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Mark Rinehart
5326 Kootenai
Boise, ID 83705
Park Towing: It’s about 1:15 Saturday afternoon on the 14th. I have a comment after
reading the Saturday morning edition of the Statesman; a comment regard Ms. Clegg’s irateness over the Parks and Rec.’s policies regarding towing and abandoned cars in parks after hours. I think Ms. Clegg is clear off in left field; I think she’s wasting city timeand money by pursuing a witch hunt to, as she puts it, educate the public. We’re alreadyeducated; calling the Parks and Rec. people up to testify and support the reasons why they did things the way they did is a waste of city employee time, a waste of City Council time. I think Ms. Clegg ought to really wake up and take the responsibility for what has happened. Let’s review real quickly – her daughter parked her car illegally per city laws (City Code); her daughter was in the park after hours illegally; consequence of the actions, Ms. Clegg had to go pick her daughter up. If she doesn’t like to do that, I would suggest that Ms. Clegg change the hours that she expects her daughter to be in her house. Regarding solution to the problem, let’s put the responsibility where it really needs to be – not with the city or any of its department, but it needs to be with Ms. Clegg’s household. Ms. Clegg actually ought to take the responsibility to discipline her daughter. If it was my daughter, I would make sure that she paid the fine; I would also relieve her of her car keys for 30 days; I would temporarily ground her or suspend her in and around the house simply for being out after hours. Ms. Clegg, in all her glorious dishonor, refuses to take that responsibility. Ms. Clegg, it’s all on your shoulders, it’s none of our shoulders; we’re all educated; we don’t park illegally; we don’t stay in parks after posted hours. Why should you want to educate us about this? We as the public
already know that. Ms. Clegg, clearly your daughter doesn’t and by extension, you don’t. You’re in the responsible position to take care of it, take care of your own house, don’t have the City of Boise chasing their tail. How crazy, just absolutely nuts! Thank you and good afternoon.

