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Why They Call Them FireFIGHTERS!

The Boise Fire Department sure has a way with words.

When a fireman popped a dude in the jaw nine months ago in the parking lot of the Torch II strip joint on Vista and got charged in June 2008 for assault, it came out officially like this:

“Boise Firefighter Steve Satterlee has been charged with Aggravated Battery in connection with an altercation that occurred Sept. 7, 2007 at the Torch II business in Boise.
So here is the deal. A bunch of firemen took him out for a bachelor party to look at bare bums and boobs (covered by the anatomical city code of course). Something happened , blows were thrown and the other guy got his jaw broken. No word on the wedding or the success of the marriage so far.

Boise Cops–not always the closest of union buddies–didn’t want to touch the case with a ten foot pole, even though there was one available nearby. They called the Ada Sheriff’s deputies to investigate.

The Sheriff’s guys turned the case over to the Ada County prosecutor, but he was shy and didn’t want to touch it with the pole either. He turned the case over to the Canyon County prosecutor. That office had its own relative problems with a prurient person and apparently didn’t get around to filing until this June 4.

There is no record of any male ever touching the ten foot pole.

Now, two weeks after the fact, the White Shirts at BFD are making the matter public. We hope they respond to fires faster than tawdry bar fights among their off duty staff.

Chief Dennis Doan issued a statement saying, “While these firefighters were off duty and not using city equipment (like fire trucks and axes?), this type of behavior is completely unacceptable and unbecoming of a Boise City Firefighter.”

Word on the street has it the fight involved a Federal Wildland firefighter. We now understand the difference between a fireman and a fireFIGHTER.

Note to firefighters: Behave yourselves and don’t go places and do things you don’t want to read about in the paper, the GUARDIAN or see on TV.

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  1. sam the sham
    Jun 18, 2008, 5:25 pm

    So, is the pole really ten foot? I am certain that you checked the facts out, Fraz, so that you could be correct on what you publish.
    Really, anyone can be stupid on their own time, but what is just not acceptable is how this case was handled like a hot potato – Boise Cops tossed it to the Sheriff who tossed it to the Ada County prosecutor who tossed it on to another county’s prosecutor…. What is with this? It’s a case of a bunch of drunk guys acting poorly and the cops were called in but wanted to run away like sissy-boys.
    So if you are a fire fighter or a cop you get special treatment (kinda like what Clegg would have liked for her daughter), instead of the same treatment fairly given to the tax payer (ie salary payers) of Boise and Ada County. Hmmmm. No wonder the kids of today are blowing off the rules and the laws.
    Different set of rules depending on Money, power and position.

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    Jun 18, 2008, 7:46 pm

    Sam the Sham is absolutly correct:

    “Different set of rules depending on Money, power and position.”

    He could have just said “money”. Power and position are achieved because of money. You hear these kind of stories almost daily, and after awhile it begins to erode ones patriotism. It just isn’t kosher to have more than one set of rules or to move the goal posts during the game.

  3. Grumpy ole guy
    Jun 18, 2008, 7:48 pm

    So, Dave, is this ten foot poll no one was eager to touch one used by the dancers? And, are you certain that the swinging fists were those of the on-lookers and not of the, hmm, err, entertainers? Sounds like too hot of a time was being had in the old town that night. I will confess to never having heard of a fruit juice bachelor party, although I suspect that there have been a few.

    Less grumpy than before I read this item.


  4. Boise Whiskey Tango
    Jun 18, 2008, 10:14 pm

    Unlike cops, I prefer my Structural FireFIGHTERS slightly maniacal.

    Reduce that ridiculous Felony “Aggravated” Battery charge to the more appropriate Misdemeanor Battery (based on your telling of the incident), spank his pee-pee real hard, and get that crazy bastard back in the house ASAP!

    THAT’s the kinda guy I want showing up to save my family from a blaze.

    Not some friggin virgin.

