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North Enders Get Special Treatment

A GUARDIAN reader living on the bench in Boise noticed ACHD gives advance notice of street sweeping in the North End and wonders why she can’t have the same in her neighborhood.
Even on “GUARDIAN STREET” the sweeper has to navigate around parked cars and pick ups, leaving large patches unswept. The thinking is that with a little notice, folks would be happy to get their vehicles off the street–or on the opposite side for ease of sweeping.

Here is the response from the Ada County Highway District:

“In the North End there are many blocks of older homes that have no off street parking. Vehicles parked on the street hamper our gutter sweeping activities. We do have a notification process we use in some older areas where on street parking is heaviest. It is an odd side swept one day, even side the next for a small select area. I guess you could say it is preferential for the North End but it would be discriminatory against the North End if we didn’t figure a way to sweep their streets as clean as the rest.”

For the record, the City forester also provides tree service for those stately trees in the North End, but not for the rest of the city streetside trees where there are no sidewalks or boulevards.

Speaking of sidewalks, we also had word of an impending agreement for the City to work with ACHD on sidewalk replacement and repair—again mostly in the Northend because the rest of the city has little sidewalk in the neighborhoods.

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  1. So now it is becoming more obvious why the people’s republic of the north end leans so heavily liberal. They have their hand out (palm up) to city hall. And they are getting it greased!I guess the question is why don’t the rest of us get an opportunity to get our palms greased? I bet the bench could be bought rather cheaply.
    It’s a helluva way to run a railroad!

  2. So the cars parked on the streets in places other than the North End don’t impede the street sweepers?

    What kind of rationale is that? And for this we pay big bucks for propaganda?

  3. sam the sham
    Jun 4, 2008, 1:33 am

    When I moved up onto the bench from the northend I did take note on how many more favors the northend receives. From Idaho Power, to the number and placements of public parks to the way the streets are kept up. And that is just a few of the bonuses. It is NOT because the northenders are liberal – it’s because Orange County has moved in with it’s bucks.
    As a liberal, I could no longer stand it, so I moved up to the Bench Area and discovered that more liberals live up here, but less money.

  4. The North End is the center of the universe. Used to live there, grew up there, moved to Eagle. But I still miss the goofy folks who hang out there – like the Mayor.

    The North End is a nightmare – the streets are narrow and when almost everyone who lives there parks on the street just driving around is a scary undertaking.

  5. 7th street Conservative
    Jun 4, 2008, 7:43 am

    I have lived in the North end for 28 years. I have never received any advance notice of street sweeping. I don’t know what you are talking about. Maybe ACHD is telling the truth and notice is dependent on the number of cars parked on the street.
    Would any of you living on the bench or in west Boise like to swap property tax bills? I am constantly wondering what I get for $7,000.00 per year?

  6. The Northend is the ultimate Planned Community. As it was designed before the urban sprawl nightmare, called West Boise, Eagle…etc. Its planning happened when people where less dependent on cars. It’s streets are walkable to parks, schools and stores. It also comes with its drawbacks. I have paid for sidewalks and water for trees that I do not own.

    Street sweeping provides more function than just cleaning for beauty. It also removes debris that can get into the storm drain system and cause havoc. The Northend and Eastend happen to have a few more trees than other parts of “The City of Trees”.

    I would not classify this as preferential treatment. It is the government servicing its taxpayers uniquely. Nothing is cut and dry when dealing with government, taxpayers and services expected(entitlements). Why do I want to pay for a detox center or light-rail when I ride my bike?

    Besides the prior notification amounts to 5 or so signs.

    EDITOR NOTE–Clancy you got it right when you said it is GOVERNMENT SERVICING ITS TAXPAYERS!

    Apart from the joy of tweaking, we think it would be a good idea to give EVERYONE a chance to get their cars out of the way of sweepers. It is perfectly justified in the North End as well as the rest of the city.

