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Bad Cop, Bad Cop Weekend

The past weekend hasn’t been a good one for local cops.

First a Garden City rookie officer gets popped for “stalking” and some related offenses. Since he was on probation, he was dismissed pronto.
Then a “Ten year veteran” of the Boise PD is arrested by an ISP trooper for DUI. Apparently out of “professional courtesy” the off duty BPD copper was not booked into the Ada County jail. The department issued a press release saying he remains on the department at the present time.

Channel 6 KIVI did a full blown “live report” from the scene–about 22 hours after the arrest.

They said top cops claimed the case was a “personnel matter” subject to an internal inquiry and they could not comment. If it is a police matter, they are faced with a suspected drunk carrying a deadly weapon–if he indeed was packing heat. It is a fair question and a real concern.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers will probably have a few comments. We have to give the guy a chance at a trial, but with the breath tests mandated under Idaho’s IMPLIED CONSENT LAW and the expertise of the Idaho State Police, there is better than a 95% chance of a conviction…especially since it has hit the media.

That said, the department is faced with some major issues.

–Will a convicted drunk driver cop aggressively pursue future DUIs?
–Will his DUI arrests of others subject him to defense attorney ridicule?
–Do they have a “zero tolerance policy” if an officer is caught?
–Do they tolerate drunk driving if it is a first offense?

Many trucking companies and airlines won’t keep drivers and pilots with DUI convictions.

To put the quandary faced by commanders in perspective, ask yourself this: Would they tolerate a first offense for petty shoplifting? Which is worse, shoplifting or DUI?

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  1. Interesting photograph with the message on the right, to go along with this situation.

  2. Now Guardian! You know all this cop has to do is get the baboon’s ex law partner to represent him, get that change of venue to Garden City, bring it before their “friendly” court, and “POOF”. it will go away with a witheld judgement! Just like Jade Reilly!!! No big Deal!
    I know, it’s a helluva way to run a railroad!!

  3. Mike Murphy...
    Apr 28, 2008, 7:11 am

    And the beat goes on…

  4. Didn’t I hear the comment that the officer wasn’t booked into jail (like everyone else is after getting a DUI) due to safety concerns. Uh, they mean to tell me that the Jail isn’t safe?

    Can somebody come over and help me pull my hair out. I can’t do it fast enough.

  5. 1. The Channel 7 graphics writer says it’s a “personal” matter.

    2. I can almost understand why you wouldn’t want to have a cop in with the inmates.. or pay for extra protection for him. Expecially for a misdemeanor.

    3. Do cities have courts? I though that it was a County thing.

    4. It would be interesting to know what the BAC was. There is a big difference, from a practical standpoint, between .08 and 1.6 or higher.

    EDITOR NOTE–It appears the deviation from procedure was no booking, mug shot, fingerprints rather than actual incarceration. Issuing a citation after booking or simply posting bail can be done. TV personalities, sports writers, and other local folks are seldom offered the same treatment–ask the Team Dave staffer who was subject of many behind the scenes messages from BPD guys.

  6. Here I was all caught up in my thinking about how the poop managers could do no wrong. I forgot about the cops – in both cases you almost have to have everything on video and even then they’ll get protection.

    The difference is that the poop managers did their dirty deeds completely sober accept maybe while celebrating after going to the bank.

    That said, I have to agree with Eric. Just how much over the limit was this cop and what does his past look like.

    To answer the question about “petty shoplifting”: If the repeated problems we’ve seen with the city’s poop management is any indication, it would appear that in government it is “who” is caught that is important far more so than what they are caught at.

  7. I bet the BPD is out looking for a few bad ISP.
    This cop will get away with the crime. Most do.
    Hey Guardian, any news out there?

  8. I doubt that BPD officers are required to have a CDL unlike my wife who is a school bus driver. If she tests at .08 or higher when driving off duty she looses her license for a year and the school district is will go further and terminate her employment permanently.

    An assistant principle in the Meridian School District with many years of exemplary service was terminated this year for a first DUI.

    But cops are cops and a flash of the badge is often enough to have a fellow officer overlook minor infractions such as speeding, or a California style stop at the RR tracks, and I tip my hat to the ISP officer who pursued this egregious act. I understand that the police are one of the few unions allowed collective bargaining under Idaho law and that there may be contractual issues, but I believe the cops should be held to the same high standards as the school districts hold their employees.

  9. Hmmm, they book, fingerprint and mugshot a sitting US senator for a wide stance. While ISP lets a drunk armed man go as a courtesy??? The guy should be terminated.

  10. Steve,
    Our fair senator was fingerprinted, photographed, cited and let go. He wasn’t booked, or arrested. (at least that is according to the apprx 100 pages the Statesman wrote about it) I’m just curious, where does anything say he was armed? Just because he’s a cop doesn’t mean you can automatically assume that he is armed off duty, likes donuts, or has a mustache. Just curious, whats your source?

  11. TWO COMMENTS degenerated into Daily Paper-style name calling and have been deleted. The first one was not good and the response matched it. The GUARDIAN is read by all ages and enjoys a lot of respect among politicos, the media, and readers–mostly because of the top quality commenters.

    Keept it civil please,

  12. Why WOULD you fingerprint or get mug shots of the officer? His fingerprints are on file as is his picture.

    I do hope the BPD takes this opportunity to educate the public as to what the penalties are for BPD officers who are convicted of a DUI.

  13. Gee, Guardian, I didn’t think I said anything nasty in my earlier offering on this matter, but I don’t see it on here.
    Did I? Or are you just getting tired of my making so many comments?

  14. Would like to see the Gaurdian request the audio tapes from the ISP officer and post on-line so we can all hear how many times the BDP officer asked for special treatment, reminded ISP that he too was a member of the police brotherhood, and usually it is a courtesy for Police to get a verbal warning and courtesy ride home.

    Kudos for ISP doing their job, had the BPD officer been let off the hook, and then next weekend killed someone in a DUI accident, it would be difficult for that ISP officer to sleep at night. We have a justice system to hopefully change behavior and special favors rarely change behavior, rather perpetuate an enviornment where those enforce the rules feel above the rules.

  15. laws don’t pretain to cops. there only for the people there suppose to protect.a drunk cop is the worst kind. he can’t make good judgement calls and he’s packing. i think thats a federal offence he should be striped of his dl and sent to prison.laws against police should be much harsher than the rest of us.

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