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Not Able To Recycle Recycle Bin!


The GUARDIAN learns something new every day…and tries to share it with you.

Mrs. Guardian went to the curb recently while the Recycle Guy was searching the Daily Paper throw aways for coupons.

“Any way we can get a new bin since this one is all busted up?” she asked.

“Just happen to have a spare,” says Recycle Guy with a friendly smile.

“Great! You can have the old recycle bin,” says Mrs. Guardian.

“Sorry, that has to go in the regular trash,” says Recycle Guy who then stomped on the old bin to smash it in half for ease of handling.

Sort of ironic we thought.

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  1. So you can’t recycle the recycler. That is ironic!

  2. Something I always have to remind myself is that we never can let logic interfere with reality…

  3. Nice photo…did the Mrs. take it?

  4. That’s odd, given it’s made of high density polyethylene (#2), and that’s one of the plastic types Boise curbside recycling accepts.

    Although I don’t believe it would fit in a paper bag, as per Boise reccyling regulations… perhaps that was the problem… so take it to a recycling collection center instead.

  5. The Guardian: Sort of ironic we thought.

    Gordon:So you can’t recycle the recycler. That is ironic!

    Erico: Redundant and repetitive. 😉

  6. bert farber
    Jun 13, 2008, 3:59 pm

    Mrs. Guardian takes good pitchers. But isn’t there some place she could have taken the blue bin to recycle. I got one that’s all busted up, too. Don’t know what to do now.

  7. Eric:

    So you think agreeing with the Guardian is redundant and repetitive (and maybe kinda saying the same thing twice)?

    Naw; I’d say me agreeing with the G is merely somewhat unusual.

    Still, to keep you happy, I’ll amend my comment to:
    So you can’t recycle the recycler. That is idiotic!

    Does that unredundantate it?


  8. Gordon.. thanks. You are likely the only person in town that’s the least bit concerned about keeping me happy!

  9. Dear Mrs. Guardian,
    Here are 10 ways we thought of to recycle your recycling bin if it is cracked – but not busted by Mr. Recycle Guy:

    1. Make it into a Flower Planter
    2. With a little duct tape and blankie, it could be a baby bassinet
    3. Turn over for a real nice drum for your 5 year old boy
    4. A horse trough… if a horse drinks very fast
    5. A sled for Simplot hill
    6. A cover for your plants during a frost
    7. A toy chest for your kids’ broken but still usable, and probably non-recyclable toys
    8. An ice chest for BSU games, till the ice melts; sorry Vandals, you’ll have to think of your own number 8.
    9 Add a blanket and you have a nice pet bed, if you don’t need a bassinet
    Last, but not least, if it’s in pretty bad shape,
    10. You can cut it into little pieces for poker chips.

  10. I have to comment on the previous post – people still up at 3 AM may possibly have had a couple of beers or something. At least that’s how it works for me. Sometimes it adds to the discussion and sometimes not. It is still interesting.

  11. I had called our local trash monopoly earlier this year to complain about too full dumpsters at apartment complex only to find that the landlord needs to set up recycling and incur another expense with no incentive to offer recycling to tenants.

    A second dump without recycling was cheeper than beginning to offer recycling.

    This can become important especially if tenants are elderly and or disabled.

  12. I guess it wouldn’t surprise me… Boise recycling is terrible, sometimes I wonder if they want to make it as inconvienent as possible to recycle. So that you won’t.

    Salt Lake City gives a large recycle receptacle, bigger than the trash can, and EVERYTHING that can be recycled goes in there. Nothing has to be seperated, glass is allowed. And you don’t have to waste fuel to take other items to the recycle center. This is the same with many communities in the mountain west…hell, even in Houston!

    But, I still fill up to bins every week and my trash can only goes out every other week.

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