and even a big percentage of the spandex crowd they chum in, to the poor wolves but just how much excess excrement, greasy slickness and nylon can their little puppy tummies handle?

  8. “Her place was reportedly littered with half eaten carcasses.”

    That’s the strange part. Either she was feeding too many cats per wolf, or half of each cat had something unflavorful about it.

    How does wolf taste, by the way? Maybe I can ask Gov. Butch after he shoots one.

  9. Gordon, Funny thing… wolves do the same with half eaten elk.

  10. I don’t think neutering or spaying changes the sex or gender, whatever you want to call it.

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