Mayor Hotlines July 26-Aug 8

Combined two hotlines this week and there is a broad–universal support–of the decision by Team Dave to leave the trees along the river intact, despite pleas from Velma to clear the view for an office building.

Cops are questioned about outfitting cars in Oregon, several calls from folks who need help from somewhere other than City Hall, and of course the California Caller from Sacramento. Because we now link to the actual pdf files, it is difficult to edit the files and have them format properly. Sorry for the inconvenience, but here are the links:


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  1. It’s not clear to me exactly what Velma Morrison wants removed. So not knowing, how could anyone make an informed decision?

    I’ve somewhat mixed feelings on this one. Look at the Garden City development the Water Front District, they removed almost all the underbrush and it looks much nicer if you ask me. I was out at the Hilton Garden in Eagle the other day and they’ve done the same.

    One should also look at it from a public safety standpoint. It’s no secret there are lots of criminal types hanging down by the river. Remember Lynn Henneman (spelling?) anyone? Remember the young gal killed under the Americana Bridge? Her killer has never been caught.

    Remember folks, there is nothing natural about the Boise River, levees were built and it was canal-ized decades ago. The underbrush in Boise is very thick and unnatural and should be brought under control.

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