  7. While most of your articles are spot-on, this one unfortunately is not. Specifically, the City Forester DOES take care of all trees in Boise that are in the right-of way – including mine. Additionally, we have had extensive sidewalk repair and replacement in our neighborhood – which is not the North End. Shame on you for the inaccurate and misleading statements meant to support your article.

    The North End is a beautiful example of what a neighborhood should look like sans sprawl. It was designed with parks, narrow streets and sweeping boulevards for a reason – to make it a “neighborhood” where people actually know their neighbors and enjoy living there. NOT a subdivision where you get in your car in the morning, go to work, come home, go to bed, and never talk to your neighbors.

    No, I don’t live in the North End. But I don’t believe taking potshots at a particular neighborhood because one perceives they enjoy more benefits than other areas is justified.

  8. Clancy has it partly correct. The deal with street sweeping in the north end is tied to the old, old storm drainage system. Being the oldest neighborhood, the storm drain system in the North End is the most woefully inadequate in town.

    I happen to live at the low end of one such street and I can tell you from first hand experience about street flooding.

    Other cities I’ve lived in will either give you a parking ticket or worse, tow your car on street sweeping day.

    For everybody’s future info, here is ACHD’s street sweeping schedule, behold the power of the internet to learn things:

  9. $7,000 a year in property tax? I am in the wrong line of work.

  10. I believe the Guardian is wrong about tree pruning in the north end.

    The forestry department only trims young trees, ones they don’t have to climb. Older ones, if you want them trimmed, must be done on your own dime and only by a certified arborist. They do this in any neighborhood that has “park strips.” If your neighborhood doesn’t have park strips then why should the forestry department trim trees that are on YOUR property?

    EDITOR NOTE–Forestry includes spraying for bugs as well. Many folks without “park strips” (most of the Bench residences) have trees in the right of way. It is simply a fact of life that Valley residents and property owners in “old town” (and Downtown) get better treatment than do newly annexed areas or the Bench residents.

  11. I used to live in West Boise with a three car garage and 6ft tall trees. I certainly wouldn’t need notice for street sweepers. Now I live in South Boise under similar circumstances. Why don’t all you whiners call ACHD and have them put you on an email list so they can send you all that good info. But whatever you do don’t ask for some big bulk mailing or door knocking campaign to waste more money. By the way I hate to hear that liberals are moving out of the North End, please stay there. And stop raising my taxes.

  12. untamedshrew
    Jun 6, 2008, 8:31 am

    “Apart from the joy of tweaking, we think it would be a good idea to give EVERYONE a chance to get their cars out of the way of sweepers. It is perfectly justified in the North End as well as the rest of the city.”

    In other words, you want to spend tax dollars to pay at least one employee to go around to neighborhoods and post notices of street sweeping, even though it may not be necessary. Is it possible that the folks in charge of street sweeping have a clue since they’ve done this for years? And that perhaps some of you do not?

    I live in the North End – I can assure you that no one is greasing my palms!

    EDITOR NOTE–Earlier commenter said the info can be had at ACHD website.

  13. Alicia Ritter
    Jun 9, 2008, 7:52 pm

    Jesus Christ, you people are impossible. I live in the north end, and I’m damn sick of the interruptions from street cleaners and the like. Take them all, and quit complaining.

    Notice, too, I sign my name. Y’all might try it some time.

  14. I own a home on Bannock street. ACHD has advised us that we need to repair the sidewalk. They sent us a list of contractors who do cement work – we have so far called four of them and have yet to get a bid. If anyone out there knows of someone who can repair a sidewalk and is OK with ACHD, please advise. Thanks. Is it OK to post this kind of note, Dave?

  15. Sam the sham
    Dec 11, 2008, 11:41 am

    Hey, it’s gotten even better for us folks on the bench… the street sweepers are coming by on trash pick up days. We have no alleys here so the trash cans are all out on the street (where they are left by the BFI employees). So now more of our streets are avoided and not cleaned.


    one would think that there could be a plan here…

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