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Dirk Works To Establish His Posterity

GUARDIAN reader Eric49 tells us the Secretary of Interior has incorporated a non-profit corp. called “The Kempthorne Institute For Public Policy Philanthropy Corporation,” with the Idaho Secretary of State. Check out the June 20 filing HERE.

Sounds a lot like former Guv Cece Andrus and former Senator Frank Church deals at Boise State University. No doubt the new College of Western Idaho would like to host the institute. Now, if we can just get the paperwork on that cheap land near Cascade…

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  1. He doesn’t need the land in Cascade when he’s got a really great, cheap deal at Tamarack for pushing it through the political works.

  2. Maybe he can store his locked gubernatorial records there. Then he can quit making the state pay for records that we can’ t access.

  3. Tom Anderson
    Jul 31, 2008, 10:04 am

    The legacy of Dirk will be…

    …Attempting to take out a 30 year loan to build an extensive road system at a time when every energy expert is basically saying the personal automobile is doomed and we cannot even maintain the roads we currently have.

    …Joining the Bush Administration and selling his soul to those who would destroy this great country to further pad their already breathtaking fortunes.

  4. Den Brockway
    Jul 31, 2008, 12:52 pm

    As always, follow the money. I think Dirk is a post turtle. What has he done of importance since being annointed to his lofty position? When will he do something of significance?

  5. “The Kempthorne Institute For Public Policy Philanthropy Corporation”

    Wow! Catchy name!
    Oh, well; guess we can just call it
    The KIFPPPC — that’ll be easier to remember. 🙂

  6. Boise hiskey Tango
    Aug 1, 2008, 3:29 pm

    An Eyebrow, and surrounding the Capitol Building with Unarmed (After the first couple of days) and unprotected (No Body Armor, Helmets, Etc., from Day One) National Guardsman to protect us from the boogieman following 9/11.

    New York City… Washington, DC… BOISE? Seems like 9/11 was an excuse to get all the high tech security apparatus the Legislature had previously denied him.

    I know the man did something as Governor; But that’s all that comes to mind.

    Hell… Even the Good Mr. Batt played a musical instrument!

  7. Dirky and his people spent more time eyeballing office space in the Capitol Building that they wanted to take from other elected officials than they did governing. The man was completely useless, and his people were sycophants.

  8. I’m confused, James B. Are you the same James Bond who wrote, “I think Dirk Kempthorne would be a wonderful president for the University of Idaho,” on the HBO blog in response to Vera White’s report that DK is being promoted as the next president of the UI? I didn’t perceive any sarcasm in that statement, but based on your characterization of DK here as “useless,” I assume I should have. I’m genuinely curious; was your post regarding DK and the UI sincere, or was that a finger tip-in-cheek remark regarding the mutual suitability of DK and the UI?

  9. Rod in SE Boise
    Aug 3, 2008, 5:23 pm

    In order to have a legacy, you have to have DONE something. Dirk does not qualify.

    Just occupying a chair, as mayor, senator or governor and blocking progress, while helping maintain the status quo, where the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class stagnates is an insult to humanity. Dirk qualifies for that.

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