New Leaders At North Ada Group

The activist folks of the North Ada County Foothills Association have been quite a voice in Ada land use issues and that voice may get louder.

NACFA is a citizen association founded in 2002 by those concerned about growth pressure in the foothills north of Eagle. We know some of them have growthophobe sentiments.

Long time Boise finance guru and lobbyist Steve Purvis (retired) joins Kathy Pennisi to co-chair the group.

John Petrovsky, a found member has been appointed as a volunteer Commish on the county Planning Zoning Commission.

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  1. Its about time. I hope they’re not too late.

  2. It is just crazy to still be discussing building these leap-frog housing developments so far from any source of employment or shopping when gasoline is nearing $4/gal. Surely there is some mechanism to forbid housing development that is not adjoining city limits of one or another city in the Valley.

    And it is crazy to put thousands more emission spouting vehicles where there are already air quality issues.

    It is like the Kuwaiti sand story – perhaps there is some logic to the storage that I have missed, but there is no logic to using fossil fuels to transport 6700 tons around the world.

    This stuff is guaranteed to make some of us pull our hair out, it is so nutty.

  3. mary taylor
    Aug 5, 2008, 11:18 am

    There is a meeting Tues. Aug 12, 7:30 p.m. Eagle City Hall to discuss another high density development north of Beacon Light at Hy 16. Everyone concerned about this issue needs to be there to testify. This type of development is out of compliance with what currently exists in this area and the Ada County Comp Plan. Please plan to attend and voice your concerns.

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