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Dirk Works To Establish His Posterity

GUARDIAN reader Eric49 tells us the Secretary of Interior has incorporated a non-profit corp. called “The Kempthorne Institute For Public Policy Philanthropy Corporation,” with the Idaho Secretary of State. Check out the June 20 filing HERE. Sounds a lot like former Guv Cece Andrus and former Senator Frank Church deals at Boise State University. No […]

Good Money Chases Bad At Tamarack

Bankrupt developers, property liens, misrepresented sales, a $250,000,000 loan default, and multiple lawsuits are all elements in a proposed bailout of Tamarack Resort in Valley County. A bankrupt Mexican and Frenchman are seeking a bailout with assistance from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA) in the form of […]

Mystry Of Dora’s Cathouse

By NORTHEND SAL For the past five years or so, an old house on the northeast corner of Dora and Harrison Boulevard has remained empty, sort of. No signs of human habitation, but signs of fresh cat food. According to neighborhood lore, the elderly woman who once lived there left it to her cats, to […]

Mayor Hotline July 19 to 25

Janis Ogawa 3918 Aires Boise, ID 83706 Depot: I would like to make a suggestion that when you call in on the Boise Depot line, that you have a menu option to find out what the hours are that they are open. Also, the fact that I would like to request the ability to have […]

Rental Cars And Others Diddle System

When the Ada County Highway District pleaded poverty this week and floated the idea of doubling the fees for vehicle registration, it re-ignited a long smoldering issue the GUARDIAN has with rental car agencies and some other commercial vehicle users. Some 20 years ago when Ada County created the laws for emission testing and the […]

Ultimate Pimp My Ride Is Boise Coppers Cars

Too many cop cars and not enough mechanics was causing a 55 day delay before new Ford Crown Vics and Chevy Impalas hit the road. Then Boise found the police equivalent of “Pimp My Ride” in Salem, Oregon. After a reader tipped us that $7,000 per vehicle was leaving not only the city, but the […]

Idle Thoughts On City Vehicles

About a year ago the GUARDIAN caused a stir among coppers when we noted patrol cars left idling for long periods of time at convenience stores and even at dinner for an hour at a time. Comments on the post, POLICE PROWLERS GUZZLE GAS prompted a flurry of defenses for the idle arguments. Top Cop […]

Plans For (Mark) Rivers City

We listened to BoDo developer Mark Rivers enthusiastic gushings about some vague plans for a “Library Blocks”–six to be exact–development at the Monday City Club of Boise luncheon. With numerous references to “instant gratification, A.D.D., three shot espresso, and strategizing,” it was hard to decide if the guy is “smooth” or “slick.”  Regardless, he is […]

GUARDIAN Takes On New Look

Thanks to our webmeister Ben Hays, a Boise guy working in Taiwan, we have a new look that should offer a little more variety and ease of posting for GUARDIAN readers. We can move the pictures around, the links and recent story list is easier to find and read, and we are told it will […]

Power To The People Not Easy

Politics and economics are the key factors driving the energy policy of the USA. Al Gore of course is the current poster child for the latest buzz phrase “carbon footprint.” Controversy and lobbying over electricity goes back to the days of Edison and Tesla as they vied for acceptance of “their” methods of generation and […]

Ride Share Worthy Of Masses

Mayor Hotline July 5 to 11

Poop Plant Personnel Change

BFD Brings Work To Station

No Wonder French Bottle Water

Boise Greenbelt Gets Attaboy

Summer Musings Take 3

GUARDIAN Summer Musings Take 2.

GUARDIAN Summer Musings Take 1

Idaho Top On Failing Resort List

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