Chance For Young Politicos To Shine

Hey kids! Want to be the youngest elected official in Idaho with authority to levy $40,000,000 in taxes in the name of higher education?

If you are a registered voter living in Ada or Canyon County you can get your name on the ballot to fill one of the 5 open seats on the College of Western Idaho Board of Trustees with just 5 signatures of other registered voters. If you are 18 and NOT registered, just register to vote and you qualify to be an elected official.

The school is woefully underfunded, thanks to low ball estimates by those eager to get approval last year. The new board has authority to levy a ton of taxes on local property owners and they would not be bound by the promises of previous supporters. Conversely, the new board could be taken over by anti-tax types and they could kill all funding efforts with a tiny levy.

Chances of a victory in the November election are pretty good for ANY candidate because Seats 1,2,3, don’t have any candidates at all. Seates 3 and 4 are also up for election and you just have to beat a couple of men appointed to the posts who are not likely to campaign hard for a non-paying position.

The CWI trustee job pays NOTHING, meets at least monthly, and takes a fair amount of time. The rewards include being an “elected official in Idaho” so you LEGALLY get to carry a concealed weapon with no permit. (Just don’t try to go through airport security packing heat or you get busted by the feds.)

If the younger set decide to step up and serve their community through the CWI Board, they will be in a position not only to levy property taxes, but even hire and fire the president of the college. They will be the major deciders of the curriculum and approve budgets. No need for a student council if the students run the place.

This is a rare opportunity for the youth of Ada and Canyon counties to make history for a good cause. Better act now because the deadline for filing is September 2. For details contact the CWIelection official:

Cheryl Wright
5500 E University Way,
Nampa ID 83687
[email protected]
Phone: 562-3299

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  1. Hey, I think this is a great idea. I hope you will promote this idea with the local media. My oldest daughter is still too young, but I think this is a great leadership opportunity for a future leader.

  2. The Boise Picayune
    Aug 20, 2008, 7:36 am

    The Boise Picayune nominates the Guardian.

  3. If I can carry my concealed weapon AND get a ride with the Thunderbirds and/or Blue Angels the next time they’re in town, SIGN ME UP!

    (That jet ride is a sweet perk for elected bigwigs, seems to me, after years of observation.)

    My campaign theme: JUST LET ME AT SOME OF THAT TAX MONEY! (It’s got a ring to it, no?)

  4. Sam the sham
    Aug 20, 2008, 12:20 pm

    Legally pack heat!!!!! WOW let me have at it!
    my lifelong dream……
    i’ll call her today!

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