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Municipal Park: Hi, another week goes by and the drinking fountain at Municipal Park is
still not there. I mean it not only is not working, it’s not there; they took it out. I’m sure
they’ll have it fixed just in time to turn it off for the winter. It sure would be nice to have
some water there. Thank you.
BPR Being repaired

McHale’s Navy in CA: Hello, this is the lady out of Sacramento again who still has the
violation problem. It sounds like that they are having some warfare people into the
matters. It sounds like they should have been there a long time ago; some of the
settings of the military are very old and they’re very slow. If they could find some more
intricate minds from other states outside of California and New York that aren’t tied up
with these people, it sure will help. I think some of the FBI people and some of the
corrections are some of the ones who are helping, and of course some of the military
people. They have some mind settings that are it sounds like from out of Kentucky and
Corkoran Prison, and also the leaders of McHale’s Navy, so if they could get some
mindset similar to those, I guess it would be helping. I guess you need to call Kentucky
or wherever else the people are telling you to call to find out the information. California
and New York are really tied up with the muscle lines and hopefully they will be getting it
over with shortly. Supposedly with the warfare it should be able to be done. There is
some of the sheriff’s department that sounds like that’s Sacramento that’s not
trustworthy; they’re causing problems with military machines all over the town and some
people are all over the country messing up the civilized life and these people are slow to
stop them because weren’t to let them go all over the place, etc., etc., etc.

John Locksmith
Dogs At Large: I have a problem that I have been charged with a misdemeanor for my
first dog at large in two years. I’m looking at Idaho (I think he means) Boise City Code 6-
7-36 Section A2, and it tells me that it is a $25 fine, yet I’ve been charged with a
misdemeanor. This is the second time it has happened, and it happens all the time. I
am very upset that the laws on the books are not what are being enforced. I hope this
matter is straightened out.
Action Taken: left msj

9189 W. Marinda Dr.
Boise, ID 83704
BPR: I’m calling to complain about the Zoo – how filthy it is, infected with weeds
everywhere, shrubbery not trimmed, and bugs everywhere. My wife and I were there
with our little three year old boy and it was pretty dirty. It’s been that way every time
we’ve been there this year and last year. No one takes care of it; instead of the Mayor’s
libraries, he should worry more about the zoos. To me that’s more important than a new
library; he should take care of the Zoo; it looks disgusting and it doesn’t represent the
City of Boise very well. We have a pass at the Zoo that we paid for and the place should
be taken care of better. I mentioned this to the people at the Zoo and it went in one ear
and out the other. I guess I’ll have to contact Channel 6 or something to do an
investigation on why the Zoo looks like it does instead of new libraries going on Ustick. I
think that was a waste of money and stuff, instead of cleaning up the Zoo and making
the City of Boise more presentable instead of the way the Zoo looks. Somebody can
return my call if they would like or they can mail a response to my address. Thank you.

Laurel Walker
Office Manager
Carpenter Remodeling
E-Pay: I called the City of Boise today to pay for four trash billings that we have and was
informed that they no longer took the payment over the phone; that I needed to go to the
Internet. That was fine until I got to the internet and discovered that you are charging a
“convenience fee”. I just want you to know that I think that’s totally wrong, and so put me
in the column of “everyone who does not want to pay the convenience fee”. Thank you
very much.

Patrick Bridges
Kristin Armstrong: I would like to suggest that in response to Kristen Armstrong’s
winning the Gold Medal, that a portion of Bogus Basin Road that she trained on tirelessly
to win the Gold Medal be renamed in her honor. Thank you.

Action Taken: contacted
Diane Goldberg
Gas Leak?: I am not sure where to direct this question, but every day when I drive home
from work, at the intersection of Cloverdale and Franklin, and I’m always at that point in
the evening heading north, every time I stop for a light there, there is an overpowering
smell of either gas or propane. It’s not at any other intersection so I know it’s not my car.
I’ve talked to other people who have smelled it when they stop at that light. I don’t know
if there’s some sort of gas leak or if there’s just something in that area that reeks of that
horrible smell, but I would appreciate it if someone could check and see if maybe there is
some sort of leak or it’s just a natural thing. If possible I would appreciate a call back
just to know what’s causing that horrible odor. Thank you very much.
Intermountain Gas

Joseph Gromacki
Kristin Armstrong: I was calling in regard to Kristen Armstrong’s remarkable
achievement. I thought of something, perhaps it can be explored further. There has
been a sort of lodge over the bridge that is proposed to be built across the Boise River
connecting and while it’s completing a portion of the bike trail from Garden City to Eagle.
I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to facilitate this situation and expedite
things if this bridge could be called the Kristen Armstrong Bridge with a suitable plaque
commemorating her remarkable achievement. I feel that the way the people have taken
to Kristen’s achievements, you could probably break down the bickering between Eagle
and Garden City, and maybe get Ada County to get behind it and perhaps Boise, and
even the state. Most of all, I think you could probably get private donations or events, or
perhaps a race where Kristen Armstrong could endorse it. She lives just a few blocks
from the bike trail. This would be a good way to get this thing going rather than to wait
for the right time or when money is available. I think there’s money available now,
especially from the private sector. I just thought I would drop that little thought in
someone’s in-basket and perhaps they can decide if it is indeed something that is
feasible. I think that this is an excellent opportunity to get people behind it instead of
pointing fingers and saying it’s someone else’s problem. If you could get about six
groups together to back this thing, I think the bridge could probably be built; it would be a
terrific achievement for Boise, for Idaho, for all the municipalities along the way. I hope
this opportunity will be taken advantage of. Thank you for your patience in listening.
Action Taken: contacted

