Mayor Hotline May 31 to June 6

Perverts Parade, bike safety, gas prices and more. Here is the link:
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  1. Please indulge a cynical moment of mine, it is one of those days:

    JoAnn—Just what do you think the city can do about gas prices. Maybe you have not heard, prices are high in other cities as well, maybe it is a national or international problem.

    Kevin—so you can type, get off welfare, get a job and quit complaining.

    Torri–keep your damn dog on the leash, don’t knowingly break the law, then complain where there is a consequence, kudos to the city for giving a citation

    Barbara–give me a call, and will give you a tin foil helment to wear.

  2. Re the ticket saying the car hadn’t been moved for 48 hours:

    Boise *must* change that ridiculous law! Gas prices are high, auto emissions are blamed for adding to global warming as well as pouring out smog (especially during inversions), people are getting exercise, saving money and easing traffic by walking, bicycling, taking the bus, car-pooling, combining errands, etc., and the cops tell them, “Get our here and drive that car! Do it frequently, regularly, even if you don’t need it, or you’ll be fined and maybe see your vehicle towed away!”

    Gee, thanks a lot, officer.

  3. as long as we are being cranky… I agree with JJ on all points. Further, speed limiit and red light enforcement is nil in this town, but officers have time to ticket cars that have not moved? What’s up with that? Do regular officers enforce traffic? or is is just the STEP team?

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