Lost Laser Off Copper Chopper

We once posted an item about Boise coppers getting free pizza if they won the informal monthly DUI arrest contest.

What do they get get when they lose a $3,000 laser speed gun? The coppers put out a press release Wednesday explaining the police toy was missing from a copper motorcycle following the BSU football game Saturday. Apparently his last ticket was at 6 p.m. but he noticed it was gone at 8:30 p.m.

The GUARDIAN calculates it will take about about 40 tickets worth $150 each in a school zone to recoup the cost on that one since the City doesn’t get the full revenues from tickets. Remember to slow down in school zones!

They seem willing to pay $1,000 for return of the money maker device, but you have to rat off your buddy and have him convicted to collect. Call 343-COPS if you need the cash, or even if you just happen to be a good citizen.

We were unable to obtain information about the location of the crime, but the coppers say he was off his bike at several locations near BSU after the game.

The rule is if you damage or lose city property (cars, equip. etc.) then you buy
your entire team pizza. (last I checked, there were 14 officers on the traffic
team + the Sgt. – that’s quite a bit of pizza).

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  1. A $150 fine for speeding in school zone is a slap on the wrist. For a first time offense they should impound the car for a couple of days and make the offender do duty as a crosswalk guard. Slow down people. I never speed in your neighborhood, please return the favor.

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