GUARDIAN Takes On New Look

Thanks to our webmeister Ben Hays, a Boise guy working in Taiwan, we have a new look that should offer a little more variety and ease of posting for GUARDIAN readers.

We can move the pictures around, the links and recent story list is easier to find and read, and we are told it will be easier  to post stories and include links and photos within the stories.  Sam the office dog will be our first image test.

We are contemplating selling some ad space to those who want to reach an intellectual local audience interested in making Boise and Idaho more than just another city on a national magazine list.

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    Looks good though, feels more modern and accessible.

  2. Viva la Guardian!

  3. “Intellectual local audience”?

    So, you expect the new “look” to attract new readers? (Hahahahahahaha! Just funnin’! I hope you’ll continue to put up with us low-brow knuckle-draggers, too!)

  4. Looks good… Will posting approval still take place? I don’ t see the simple spam question anymore.

  5. Like the new look!

  6. Dave et al –

    Looks great – nice and modern and much easier to use!


  7. New look is an improvement and I’m glad to see an edit feature, because I’m prone to misstakes. /see, that’s what I’m talking about

    However, the best forums, IMO, allow editing at any time, not just for 5 minutes. Other forums also allow the posting of pictures right in-line with the comments.
    Surely, the guardian knows the value of pictures.

    EDITOR NOTE–We already had a post with FALSE info that I had to kill after it was posted. Too many folks with too many agendas. If you want to post pictures, send them on the CONTACT link at the top of the page and WE will decide if they run…we would love to have both images and content from anyone who has FACTS or OPINIONS that work with the GUARDIAN content.

  8. bert farber
    Jul 23, 2008, 3:50 pm

    So let me see if I get this. The Guardian is now outsourcing the web work to some guy in China. He’s probably a communist, too. But I like the new look and the pretty pitchers.

  9. It looks all bright and shiny. Yep, pretty much like 1,000 other sites.
    Oh, well.
    Can’t see that it’s any easier or whatever, though.
    So, I’ll now say publicly what I already said privately to The Guardian:
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    It warn’t broke.
    Don’t really mind the new look (even though it sort of glares out), but can’t see a dang bit of improvement in it.

  10. Wow! It posted instantly.
    Does that mean you’re now gonna allow any kind of crap to be posted without checking it first? Like the Daily Paper!
    Heaven help us!

  11. Intellectual “LOCAL” audience? You must mean the folks over in Canyon County because I’ve never seen or heard of one here in Ada County. What do they look like?

    EDITOR NOTE–Dog, you gotta admit we do far better with commenters than the Daily and a lot has been accomplished after being posted on the GUARDIAN. You even offer some insight on occasion.

  12. Guardian, While your building the new update thing… How about a new masthead pitcher. You can capture the Boise skyline with the crane building the skinny condo building pasted on the side of the parkinglot on Front Street. Us phobes will dig it.

  13. The look is good with one problem. It appears the formatting is geared for Apple and Apple browsers. It doesn’t come up correctly in Firefox or Internet Explorer on a Windows based machine. It does work with Safari which is a Apples product. Overall good idea, just needs a format improvement.

    EDITOR NOTE–Anyone else with problems, please let us know through the CONTACT button and we will pass along the info to our web guy.

  14. I was just getting used to the previous layout.

  15. Nice format, but please, whatever changes you make, do not get away from those great photographs! The photos you run add real class to the site keeping it far ahead of the others…some of the most beautiful photos I’ve seen. Keep up the good work!!!

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