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Depot Mostly For Private Uee

Despite years of advocacy by the GUARDIAN and broad public support, Boise’s Depot remains closed to the public most of the time. Even a recent report from the “VISION FOR THE DEPOT COMMITTEE” seems to ignore any suggestion the Boise Depot be opened to the public. Team Dave spent several hundred thousand dollars moving the […]

Ethanol Spells Corny Economics

Guest Post by Bill Goodnight The ethanol boondoggle was first brought to my attention during the 2006 legislative session when the Farm Bureau attempted to mandate that all gas pumps in Idaho dispense E10 (10% ethanol). I am the president of United Street Rods of Idaho, a lobbying organization for Idaho auto hobbyists. We were […]

No City Audit Of CCDC

Team Dave announced Wednesday the long ago promised audit of the CCDC, Boise’s urban renewal agency, will not be done by Boise’s internal Auditor. Bieter called for the audit as well as a blue ribbon committee to review the agency’s goals etc. during the reelection campaign last year. He never appointed the blue ribbon committee, […]

Police Perform Poop Patrol

Duty ideally suited for McGRUFF THE CRIME DOG, is a priority for Boise coppers who are going undercover to nab pesky puppies that poop on paths. Team Dave likes to run the city “like a business” with marketing surveys. A recent poll put dog issues near the top of local concerns. Once you know your […]

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