$30K Items Stolen From Canyon Jail Site

This is a post from our sister site, the CALDWELL GUARDIAN, by editor PAUL ALDREDGE

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN that $30,000.00 worth of steel tables have been stolen from the new Canyon jail construction site on Highway 20/26. The tables were designed and built to go in the living units of the new jail. Solid steel and powder coated from reports supplied to me,the steel tables were stored in a vacant building on the property.

The County Deciders and the Sheriff have an APB out on the tables but apparently have not filed a police report on the theft of county property. All the Politicos are keeping mum on this deal hoping against hope they will turn up before this story gets out to the public.

It is just one more example of getting out ahead of voter approvals on this jail project. The tables in question were built with maintenance department help and stored in a vacant building at the site of the new jail which is subject of a pending lawsuit.

This much steel in one location that was unattended proved to be a magnet for the thieves. It is assumed the tables were stolen and cut up for scrap. All $30,000.00 worth is now probably on its way to make new steel consumer goodies for those of us who have any money left to spend after this past week on Wall Street.

It will be interesting to see if the local media pick up on this fiasco and make the effort to put some Elected Deciders up for public comment on this blunder. The $30K loss of our tax dollars and for the labor and materials to fabricate these tables is now a bad memory that nobody at 1115 Albany wants to talk about.

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  1. With all the construction that has been going on in this valley for over a year now, stealing off construction sites has been way up. But apparently it has been cheaper for contractors to collect on insurance than to hire guards or use some kind of cop-alert system.
    That all that county swag was left unguarded is criminal negligence.

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