  5. Where are the good old days when a bunch of guys went to a bikini bar and one of them had too much to drink and “duked”it out with some other schmoe that had as much himself?
    The guy that won went to work the next day and it was “So I decked the jerk”. The guy that lost went to work the next day and his story started with “There I was alone, off the Great Barrier Reef…”
    Now it is assault, battery, lawsuits, jail time and a different set of rules if you are on the “inside”. Bottom line isd that if you hang out in those kind of places, you can pretty well assume that the guy sitting across the room is as obnoxious as you are! And how can you blame the “ladies”? They are just poor starving college students trying to pay tuition! Yea, Right!

  6. I have to agree at least in party with Cyclops. Guys go to bars, guys sometimes get into fights.
    Story doesn’t get into who threw the first punch, was the firefighter the aggressor or just defending himself, all that sort of thing, so we really have no clue whether either of them actually should get in any trouble over it.
    The cops and prosecutors, on the other hand, seem to be a different matter: They flat-out refused to do their jobs. Isn’t that malfeasance? Or is it just nonfeasance? Either way, pretty lame.

    As for the 10-foot (3.048-meter, for your foreign or scientist-type readers) pole … if one of the firebeings had hit the other one with that, it would have made more of an impact — and a better story.

    Guess if I ever need a cop in Boise, I’ll know to phone them and ask them whom they would want to do their job for them in the matter at hand.

  7. “THAT’s the kinda guy I want showing up to save my family from a blaze.

    Not some friggin virgin.”


  8. I agree it’s an odd story. Statesman said the victim and his buddies never threw a punch. But a broken jaw will get you an aggravated battery these days. Boise City has no problem handling officer DUI’s. Not sure why this warranted such hot potato treatment.

  9. Word in the Rumor Mill is that the dude with the broken jaw is some half-ass relative to an attorney of note. Hench the delay in trying to find someone removed from the “six degrees of seperation” to file charges. The whole story has yet to be told.

  10. The Fight involved involved Career Firefighters from BFD and Seasonal Federal (BLM) Wildland Firefighters. It all started with the BFD Boy(s) yanging the BLM Boy(s) about who’s job was more hazardous, apparent the BFD Pretty Boy (Mr.Fireguy Calender guy in the 2007 BFD Firefighter Calender)got full of himself and sucker punched the BLM Boy. Ahh Pretty Boys acting like grade schoolers.

  11. I heard on the street the argument was about the dancers boobs. Fake ones or real ones? Stuff like that is important when your drunk.
    Stay clear of fireman when they crack a can of whoopass.

  12. Well Lets see if I have this right. The BFD Chief said that he was waiting for the criminal charges to be resolved before he takes any action. Now if we were to change the department from BFD to BPD and keep the same facts, this is what would happen. The officer would immediately be placed on Administrative leave. He would then have to answer all questions of the Internal Affairs Dept. Then the Ombudsman gets to open his investigation of a class 1 complaint. (that is a serious one) After he sustains the violations for conduct unbecoming an officer and other policy violations, he will make his recommendations. The Chief of police, not wanting to have an accused felon working for him could then just terminate the employee. This could all happen before the criminal trial is resolved. So why does the BFD Chief not order an outside internal investigation. Why has the Mayor not requested an independent internal investigation. Maybe because the current fire chief was heavily involved with the mayors last campaign and got the job as a political pay back. Thanks Team Dave. I would expect nothing less from you.

  13. ““Unlike cops, I prefer my Structural FireFIGHTERS slightly maniacal.”

    Yeah, just the type of behavior I want in people who want to be in our homes rendering patient care to our ill, our injured, our old and infirm.

    If this was any other group of public safety or health care providers you would be calling for heads to roll, which may be a bit of an overreaction, but still as it should be. But instead we see you guys thinking its not only OK, but expected and something to be admired????
    Its stupid that the public thinks its OK for firefighters to act like asses when other agencies are held to a different (often unrealistic) standard. Why are the “hero’s” held to a lower standard than PD or Paramedics?

