Tour De La Frommage… Cheese Tower

We got this little gem from a reader.  Guardian editing by remote and unable to check it out, but if he has good facts, the air from the Nampa sugar factory may take on a distinctly new aroma by the time the Boise downwinders sniff it.


Thought you might be interested to know that today’s announcement by Sorrento
Lactalis about an expansion of their cheese factory includes one rather interesting
item not mentioned in the daily paper:  They will be asking to build a 17 story
drying tower.  They have said this through their attorney in city council hearings
in Nampa. 

Their attorney said the 17-story would be noisy, emit odors, and be
visible from a distance.  They are in the county, but  are apparently
“negotiating” with Nampa for annexation into the city.  The residential areas to the
north and east of them, where the prevailing winds blow, should just love that!

EDITOR NOTE:  First it was the aroma of FRENCH fries (pommes frite) in Caldwell, then the foul mash from the sugar beets.  FRENCH cheese odors mixing with auto exhaust fumes and forest fire smoke should smell like Smoked Cheese.

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  1. A seventeen story tower eh? Holy gorgonzola Batman, that’s a lot of cheese.

  2. If only they’d bring back the fresh cheese curds!

  3. Maybe Nampa could become a Sister City with Pisa, Italy.

  4. I was production manager at Swiss Village when the JR Simplot Co. owned it. For many years the plant didn’t have a real waste treatment system in place. Just ask any of the neighbors, back then it stunk to high heaven.
    Sorrento purchased the plant and made a big investment in properly treating the waste water. This has dramatically improved the air quality of the area.
    The dryer they are going to install will be another big improvement to their plant, the area and the economy of Nampa.
    Rather then be fearful of what the Sorrento Company is doing look at their track record since taking over. You have a much better neighbor now than you ever had before.
    PS, I miss the cheese curds too.

  5. French fries in Canyon County? surly you must mean Freedom Fries.
    As a almost Canyon Co. native we knew it as the smell of money and old JR never let us forget. Back in the day, we referred to Caldwell as a place where a fart smelled good.

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