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Mayor Hotline June 7 to 13

Lengthy transcript this week. Support for trolley, motorcycle cops, unfair dog ticket,
“Call me, I am Basque,” California Nuts, No free parking at Airport, Fairview-Curtis cell tower. Download file

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  1. Not a big fan of the PDF transcript. Cannot read it on my downtime on my phone (which doesn’t support PDF.) So I don’t read Hotline anymore.

    EDITOR NOTE–Wade, we agree. It is impossible for us to edit and City refuses to give us Word File as they used to do. Cut and paste just doesn’t work with more than a single page at a time, so we couldn’t tell what were editing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. I like the PDF format, especially since the editor doesn’t get to edit out the graffiti complaints. Anyway, what’s with the 3rd item. The lady out of Sacramento. I amazed at the lunacy of some people, I mean, of all my years of reading on the usenet and web forums, that comment takes the cake for nutjobiness.

    To the dog off leash ticketed person, I ask. If you can’t afford a $66 fine then how can you afford a dog? I got a parking ticket last month for facing the wrong direction. It was $36 and I’ve never seen a sign warning against doing that. So, guess what? I haven’t parked the wrong direction since.

  3. What was the City’s reason for not giving the info to you in a word file anymore?

    EDITOR NOTE–Three times they have said they are “standardizing” everything as PDF.

  4. In regard to the PDF format:

    One option could be to use the ‘File -> Save as Text’ feature in Adobe Reader.

    Also, a free online alternative could be to use to convert the PDF to a variety of formats (doc, html, rtf, txt, etc)

    Hope that helps.

  5. I was able to just press CTRL+A to select all, CTRL+C to copy, then jumped over to Word and did CTRL+V to paste. Easy as that.

    EDITOR NOTE–I run a MAC and for whatever reason it will only copy a single page at a time. Then, on the Moveable Type blog program it comes out in a different format. Pain in the butt. Word works much easier. Next week will try again.

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