Bikers Take Avimor Funds

Leave it to the GUARDIAN to take something as mundane as “Bike Week” and turn it against the likes of foothills developer Avimor. We got a plea from the bike advocates as follows:Bike%20wheel.jpg

Dear Mr. Guardian:

I am hoping you can make your reader base aware (just in case they’re not) that today is the start of the 6th Annual Boise Bike Week.

It runs Monday through Saturday. There is a wide variety of activities, workshops and events; most are after hours. The schedule can be seen here.

We can’t help but note with a certain degree of irony the Grand Finale celebration at the Band shell is sponsored by none other than Avimor – the “planned community” that is outside any reasonable bike-commuting distance from the area’s employment centers, shopping, and entertainment. What is Avimor’s interest in Boise Bike Week? To get valley residents off Highways 44 and 55?

To be fair, Avimor is trying to sell their area as a place for mountain bikers to dodge dog droppings, hikers, and horseback riders. They also want to buy the affections of their worst critics…and a close examination of their ad agency staff will reveal at least one avid mountain biker.

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  1. Editor – if “to be fair” is truly your goal, look into the recent 6th Annual Coyote Classic mountain bike race hosted (on the property) and sponsored by the same Developer. Not a bad contribution to the biking community, and maybe one that you will deem more appropriate. I doubt it though…you deem very little to be appropriate unless is furthers your narrow minded views.

    EDITOR NOTE–Fair enough…there I go again using that word! Gotta admit the GUARDIAN was up front with blatant developer bashing on this one with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

  2. Bait and Switch
    May 12, 2008, 10:20 pm

    Frank Martin of Hidden Springs fame also used to sponsor Mtn Biking events as a way to drum up interest in his subdivision. As the place built out, the race support stopped. And the desire to sell more and more houses has resulted in former cycling trails being covered by foundations and patios.

    Supporting cycling is nice. Building subdivisions close enough to actually commute to work from is better.

  3. Biker’s. I happen to stop in at Avimors the weekend of the bike race. Just to see what was going on up there.
    Got to admit I was a bit surpised at the people who were there. Big gas guzzling SUV and 4×4 pickups every where. Why did I think it would be a croud that would be more intune to the environment. Bet they out numbered the small rigs 3 to 1. Guess I’m out of step. One has to drink a bunch of gas to go ride your bike.

  4. Hah, good one Robert!

    Same is true of the foothills using dog owners. Once again, many contributors on the mayor’s hotline against the foothills leash law gave addresses far from the foothills. Some even admitted to driving all the way to the foothills to run their dogs. What a waste!

    My dog stays in my fenced yard. My bike has been driven to a ride, the fantastic Bogus downhill via the ridge road and trail 33, only twice in 15 years. I ride my bike to where my bike is.

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