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Pam Fraser
1005 Balsam St.
BPR: This evening I went for a walk after dinner (in the Morris Hill cemetery). At 6:35 a security officer finished locking up the cemetery. It was not dusk; it wasn’t even close. You folks need to know that a whole bunch of us around here use the cemetery and the new park to walk in the spring, summer, and fall. We walk in it in the winter time too, except we have to watch out for the goose poop. He needs to be a little more careful about when he locks up. I had to climb over the fence; I was trying to get his attention but he didn’t look back, so I climbed over the fence twice (in and out). Anyway, a little closer to dusk would be nice. I’m 64 and didn’t have a problem getting over the fence, but some folks might. Thank you. (She told the GUARDIAN an elderly couple and their car were once locked in).
Action Taken: BPR contacted

Donna Draves
2217 Overland Rd.
Boise, ID 83705
IHS: We’re the victims of a crime. Our neighbor came into our yard, stole our 8-month puppy as a retaliation crime, took him to his house, then called the pound and told them he was running free. At 10:15 on Friday I left the house and at 10:30 I came back and our pup was gone out of the yard. I drove down the street and talked to every single person on Dorian and Columbus that were out in their yard, even my mailman. Nobody saw Jake. I called the police and they talked to the same neighbors; nobody saw hide nor hair of Jake. The only person who saw our puppy, Jake, was the man who took him. Now the Humane Society won’t give him back unless I pay $110. They know we’re the victim of a crime; they know it’s morally wrong. We didn’t do anything irresponsible. They should have the discretion to waive the fee and give us back our puppy. Thank
Action Taken: contacted

Noel Weber
1816 W. Jefferson
Signs: On State Street between the 18 and 19 block, there is a LED billboard that lights
up and has flashy advertisements, and it’s really annoying. I just wanted to file a
complaint about it. I didn’t hear about it going up at all; all of a sudden it was just there.
It shines into the second story of my house windows into the bedrooms. I think it’s really
inappropriate. I’ve talked to a lot of my neighbors and they all feel exactly the same way.
Everyone is kind of upset about it and feel a little disgruntled. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: contacted

Laurie Kuntz
Hillside Hollow: I was calling to leave a comment to urge the Mayor and Council
members to please preserve the hillside to the Hollow open area. It would be great if we
could use some of the funds remaining in the foothills levy account, but whatever means
we need to be able to buy some of those properties that are “For Sale”, I think we should
use those means because if the area gets developed, then we can’t go back. It’s just a
beautiful very nice area that a lot of people use for recreation. Please give me a call if
you have any questions.
Action Taken: left msj

Jenny Paige
7429 Westwood Dr.
Code Enforcement: My neighbor actually called the Code Enforcement people and was
pretty much told that they might get out there sometime next week for violations that
don’t always occur every day, but occur every so often to where it’s irritating and
devaluating everyone’s property. So instead of getting annoyed, we thought we would
take action. However, what’s the point if your code people can’t come out and do
anything about it, or they have to put it off a week or two because by then the code might
not be in violation any more, but then it will come up again. It’s people parking their cars
on grass, if you want to know specifically, so it just seems to me kind of pointless and I’m
very frustrated because we want it like our street and want to take pride in it and have a
nice neighborhood and live in a beautiful city. If people violate codes and there’s no
punishment or consequences, what’s the point? Anyway, she just called me because
she was upset and now I am too because we want our street to look nice and it’s not
right if people are able to violate these codes. Thanks.
Action Taken: left msj

Julie Moore
300 N. Pacific Apt. #6
Boise, ID 83706
Allied Waste: I wanted to raise my concern for apartment-living people who want to
recycle. The deal with recycling for people who live in apartments is they have to call
their landlord, and then their landlord can decide if they want to pay $12 extra each
month versus a free-standing home. They can start recycling at the garbage man’s
route at the regular price, so it’s not very fair. Our apartment manager doesn’t want to
recycle and doesn’t want to pay the extra cost for the tenants to recycle. How is it that
we recycle? My son is 7 years old and he comes home with a sticker that says “Please
Recycle”. They’ve started to recycle and we can’t do it because we live in an apartment.
Please give me a call. Thank you.
Action Taken: left msj

Dan Henderson
Foothills/Dogs: I’m calling in regard to the off-leash era may be ending for dogs in the
foothills article in the Statesman. I would like to get more information from you regarding
Julia Grant and her committee; this dog committee that was supposedly put together.
Who put them together and who are these people? I think it’s completely asinine that
the foothills are going to be policed and people are fined if their dogs are not on leashes.
I grew up in this town; I grew up in the North End and I use the foothills twice a day. For
people to come in here and say, “No more dogs”, or “they have to be on leashes” is
ridiculous. It’s not a solution. We exercise our dogs up there. They can walk anywhere,
we exercise them up there; they have fun; it’s a great time. We were just up there, and
there were 15 groups of people. Everyone had dogs, no one was on leash, there were
no problems, and everyone was picking up their dog waste. This is absolutely
ridiculous! I would like a callback with this information on who I can contact to discuss
this. I know there’s a meeting; I’ll go to the meeting; however I want to know who put
this committee together; I want to know who heads this committee, and how I can talk to
them. It doesn’t seem like they have the interest of the actual people who use these
trails with their dogs. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: contacted

