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We are learning the system and are back in town, so hopefully this week’s hotline will be easier to read. Just click “more” to get the rest of the story.

DUI: I’m calling in reference to the police officer that got picked up for drunk driving off
duty and he got 90 days in jail with 87 suspended. So, he got 3 days in jail and a $250
fine is what the news reported. I think that is a travesty of justice that that happened
because if that was anybody else, they would have got far harsher punishment than that.
I’m not a drinker myself and I don’t think it’s right, but anybody else would have got a
$500 or $1,000 fine and they would have been ordered to take drug and alcohol classes,
they would have lost their driver’s license, and I think that’s a terrible miscarriage of
justice doing that. He is suppose to set an example, and to get off that easy, that isn’t
even a slap on the hand; that’s like a hand shake. I’m nobody and my opinion don’t
matter, but I think that is just terrible and somebody should look into that.

September 6 – 12, 2008
Page 1
Tom Conn
1810 W. State St.
Water Surplus: Mayor, good morning. I would like you or one of your City Council
members to drive down State St. to 37th St. where the new Colonel Sanders Restaurant
is and turn in and look at the water problem. It’s been going on for, I don’t know, maybe
a decade, hundreds of thousands of gallons of water are leaking out of a trench and
going right down the drain. I’m talking an unbelievable amount of water that’s being
wasted. Please, please, I beg you to have a look. This is especially hard in the late
afternoon. I’m pretty sure it’s leaking out of an irrigation ditch. Please, please, please,
thousands of gallons of water are being lost right down the drain, and in drought
situations it’s terrible. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted
Lisa Hatch
IBEW Local 291
Graffitti: We share a common parking lot with what’s call the 16th St. Laundry. We were
both hit with graffiti quite a while ago and we have removed ours. They have some
graffiti on the top of what looks like an air conditioner on top of their building and they’ve
never removed it. They’re called the 16th Street Laundry on 16th and Bannock in Boise.
The number for the Laundromat is 344-5180. We just wanted to let somebody know that
they haven’t removed their graffiti yet. Thank you.
Graffiti Team
Joan Kilgore
1313 E. Boise Ave.
Boise, ID 83706
Code Enforcement: I’m calling about the renters next door at 1309 E. Boise Ave. The
owner lives in Nevada and the renters next door have not cut the back yard all summer
long. They have two big dogs; they never clean up after them. Most of the weeds back
there are like 6 ft. high, as high as the fence. I’ve spoken to the Code Enforcement man,
Joe Veneman, all summer about this; we’ve been in contact all summer and he tells me
he’s going to send them a notice, a warning, and now he’s going to give a citation to the
owner, who’s in Nevada and she doesn’t care, so nothing has been done. It’s just going
on and on and I can’t get any help on this. Now the couple told a neighbor that the
management company is Chapman and they don’t come around and do anything. The
couple said they were going to live here two more years because she’s in school, and
that we just have to put up with their weeds and dogs for two more years. They have no
intention of cutting it or taking care of anything. I’m trying to get some help on this
because Code Enforcement is not making them cut it. Thank you very much.
September 6 – 12, 2008
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PDS: This is a message for the Mayor and for the City Council. In the neighborhood
around the Crescent Rim Drive, the condo project, it appears that the streets were not
widened and there’s a safety concern, both on Peasley and Kipling. They were not
widened like it was agreed to; it was in the meetings and that didn’t happen, so there are
some major safety issues on that. I would appreciate you taking a look at it.
Mitch Berger
699 Parkstone Dr.
Boise, ID
Noisy Motorcycles: My wife and I and some other couples were downtown last
Thursday evening viewing the art exhibits and that, and we went out to dinner also.
There were a group of approximately 30 very loud, like open pipe, Harley Davidson
motorcycles, along with a few other brands. It was very, very annoying; besides being
damaging to children’s hearing (infants and babies who are obviously not smart enough
to put their hands over their ears). We don’t plan on going downtown to eat any more
because it’s not enjoyable with a bunch of loud bikes running around for an hour. We
saw 8 police cars go by the opposite side of the street as the loud motorcyclists were
going the other way, and he didn’t turn around or anything. They were just a bunch of
weekend warriors thinking they’re in a gang or something like that; I don’t know what the
deal is. It would be nice if the police department would crack down on that, and get our
city back to its nice ways. Thank you.
Sarah Arnold
United Water: I have a question about who I might make a complaint to about United
Water. They have charged me an outrageous bill that in my opinion is very unethical.
Of course in their opinion, if I don’t pay it they will turn off my water. However, I don’t
feel that I should have to pay the amount that they are charging me. Anyhow, I wanted
to speak with somebody about that and I just wasn’t sure which department is
appropriate, so I would appreciate a call back. Thanks.
Action Taken: contacted

September 6 – 12, 2008
Page 3
Delbert Coon
1911 Spalding St.
Boise, ID
Solicitation: I recently received a solicitation on the phone for funds to buy brochures to
be given to children to discourage them from talking with strangers, ostensibly through
some element of the police department or some organization working with the police
department. My immediate question to them was, “Well what about the perfect day and
what are we doing to increase security on our campuses, and why don’t we have the
volunteer police out working on the school grounds to help our kids?” The concern that I
have is how do I know that this is legitimate. I called the Better Business Bureau who
routed me to the police department; I called Administration at the police department who
routed me to dispatch, who then tried to route me back to the police department. So, it
would be nice if there was some way we could know when these people call up if they
are a legitimate fund raiser for the police department or fire department here in this city.
Thank you.
Too Many Phone Books: I’m calling to express my concern about the number of phone
books I keep getting. I now have four phone books, a Qwest One, two PDC pages and
an Impact Directory. This is over 3,000 pages of directories. I’m wondering if there
could be some way that the city can allow these businesses to operate, but have an optout
provision for those of us who do not need over 3,000 pages of the same directory.
Perhaps a sticker on our door that says which directory we would prefer. There has to
be some way that we can stop the accumulation of this many pages of what will go into
the landfill, either now in my case, or later when the person is finished with the book.
Thank you.