Jo Ann Springer
1147 Kimberly Ln.
Boise, ID 83712
Armory: It just occurred to me that the Armory area would be a great location for a
Saturday (sort of) flea market / yard sale where the city could charge people $25 to set
up a booth. There’s plenty of parking over by Fort Boise and people could go to the
Downtown Market and then come to the Flea Market. I think Flea Markets have been
very successful in other locations. Another thought – setting up a flea market / yard sale
area would provide teenagers a place to be entrepreneurs – setting up their businesses,
food drink, things to sell, as well as the elderly. To me, it seems a perfect use and it’s
just sitting there. Thank you.
Action Taken: left msj
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June 14 – 20, 2008
Mike Crenning
Park Towing: I’ve been employed with the Parks Department for 20 years; I just find it
really sad that one of the Council people is upset about her daughter parking in the “No
Parking” zone. I looked at this area; it was clearly marked, painted mark on the curb; it
even stated in the paper she parked in a “No Parking” zone. I don’t understand what
she is getting upset about. I don’t understand how she can use her “so-called” Council
powers to say this is a problem. As I said, we saw it; she parked in the wrong part, in a
“No Parking” spot, so I think it should be left at that. Thank you.
James Otradosky
652 N. Morningside Way
Boise, ID 83712
Biofuels: There’s an article in the Friday the 13th Wall Street Journal by the Chairman of
Nestle Corporation, Mr. Barb Eclamonte. The article is in the editorial section,
addressed “Biofuels are Indefensible in our Hungry World”, plus another little title below
that says, “Excess Farming Depletes Water Resources.” He has totally hit everything on
the head as far as supply in the world with food now because of the fact that the world is
running short of food because of the exploding population. You, Mr. Mayor, and the City
Council are encouraging the use of ethanol, which is totally disastrous in the first place.
Like I said, you need to read this article and go from there. There is no excuse for you
encouraging the use of ethanol in any vehicle at any time, period. It’s inexcusable and I
would like your comment in writing on that. Thank you.
Frank Nicholson
1231 Leadville Ave.
Boise, ID 83706
Cell Towers: I have become concerned about the putting up of cell towers and clear
wire towers in neighborhoods because of their radiation and long-term affects. I would
like to show you my concern because we really do not need those in areas where
humans live. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted
Mad Max: Hello, this is the lady out of Sacramento that still has the violation problem.
The mess is still going on with the Sacramento County sheriff’s and police department
that hasn’t gotten over yet and it’s causing all kinds of problems with people with the
leashing machines and people who aren’t properly civilized. There’s a lot of people out
of New York and California, mostly New York City that have been let out of the pockets
for years. They allowed other people or kept it; in fact the states and they had never left
the states or the towns because of I guess what has been set for them for it to be cacavista
any time they tried over the years they never could and the people have become
real powerful and allowed these officials from what’s heard don’t understand things and
the people are running circles around people, and lot of them can’t just go across the
country. They’re uncivilizing the country slowly; some of them in New York City. They
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June 14 – 20, 2008
have all kinds of different things about them – secondary crime targets that don’t fit with
current day ?? 1407. Part of it is most deceptive and an unbelievable mess. Hopefully
they can get some soldiers or some people from somewhere else and correct some
people. They’ve had some buses come and pick some of the people up but they need
enough, about 15 to pick up every last person that’s in the mess, then divert the people
to wherever they need to go so they can get the people sorted through. It’s a big mess;
some of the people are trying to keep it going and they’re saying they’re not trying to but
they are, and they do not want to help the country. I hope we will not get uncivilized and
too much more people be bothered by what they are causing. A lot of them don’t know
how to walk down the sidewalk straight; they fight 24 hours a day; their words are
terrible, and the ones who are trying to help, they can barely help. The military
machines are what is really the problem, so hopefully they can get them some help as
soon as possible. They have some image machines that they are using and following
people around and causing them some problems. It’s a man that is programmed with
animal parts, man, and all kinds of things; just a big unbelievable mess. They are
diminishing people with some of the machines and it’s causing problems too. So, they’re
in people’s body mind set, deletion machines, and trying to sleep with them and be with
them with some of the inmates, and people who do stuff like do have our cult people that
are doing these things and never got past those points, so hopefully they can get some
more help and people who they can trust, and maybe you need some super strength or
something because some of them are superhuman and get the mess pulled to closure
somewhere, not in the middle of town and people up and down these states because
they’re not qualified a lot of them. Bye.
Graffiti: I would like to report some graffiti on the building at 2700 W. Idaho, Treasure
Wood Furniture. It’s on the back side and is highly visible from highly busy 27th St.
While I’m at it, I’ve got a Code violation for you at 2816 W. Idaho. It has weeds higher
than a foot and it’s got a boat parked in the yard, visible from the street. Thank you.
Graffiti Team
Karen Wilson
8623 W. Golactic Ct.
Boise, ID 83709
Bus Route #42: I’m calling in regards to ValleyRide wanting to discontinue service on
the No. 42 bus between Overland and Five Mile. They are discussing completely
changing the route and skipping that whole area, including Silverstone and routing the
bus down Franklin straight to the Mall without any stops other than St. Luke’s in
Meridian. This is such disservice to us. The Mayor is touting public transportation and
wanting trolley service downtown, but there is such a need for public transportation out
here in the valley. To have that one option, and the only option, taken away from us is
ridiculous. We’re hoping for his support so this does not get discontinued. Rider-ship is
up unbelievably; our bus is full every morning and every evening when I come home,
and this is something that is so important with gas prices going up, and continuing to go
up, and global warming and pollution; you know with the first day of hot weather here,
we already have an air quality problem. So we need to get cars off the roads, but that
won’t happen if ValleyRide is allowed to discontinue this service. Thank you.
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June 14 – 20, 2008
Action Taken: contacted
Firefighters: I’m calling in regards to the article in today’s Idaho Statesman that talks
about the few Boise firefighters that were in a brawl here a while back with the BLM
people. One guy is facing some charges and it looks like the other guys are or should
be. These firefighters support the community; they do a great job; I’m all for them, but
even if off the job, they do something like this and jump some people and put somebody
in the hospital, they need to suffer the consequences. They don’t need to be in the fire
department any more. If this were somebody else besides somebody who worked for
the city, the other people who were even involved, all of them would be prosecuted, not
just the one who did the initial hit. So, as far as I’m concerned, if the city is not going to
prosecute these people and not going to get rid of them, I think it’s just a big cover-up for
the city. Like I said, if it was somebody else who wasn’t employed by the city, they
would have been gone already, and people wouldn’t have put up with it. So, the city
needs to do something instead of just standing back and doing nothing. I hope these
people have been on administrative leave since then because if the city doesn’t have
them on administrative leave, especially the one person who broke the other person’s
jaw and cut him, etc., there’s a real big problem with the city. I hope you guys will end
up getting something done for a change instead of looking back and around, and doing
nothing. Thank you.
John Vice
3722 N. Chatterton Wy.
Graffiti: My back fence borders on a canal and I appear to have graffiti written on the
backside of my fence by the canal. As near as I can tell it’s 5R13 or FW13; I don’t know
if that’s a gang thing or some sort of utility insignia. I just wanted to report it and let you
know. Thank you.
Graffiti Team
Matthew Yokom
226 E. Melrose St.
Boise, ID 83706
208 343-2232
USCM: I’m calling about the U.S. Conference of Mayors that’s coming up next week, the
20th through the 24th. An International Affairs Committee Resolution has been made by
a list of other mayors, and I urge that Mayor Bieter add his name to the list and cosponsor
that resolution. It’s a resolution to encourage diplomacy in the on-going
concerns of Iran. We definitely don’t want to get ourselves into another long war in the
Middle East and there are certain things we can do at the local level, so if he’s interested
he can contact Nancy Mancyes at Global Exchange and her email is
[email protected] or the phone number is 415 575-5543. That’s just to add
his name to the list and co-sponsor this proposal being forwarded to the International
Affairs Committee at the U.S. Conference of Mayors supporting a diplomatic approach to
Action Taken: left msj
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June 14 – 20, 2008
Pam Frazier
Graffiti: I’m report graffiti on the mechanical systems, the boxes that cover up the
mechanical systems, on the roof of Table Rock Pub at 705 Fulton. There is a fairly large
amount of graffiti up there. Thank you.
Graffiti Team
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  1. Suggestion to Mayor Bieter… Since you’re obviously not solving her problem, give that crazy gal in Sacramento your personal email address. (Not having to transcribe her otherworldly rants might save the city $500/month or so.)