    One of the earliest mantras I was taught by one of the senior paramedics was “don’t make the rest of us look bad”. I guess the BFD needs to teach that to their new recruits (and their “crusty old jakes” as well). That’s why other (NON FIRE)agencies generally don’t wear their uniforms getting drunk, they don’t brag about their affiliation before (or after) they get in fights, they don’t through dirt on the god name of those trying to make their agency and their profession more respected….and when they do something like that, they tend to get slapped harder…not given a free ride.

    I’m not so mad that this happened, I understand that things like this do happen… I’ve even been involved in a few stupid sophomoric antics myself in my life….but when I got caught I took it like a man.
    There should be consequences beyond a slap on the wrist. Not saying there should be termination….but something appropriate, including a public apology to the other agency and their own fellow FFs for “making us all look bad”. That will hurt more than a few days off or reassignment to these ego driven individuals. Send the right message… Also, I am the first to admit that if one of my co-workers did something this stupid ….they should get a little peer to peer counseling behind the wood shed and then get the official discipline.

    Oh, BTW…that BIG RED buss that says BOISE FIREFIGHTERS on it may not be owned by the city, but its stored on city property, maintained in (supposedly) off time by BFD maint. staff, using BFD maint equipment. How did that slip under the radar?
    Just driving that vehicle (privately owned or not…it looks like its FD owned) to a strip club should be conduct unbecoming, fight aside.

    But what do you expect from a culture who thinks it’s OK to wear their Department T Shirts to bars to pick up chicks.

  14. Gordon,
    I don’t know how you managed to take this to an anti BPD angle, that in and of itself is telling. The reason that BPD does not handle a case like this is to avoid any perception of impropriety or favoritism of a fellow public safety employee. I’m sure if BPD did handle the case, you’d be shouting from the rooftops that this firefighter is being protected by BPD and that there is corruption afoot. Give me a break. In my opinion I would want an agency that is unfamiliar with that employee or agency to investigate such a crime to leave personal bias out of it. It makes sense and is the ethical thing to do to avoid any conflicts. Don’t look into it anymore than that. As for why it took so long, I don’t know why that is. Could be alot of different reasons. But as long as it gets addressed, time is not really an issue.

  15. Dori the forgetful fish
    Jun 20, 2008, 1:39 pm

    Lisa, you sound like you have all the facts. Did you get them from the one sided media or the BLM boys. As the saying goes…You cant slice a piece of cheese so thin that there not two sides.

  16. Harvey: EXCELLENT POINTS. I’ve long said there needs to be public safety ombudsman, not just a police ombudsman.

    Dori: Have we met? 🙂
    Yes there are (at least) two sides, and often more. There is the public interest as well.

    But somethings are not in dispute:

    #1: A jaw was broken by a BFD FF. Considering the kinetic energy involved (assuming there wasn’t a defect like osteopenia) I think felony battery is warranted if the BFD was determined to be the aggressor. AFter all thats what Joe Citizen would get initially (and pled down) in the same situation.

    #2: They were in a very real way representing the city of Boise and Boise FD… off duty or not. They driving a big red buss that said Boise Firefighters on the side, they were indeed Boise Firefighters, and if rumors and past performance hold true… they has some form of IAFF logo’d shirts or other swag on them.

    Technical ownership aside, some type of accountability should happen. Not screaming for termination (though if the situation was reversed they would not be so kind)…but some kind of accountability. Like the union will let that happen.

  17. Clippityclop
    Jun 20, 2008, 7:24 pm

    I got the facts from the BLM boys, one of whom is a very stand up young man who has been a friend of the family for years. The account in The Daily is very accurate… these boys were jumped and sucker punched by members of the BFD. This is not a case of boys will be boys — this was a serious assault and I couldn’t agree more with Nemo that it was behavior unbecoming, and that the actions of a few reflect very poorly on the entire Boise Fire Department. I highly respect and admire firefighters but what an embarrassment! I’ll wager that fellow BFD are mortified. Woodshed, indeed.

  18. I wanted to take a moment to re-emphasize that one of the BFD FFs did do the right thing, the DD of the bangbus (I mean the IAFF-mobile) tried to break it up and then told the truth when many of the union jihad-ist would have lied at a drop of a hat.