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  1. I don’t know why BPD can’t enforce the muffler law. They sure enforced the parking-wrong-way law on me the other day. If Chief Masterson can’t do his job and enforce the law then maybe he should resign.

    Idaho Code:

    49-937. MUFFLERS, PREVENTION OF NOISE. (1) Every motor vehicle shall at
    all times be equipped with a muffler in good working order and in constant
    operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise and annoying smoke, and no
    person shall use a muffler cut-out, bypass, or similar device upon a motor
    vehicle on a highway. When any motor vehicle was originally equipped with a
    noise suppressing system or when any motor vehicle is required by law or
    regulation of this state or the federal government to have a noise suppressing
    system, that system shall be maintained in good working order. No person shall
    disconnect any part of that system except temporarily in order to make
    repairs, replacements or adjustments, and no person shall modify or alter that
    system or its operation in any manner, except to conform to the manufacturer’s
    specifications. No person shall knowingly operate and no owner shall knowingly
    cause or permit to be operated any motor vehicle originally equipped or
    required by any law or regulation of the state or the federal government to be
    equipped with a noise suppressing system while any part of that system is
    disconnected or while that system or its operation is modified or altered in
    any manner, except to conform to the manufacturer’s specifications.
    (2) The engine and power mechanism of every motor vehicle shall be so
    equipped and adjusted as to prevent the escape of excessive fumes or smoke.
    (3) No person shall modify the exhaust system of a motor vehicle or a
    motorcycle in a manner which will amplify or increase the noise of the vehicle
    or motorcycle above that emitted by the muffler originally installed on the
    vehicle by the manufacturer.
    (4) A showing that the sound made by a passenger motor vehicle or
    motorcycle exceeds the maximum allowable decibel level shall be prima facie
    evidence of a violation of subsection (1) of this section.
    (5) No person shall sell, offer for sale, or install any noise
    suppressing system or device which will produce excessive or unusual noise.

  2. To the anonymous caller with regard to the street modifications on crescent Rim. As an obvious rookie in city P&Z issues, someone needs to inform you that the public input on an issue is purely a “show” for the public! There will be a grandiose “agreement” reached during the public portion, then after you go home, the developer will sit down with P&Z and receive a “varience or exception” and you won’t know about it until you see the evidence on the work site.
    As I remember, your neighborhood had a majority vote for the current administration, so, my friend, you voted for them. Now you can live with them!

  3. Crescent Rim Neighborhood also stood in the way of a path down to Ann Morrison, if I remember right.

  4. boisecynic Thanks for printing the muffler law. I always wondered what happened to it. I still remember getting a ticket for loud mufflers when I was seventeen. That was 46 years ago. So why isn’t this law enforced. Things have gotten out of hand with the noise levels we allow.
    I think its obvious Chief Masterson isn’t capable of enforcing the laws. Maybe its time for him to quit or get fired.

  5. Tom Anderson
    Sep 15, 2008, 10:23 pm

    The number one complaint in cities across America is noise. It is amazing how many people HATE the loud, illegal motorcycles.

    There are several REALLY LOUD motorcycles that come through our nieghborhood daily, and I dream of putting a bullet in their back.

    The cops don’t do anything because, in my opinion, many cops are veterans and MANY veterans have loud motorcycles.

    I would support the removal of Chief Masterson if he can’t make this a priority.

  6. All I know is that I drive through town on the way to work and home every day, and around some on weekends. My office faces a major street. I can’t tell you the last time I saw someone pulled over for what looks like a traffic stop.

  7. Tom Anderson: “I dream of putting a bullet in their back.” [Loud motorcycle riders.]

    That’s some SCARY stuff! Sure, loud motorcycles are obnoxious. So are the rolling ghetto blasters and those rice burners with the “fart can” mufflers. But making a lot of racket is NOT a capital offense.

    “Bikers” are their own worst enemies. (And by “biker” I refer to a specific sub-class of motorcycle riders. And I guess I would include the “biker posers” in the group.) They long for an outlaw image for whatever reason. So they wear their black leather but no helmet. (Which gives ’em a “stupid” image in this observer’s mind.) And they replace their mufflers with straight pipes. Wow! Some outlaw – defying the noise ordinance!

    On the subject of selective enforcement… that will always be the case. The voting/taxpaying public just needs to be vocal about which laws they want prioritized. (Are you aware that it’s illegal to ride a bicycle against traffic? That’s a pet peeve of mine, since I ride a bike and am frequently playing “chicken” with some nimrod who’s riding against traffic. Do you know how many times it’s been enforced? If you guessed five tickets in the last five years, you would be right. When I call to complain, I’m told, and I quote, “That violation is not a priority for the department.”

  8. Bikeboy, they are not nimrods. They are Bike Ninjas. Here is a cartoon that illustrates.

  9. Im so much more informed. Thanks to the inteligent and insightful comments left, I now know that:

    1. 8 Police cars drove by some loud motorcycles.
    2. The police officers must have been veterans as opposed to rookies.
    3. All veteran police officers drive motorcycles.
    4. Motorcycle owners, especially veteran coppers, like loud mufflers on their motorcycles.
    5. Loud mufflers should now be an emergency response for police.
    6. If you get a ticket for a parking violation its not your fault but the fault of Chief Masterson for not having his officers enforce the right laws.
    7. You can;t put a bullet in someones back to stop a noise complaint


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