    And… how can you even THINK about attenting the Conference of Mayors, when there’s unrest in Iran? Why don’t you hop on over there and get that Iran problem resolved, once and for all?

  2. The argument Mrs. Clegg is making, and supported by the Daily Paper, is a slippery slope. On the surface I agree with them, towing seems to be a harsh policy, and there really should be a parking citation option for minor infractions. However, this opinion is weakened when it is delivered after the fact, when the consequence for non-complaince has been delivered to those in a position of responsibility. Based on the logic of Mrs. Clegg and the Daily Paper, I offer the following suggestions:

    1) Speed limit signs should always be visible. If you pass a speed limit sign, and can not see the next sign, assume there is no speed limit.

    2) If the centerline stripe on a road is not visible, assume you can drive on either side, then play victim when you get in an accident and blame the highway department.

    3) If you are not sure if something is tax deductible, assume it is, after all it is the responsibility of the IRS to post labels on every product indicating how it may or may not be tax deductible, and the IRS should have individual meetings with each citizen or large signs everywhere describing our tax law and how to comply.

    4) Government should remove any opportunity for a citizen to use common sense or logic, it is the role of our gaurdian, the government, to warn us of all possible danger.

    5) Government should remove any sense of personal responsibility for ones actions, if you have been wronged, its not your fault, hire an attorney to blame someone else.

    In summary, I think most people would agree the policy can be approved, but I am tired of hearing how much a victim the Clegg family has been, due to a policy that Mrs. Clegg has some degree of responsibility for as a councilperson. She should stop all references to her situation and just look at the policy for what it is, and stop attacking Boise Parks Staff who do nothing but enforce the policies approved by City Council.

  3. Boise Whiskey Tango
    Jun 24, 2008, 4:48 pm

    Another suggestion to Mayor Bieter…

    A Trojan Horse.

    As a gesture of goodwill, send those crackerjacks from the CCDC over to Iran.

    The Iranian infrastructure should begin imploding shortly thereafter.

  4. If it was not Clegg’s kid this would never have seen the light of day.

  5. sam the sham
    Jun 26, 2008, 10:40 pm

    JJ – you missed one: if an item has no marked price assume that it is free.

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