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Daily Paper Features GUARDIANS

The Daily Paper did a front page story Thursday featuring the Caldwell GUARDIAN and others who work to keep local governments accountable.

Paul Alldredge, our Caldwell alter ego, looks stern in the picture, but he has done a great job providing a forum for discussion of local government action and spending. He shares the GUARDIAN name, much of our philosophy, and often shares information with us.

Check out the STATESMAN STORY by reporter Kristin Rodine. The Boise GUARDIAN of course is mentioned and we like to think we are more of a “liberal big brother,” but we don’t live in Canyon County either.

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  1. Guardian(s)-

    Congratulations on the recent positive press.

    Our communities are better off because of the brilliant light you relentlessly shine into the dark recesses of government.

    It is apparent that the same esprit that called you to duty earlier in life has not waned.

  2. Dave, do you mean liberal in the classical sense?

  3. Every self proclaimed liberal I know wants to make the government bigger and raise my taxes in the process. How about “Independent Big Brother.”

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