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Boise Ranked Yet Again

The latest “ain’t Boise neat”rankings from a national group is a CARBON FOOTPRINT study which places us at #5 for emissions from home energy use and transportation–Portland and Los Angles are supposedly better.

Our ranking comes mostly from the use of hydro electric power generation rather than any greenie good things. While we have almost no public transit to speak of, Washington, D.C. has a world class Metro subway and train system– and they came in #100 on the Brookings Institute survey.

No doubt this orchestrated press release and survey will be fodder for all sorts of planning, grant applications, political bragging, and justification for and against everything from bike paths to light rail.

The GUARDIAN is out of town and unable cut and paste the lists, so please feel free to comment based on the mainstream media reports–links can be found at the right.

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  1. Actually, the article in the paper talks of the study’s flaws.

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    May 29, 2008, 8:04 pm

    When I lived in DC, the Metro was never within walking distance of home (4 different ones) or work.

    The study does seem that it might be a bit conflicted, as Boise ranks high for emmissions from transportation, considering the inversions we suffer through because of overpopulation.

  3. and yet another “ain’t Boise neat” from Kiplingers

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