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Illegal Valet Parking Scam Downtown

For those wanting downtown Boise to grow up and be like a big city, your wishes may be coming true.

When GUARDIAN reader Ryan noticed a guy at 6th and Main last Friday walking back and forth, but not really doing anything it caught his attention.

After awhile three cars left parking spaces outside China Blue and the dude promptly dropped a set of orange cones into the street to prevent others from parking in the spaces. He then set up a sign and went into business doing “Valet Parking.”

“That is just wrong to allow someone to use City property for profit,” complained Ryan.

Not only is it wrong, it is against the law (Boise City Code 5-12-02.N). They call the practice a “temporary merchant” using public property for private gain without a license.

The GUARDIAN talked to City Parking Czar John Eichmann who told us there were other complaints and they are now on the lookout for the scam artist. Police will handle the arrest if he is still at it in the future.

We think it is risky business to offer up your car keys to a stranger on the street and asking him to go park your car just to impress the ladies. Park and lock makes a lot more sense.

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  1. semi tongue in cheek….

    Qwest Arena has their own parking spots on the street. So does the convention center. If I remember, City Hall has some loading zone spots. The skinny building has narrowed the lanes in the same area through a deal with ACHD. Soo..if this guy were to work with China Blue, why couldnt they get a loading zone and use it for valet parking?

  2. "Light Fingers" Louie
    Jun 10, 2008, 8:50 am

    Yo Dave,

    Thanks for the tip. I been, you know, looking for a new bimmer, or some other sweet ride. Pick’n up a free one for the cost of a bad suit and a parking cone sounds about right.

    See ya in the fast lane.


  3. It is always nice to be reminded that Boise continues to be a little town with little town mentality and TEAM DAVE with his troup of horn blowing back seat quarterbacks will always be their for the tax payer no matter what the cause.

    Apparantly you haven’t been outside of our little town to realize that in many cities if it wasn’t for valet parking you probably wouldn’t find a place to park and “oh my – crime of humanity – they are using tax payer public parking places to conduct business!!!” Well Boise Guardian, Thank you for not allowing that kind of behavior destroy our little town.

  4. Guardian-
    The alleged Illegal valet parking out side of China Blue was told months prior by the city of Boise and 2 other government organizations that he was able to set up a valet station in front of China Blue. Then after one person’s complaint about it, that valet business was asked to stop doing business until a city ordinance is in place for valet parking in the city of Boise. It is sad that the only person upset about there being a valet parking business downtown Boise is the very one that had a valet business 4 years ago there and had to be removed from downtown Boise by the city for “unknown reasons” (hypocrisy, or maybe a little jealousy)ironic. That valet parking company was NOT a SCAM. It is a legitimate company with years of experience and contracts with parking lots and licensed with the state of Idaho. Get the facts-before you judge!

  5. China blue sucks anyways..who cares??

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