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  1. REPLY to the ZOO complaint: Libraries help people learn and continue their education. They give safe places for kids to hang out instead of on the streets, doing drugs, spray painting buildings, etc. If you want the zoo cleaned up, maybe YOU should start. Call around and find some friends. You could even get a Boy Scout troop to help you. The City won’t do everything for you. Try opening a door for yourself once in awhile. You might enjoy it.

  2. Anonomous, you have GOT to be kidding? A city run operation that puts the image of the state’s capitol in front of the public that is clearly being neglected, and your response is “clean it yourself”?? The City Zoo is an embarrassment and desperately needs attention. You may want to swing by the library on Overland and see just how well it is being utilized by our youth (or any other group). We would, indeed, be much better off with some funding for the zoo.

  3. The biggest embarrassment about the zoo are the exhibits. The zoo is nothing more than a glorified farm and petting zoo with circus animal rejects. I say close the zoo until there are enough funds for some real exhibits.

  4. Hey, I like “Anonymous” — I bet he or she is out right now cleaning the city sewers, sweeping the streets, scrubbing down City Hall or trimming trees in Julia Davis Park.

    If we had a few thousand more like him or her, the city, county and state wouldn’t have to hire any workers; the volunteers would do it all.

    Of course, with all those lay-offs, there would be lots of unemployment — and our taxes would *still* go up!

    Or maybe Anonymous can do it all by him/herself?

  5. Good points. But still, if the city doesn’t take care of it, I personally will be down there helping clean up. You can take that as a promise. We shouldn’t expect the city to change our diapers for us. Get a backbone. As I said, you might enjoy it. Go ahead and challenge again. I dare you.

  6. Anonymous hasn’t been to the library lately if he/she thinks kids are hanging out there…fail

  7. The “gas” smell is from the new sewer trunk line that runs down Cloverdale. I think it is funny the city passed it on to Intermountain gas.

  8. Anonymous, i think you might be missing my point here. We PAY to support that zoo! Looking like it does, where is our money going?

  9. Maybe the money goes to feeding the animals, taking care of the animals, paying zoo employees. You’re afraid of a little work. Come on! I’ve done plenty of volunteer work, and it’s not bad at all. So shut up!

    Cyclops: You’re missing my point.

  10. If the zoo manager has the same Boise Parks and Recreation connections the old manager at another Parks facility had, he won’t have to worry about losing his job. But whovever is next in line better watch out he/she doesn’t have to take the hit.

  11. Zoo:
    All the zoo money is going to build the new 50-foot high giraffe house, isn’t it?

    Crazy Sacramento Lady:
    I have a friend who lives in Sacramento. (Moved from Idaho to California. Weird, huh?) I asked him to make something of the disjointed ramblings of his fellow citizen down there, and he suggested:

    “I decided to put my Art Bell hat on and see if I could come up with an idea.

    Assuming this lady is in the Sacramento area, what is it that set her off… since she is clearly playing with a short deck?

    “If we look at some of the phrases she uses ‘warfare people,’ ‘settings of the military,’ ‘FBI people and some of the corrections,’ ‘McHale’s Navy,’ …

    “I would hazard the guess that she is seeing a lot of people running around in uniforms. I would also guess that whatever they’re doing, it’s causing lots of commotion and agitating her. She mentions New York, Kentucky, California; and talks like the above people need to work better at fixing – a problem.

    “From my shrink couch here, I think it may have been the gigantic fires that we had that pushed her over the edge.

    “There have been firefighters flown in from everywhere in the country. Over 80 percent of all firefighters in the U.S. were in the Sacramento area at one time.

    “But it wasn’t just them, we were using National Guard Units, Sheriff and Police Departments, Department of Corrections and prisoners, Forest Service personnel, Fire Districts Mangers, you name it.

    “Even if there were no fires where she was; she could have been near a staging location for equipment and aircraft that were going pretty much 24/7.”

    Interesting theory. If she quiets down as fire season subsides, it will lend credence.

  12. Please remember Anonymous, you started this! You don’t want to measure volunteer hours with me. Over the last 30 years, mine are easily measured in the tens of thousands of hours! I have never been afraid of hard work either. But It will be a cold day in Hades before I go down to do a job that I am already paying someone to do! By your logic, given the bus system is completely broken in this town, your solution is that we all start cruising the arterials looking for anyone that needs a ride. Or maybe we should all get our lawn mowers out and meet at thye vacant city-owned property to mow and weed! Are you realizing yet how silly your position is?

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