    If it is who word on the street says it is, he is a stand up guy, I just hope he is not shunned by his fellow “brothers” for doing the right thing.

    I believe the saying goes:
    “Loyalty before everything except honor!”

  19. I have seen dozens of fights outside bars in my lifetime. Police usually arrive on the scene arrest the fighters and sort out the details by interviewing witnesses. Charges are then filed that fit the crime, followed by a day in court. Why is this so complicated? It’s called police work. Guy, why bring in another agency? The occupation of the suspect is irrelevant unless he is a police officer. We certainly don’t need to hire another ombudsman.

    This city has gotten over political, every agency now has their own “spokesman” that they pluck from the local newspeople pool. The response by “Guy” is very typical. Over cautious bureaucrats that failed to realize that it was a bar fight not the Whitewater break in, pretty basic stuff. These agencies all have a team of brass that should be able to handle bad conduct among their own, let them do their job. In the meantime the police should stop walking on eggshells and do their job, sitting on it only makes it worse.

  20. Dori the forgetful fish said:
    Jun 21, 2008, 10:18 pm


    You are such a tool. You may know alot, at least you think you do, but you don’t know everything. The BLM boys haven’t been the most stellar truth tellers. The DD is a stand up guy, the slugger is a stand up guy, who made a serious mistake. And I’m sure the BLM boys are stand up guys as well. Hell, your probably a stand up guy to some people, that is to some people. To me, your just a loud mouth schmuck that likes to stir the pot. Oops I’m sorry, a loud mouth schmuck that likes to engage in meaningful dialog.

  21. Nemo, thanks for “trying” to set BFD/ACEMS relations back 20 years. I would ask if you would please reveal your true name, so others won’t be blamed for your nasty, and rude personal comments.

  22. Nemo,
    Why does this have to be an anti union, anti firefighter issue? Would you be throwing the same trash if this guy was a county medic?

  23. I’m sorry, I can not bite my tongue any longer.

    BG: ‘BFD sure has it’s way with words’? How did you want it to read? Does anyone have an obligation to disclose personnel matters with the media? (Yes, BG you are the media.)

    Mr Werner, Et al; rumor has it, a Boise PD offspring is one of the BLM firefighters present, therefore the conflict of interest with the BPD, facilitating the ACSO investigation.

    Dori: right on !

    Nemo: have the balls to post under your real name. Nice bangbus Freudian slip(?). Give me a call, I’ll fill you in on some facts. You know how to contact me. UR BFP . (208)-384-403*. * = engine number. Also, if any firefigther is drinking in a bar in uniform, you can call me or any fire dept officer and they will gladly put an end to that. We do not condone that!!!

    Is it just me, or do people from a certain agency always use their real names when posting?

    EDITOR NOTE–Tom, “Torch 2 business” has a nicer ring to it than “strip joint.” That is the ref to way with words. The issue is shaping up to be the “hot potato” rather than busting a jaw in a tawdry bar fight.

  24. So the delay of justice is due to the fact that the some cops kid might have been present, when do the conflicts end? This is a small town everybody has an uncle, dad, or neighbor that is a cop. Police are suppose to be above that. It sounds like there were plenty of witnesses to interview besides the cops kid. The appearance of a coverup due to the delay in justice has only made this incident worse for both BPD and BFD.

    I don’t have a problem with the Fire Dept. thus far, I think the proper way to handle this is to wait for the charges to come down from the Police and then release a statement explaining any punishment for fire fighters. As for the police, grow some balls and do your job. All us tax paying citizens want is equal justice, regardless of occupation.

    Mr. Moore, as a bar tender I can tell you the Fire Dept. T-shirts are everywhere in the bar scene. I personally don’t have a problem with it.

  25. I think Nemo’s problem is Viagra doesn’t work for his standup guy.

  26. Dori Dear…the facts come from the OFFICIAL Police Report and attached statements. Check for yourself, its public record. Wait that might be hard theres no pictures.

  27. And Nemo falls silent mmmmmm

  28. Well, when I see a comment worth responding too…..


  29. Let them fight! A sucker puncher is a coward.

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