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BFD Brings Work To Station

Boise Fire Department has a new “crash” truck–Engine 8.

A recent crash incident didn’t take them beyond the front door of Station 8 on Overland Road…in fact the crash WAS the front door!
Seems the first responder heroes were showing their wares to a group of children visiting the station over the July 4th weekend. Part of the tour included a peek inside the storage cabinets on the side of the engine where life saving equipment is stored.

Firefighters showed the youngsters how the doors on the storage bins open upward and no doubt offered advice on safety as well.

Later, when the alarm sounded for an emergency call, the guys on “C shift” jumped on Engine 8 to respond. They donned their helmets and headsets so they could communicate over the noise of the siren and engine and rushed out of the station.

They didn’t get far because someone forgot to close the door on the sturdy equipment bin. The metal door was so sturdy that when the now 12 foot wide fire engine went through the 10 foot door it took out the overhead door track, an entire row of concrete blocks, and the outside face of the building.

Looks like the repairs will be about $4,000-5,000. One oldtimer noted it was the third time in 15 years he knew of the door being smacked by a first responder hero.
Command staff told the GUARDIAN there plans afoot to sell station 8 and build a new one.

As much as it gets whacked by fire engines they probably NEED a new station, however the appraisal likely will be off a bit.

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  1. Soooooo, whats the point of this post other than to drag public safety employees through the mud??

  2. JP–
    This story is kinda funny. The G man didn’t drag public safety employees through the mud at all. When he–and the others– wrote about the drunken brawl at the nudie bar with firefighters from another agency, that may have been a bit of a mud wrestle.

    He didn’t even mention the guys at the same station nearly started a fire in the kitchen a while back leaving food on the stove.

    LOGICALLY you shouldn’t feel ALL public safety people took a mud bath on this anymore than ALL are heroes when a paramedic saves a life. It is known as taking responsibility for actions. Someone screwed up, not everyone.

  3. How is this news worthy? They have insurance, and mistakes happen everywhere. How about an article on how many postal employees have crashed rigs, or ran into mailboxes??? These guys got sent to an emergency call, and of course dropped whatever they were doing to go help.

  4. Chill folks. Just think of all the cops and deputy sheriffs in the valley that the Guardian gave a chuckle to with this little gem.

  5. Boise Whiskey Tango
    Jul 15, 2008, 9:30 pm

    I’ve seen that door around.

    It had it coming.

    ; )

  6. Who has to buy pizza, the driver or the Captain?

  7. It happened. It’s fact.
    So it ain’t draggin’ thru the mud unless you repeat it day after day, and bring it up again every time they seek money for something … that sort of thing.
    So chill, folks. There’s plenty of bad stuff to rant about without flipping out over a simple reporting of the facts. (If you’re not sure what else there is, try paying attention to politics. There are some elections coming up, you know.

  8. Hey ..crap happens. Ironically, Now if this was a paramedics mistake you would be holloring for termination. The two facedness of some (not all) on here is staggering.

    That said, many a paramedic also got a chuckle from this. Not that we havent had our mishaps, but at least we laugh at those (and ourselves) which is more than most can say.

    All in all this was an innocent mistake. Sadly, these thgings come in threes. First the fire, now this.. whats next??? Dare we ask?

    Peace out Dave, dont let the haters get you down!


  9. Boise Whiskey Tango
    Jul 17, 2008, 8:31 am

    O’Toole’s Addendum To Murphy’s Law:

    Murphy was an optimist!

    That’s why it’s called “Accident” Insurance and not “On-Purpose” Insurance.

  10. BoWhTa:

    Good point.

    So howcum “life insurance” ain’t called “death insurance”?

  11. Nemo, er I mean Steve, how many times have you hollered for the termination of fellow public servant? My guess is that if we scrolled through the archives we would find several postings from you SCREAMING for termination. I must say that a building is better than a firman’s leg. Wouldn’t you agree?

  12. joe cleveland
    Jul 19, 2008, 12:52 pm

    I think they should promote the guy who did this so he doesnt drive anymore.

  13. I agree with Cleveland. The guy that burned the kitchen down got promoted 🙂

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