Imminent Domain: This is for the Mayor and City Council. I think you should take a
serious look at using imminent domain to take the Goodman Oil property at 30th and
Fairview. I would like to point you to Supreme Court decisions Berman vs. Parker, 1954;
Hawaii Housing Authority vs. Mitkif, 1984; and Keto vs. the City of New London,
Connecticut, 2005. This ought to get a rise out of the Boise Guardian people, don’t you
think? Thank you.

Barbara Tricosca
Foothills/Dogs: I’m calling in regards to an article I read in the paper today – a proposal
for off-leash trails to be all on leash. I’m absolutely outraged by the whole notion. I don’t
know who is on this dog committee, and I don’t know if these people own a dog, and if
they are in the foothills ever. I’m there twice a day; I live in the North End; I’m there with
my two dogs every day. There are a group of people that come every morning and
every afternoon. I have had dogs and have lived here for 15 years and have been on
those trails every single day for the last 15 years. I think the notion of having people
leash their dogs and not having the freedom for them to exercise is absolutely
outrageous. I want to know who is on this committee, and when the council is going to
meet on this. I think the whole notion is preposterous, and you just did not address the
concerns that people have. We were on the trails this morning around 8:00 and there
were maybe 15 or 20 people with their dogs off leash, walking. The dogs were having a
good time, the owners were having a good time, and there was absolutely no problem
what-so-ever. People were taking after dogs; I just don’t understand where this is
coming from. This is just a preposterous idea. I would like a phone call.
Action Taken: contacted

Code Enforcement: I was just calling to inquire about Code Enforcement and why we,
as citizens, need to call and file a complaint to have something done that is in violation of
code. For instance, my neighborhood, one square block area, there are 103 vehicles
that are parked in dirt, gravel, or simply on the grass, not on an improved surface such
as the code speaks of. I understand the code officers are probably short-staffed, but it
seems ridiculous to us, as taxpaying citizens, that codes that keep our city clean and
safe, and tempting to others who wish to live here, are not being enforced without the
public flagging blatant violations that can be seen by anybody who drives by. Thank

Marianne Konvalinka
1515 N. 18th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Foothills/Dogs: I am just calling because I’m a little concerned about the off-leash
recommendations for the foothills were just released yesterday, which is Thursday, April
24th, and that they’re going to be served at the Council just in a couple of weeks at 7:00
in the morning on May 7. I’m hoping that there will be opportunity for public comment
because, again, we just had an opportunity to see what the recommendations are truly
going to be, and 7:00 in the morning on Wednesday is not a time that many people are
available to come out and make their feelings known. Anyway, if someone could get
back to me with what the process is going to be, or if there’s a possibility to table that
item until there’s opportunity for more public feedback, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
Action Taken: contacted

Debbie Bonstel
7517 W. Devonwood
Boise, ID 83714
Foothills/Dogs: My concern is about the recommendations that are going to be made to
the Mayor and the City Council regarding the foothills – the fact that they’re lowering the
number of trails to be off-leashed to only 5%. I was wondering about the public’s ability
to have input into the process – the recommendations going to the Council and how we
can address that. I think it’s a little bit unfair to knock it down to 5% on leash trails. It
should be 50-50 or maybe 45%, but more trails need to be off leash.
Action Taken: contacted

Aeyanna Juste
1906 N. 10th St. 83702
Foothills/Dogs: I would like to voice my concern about the off-leash trails for dogs in the
foothills becoming on-leash, and possibly moving into no dogs. First of all, I would like to
say that the City Council meeting needs to involve the public like the 7:00 p.m. meeting,
and I don’t feel that Julia Grant took the concerns fairly from all of the citizens. I think
there are a lot of citizens, and I have spoken with them, who are against this. There can
be other ways that we can resolve whatever problem there seems to be for the dogs.
What I’m asking now is can we please have a public meeting at 7:00 p.m. or sometime
when people who work can actually attend instead of putting it in the City Council’s
hands at this point where they’re not speaking for the public. The majority of the people,
I live by the park, walk their dogs, and our dog walks with them, and this park is really
important in that way. I hope you take my voice and call me or do something. Thank
Action Taken: contacted

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  1. Julie, you can recycle living in an apartment. There are plenty of recycling drop-off centers in the area. Transportation & space/bins for sorting bins will be your only cost. The centers are more flexible than the curb-side pickup you envy.

    See There’s a drop-off quite close to your address on Glenwood.

  2. Did you all catch the “imminent domain,” sic, comment?

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