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Finally! The GUARDIAN has found common ground with local politicos and the Chamber of Commerce.
We both discuss ad nausea the topic of growth, blueprint for growth, smart growth, regional cooperation, transit, local option taxes etc. AND WE HAVE BOTH ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING!

The difference is the GUARDIAN does it for free.

Once again the hard earned wages of citizens are funding politicos who visit Sun Valley and subject themselves to brainwashing by the Chamber while enriching the Wood River Valley economy.

It is an annual event defended by the politicos who claim, “It is a Chamber thing and we have no say in where they meet or the agenda. We feel it is important to attend.” Sadly, it has become so routine and boring even the mainstream media can’t justify sending staffers.

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  1. Local Voter
    Apr 28, 2008, 5:23 pm

    So much for economic development for Twin Falls….or Payette. They have a great golf course in Payette – why don;t they meet there and spread the money around. I think I already know the answer.

    If any City or County allows a city or county employee to attend and spends tax money then you are dead on in your story about this!!!

    All we are doing as tax payers is funding a weekend vacation and lobby event. I bet you will get every public person that is going may try to come up with a “justification” for this. Please post their lame attempts – we look forward to hearing them.

  2. Boondoggle: “A trivial, useless or wasteful project or activity.” (Webster’s)

    At least it’s not at Waikiki, huh?

  3. There is no reasonable justification for this trip and wasteful expenditure of public funds.

  4. I will use my own name contrary to some herein. Most of those who attend are business persons all of whom care about the quality of education and life in the valley and the sustainability of the same. We ask our elected officials to (or at least I do) to hear what the economic drivers say about the valley and to present their points of view on the current state of affairs in their respective areas of direct involvement. A retreat is the common practice useful manner in which to gain focus and some ultimate resolution.
    I have absolutely no complaint.
    As to Payetter..excuse me do thaty ahve 100 rooms available for use…well duh?
    And as to Ms. Ullman and the use of the word “reasonable”, the two just don’t go together. any good ideas she has had (and there were afew) have been lost in her inability to drive or forge a consensus. Can you say politically irrelevant and often wrong.

    David, you have to get a life because your viewfinder gets smaller as your camera gets out of date. Ha

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