Mayor Hotline September 13 to 19


Melissa LaPlae
Coldstone Cremery: I own a business downtown, New Leaf Boutique. Right next door
to me is Coldstone Creamery and I have been dealing with this horrible mess in front of
this business for a month now. I’ve called the Health Department; I’ve called CCDC; I’ve
called the managers of this building; I’m going to call the Cold Stone Creamery corporate
office to report it. I took photos; it is an utter disgusting mess in front. There are
cigarette butts, their windows are filthy; it’s gross. I have seen better looking places in
the ghetto. It totally brings our downtown even farther down, more than it is now. It’s
going downhill. Something needs to be done; no one cares and it’s sad. So, I don’t
know what anybody can do about it; I’ve done all I can do. Tomorrow I’m going out there
with a bucket of soapy water myself, which I shouldn’t do, and scrub the dang sidewalk.
I have photos but I don’t know where to send them. All the other places on 8th St. look
just great; the restaurants keep their places clean but this company just refuses to do
anything and it’s gross. That’s all I have to say; thank you very much.

9/12/08 @ 4:46 p.m.
Paul Koloski
6604 Fairfield Ave.
Ombudsman: I called Pierce Murphy, the Ombudsman, and they said 395-7859 and all
I got was a ah-ah-ah. That’s all I got from the thing and I’m wondering how to get hold of
them because I have a claim against the city and that’s all I got. I’m just letting you know
this and I’ll try to call them again Monday. They said to leave a message and all I got
was nothing. Thank you.
9/15/08 @ 8:08 a.m.
Paul Koloski
Ombudsman: I sure would like to talk to someone instead of a machine. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted
Rick Lagon
Weed Abatement: I just want to support the Mayor’s decision to look at the weed
control system we have presently, where it’s not proactive and they must have a signed
document by the person making a complaint. It seems to me if we’re going to do that,
we don’t need them at all. Undoubtedly there are places where you can obviously see
something should be done, but they’re not going to do it because they don’t have the
signed complaint. I support changing it so that they can take requests by neighbors so
they don’t have to get embroiled in a neighbor dispute. Thank you.
9/15/08 @ 3:28 p.m.
Paul Koloski
Ombudsman: It is 3:30 on September 15th. I have been calling you folks since Friday
when I had bad information; I called you today once or twice. Why isn’t anybody talking
to me about what’s going on with the city? I guess this is not a hotline because when I
think about a hotline, somebody will answer my questions and talk to me. Evidently this
hotline doesn’t mean too much to us. I’ve already called the prosecuting attorney for the
city and we’re discussing stuff, but I would rather talk to you folks because I need
something to be dealt with here. I don’t know, you guys aren’t calling me; you aren’t
answering me, what is this? Why aren’t you calling me and answering me? As I said
Friday, I will call you every day until I get an answer. Thank you.
Kirby Clondenen
1711 S. 10th Ave.
Caldwell, ID 83605
Airport Photo: I’m a dentist over there and although I’m not a citizen of your county, I
am interested in the image that Idaho presents to people as they come to our airport in
Boise. I just wanted to give you guys a suggestion. You know, that picture downstairs in
the big rotunda that shows the Mayor and his staff, it’s really poor photography. It’s not
in sharp focus, it’s faded, and it’s an ugly thing. It would be better not to even be there
than to look like that. I would suggest that you take it to the people who did it for you
and ask them if they would do a better job for you. That would be my suggestion; thank
you very much. Bye.

Sylvia Anderson
Coldstone Cremery: I’m a business owner downtown, Syringas. I’m glad this is going
to be public record because I need to know. You know, we’re trying to make a living
down here; we pay our taxes down here; the economy of course is hurting. I’ve been to
every city on the west coast and what the hell is going on with the City Council, with the
Health Department, with the Mayor walking down the street and not having anything
done. I’m standing in front of Coldstone Creamery. It’s filthy; it looks like rat droppings;
it’s disgusting. The Health Department should have been reported. I’ve contacted the
Health Department along with the store owners; this is bs. You know, I mean, I’m not
going to play nice guy on this one because I’ve been a business owner down here for 5
years; I’ve also considered investing in the buildings down here and this is b.s..
Somebody, the Mayor, I mean is everybody so blind that they can’t see this? This is
where the Capitol Building is; this is where our tourists come, and this is what we
represent? You need to see this; it’s filth. It looks, which I lived in LA for many years, it
looks like the bad part of where the drug addicts lay on the sidewalk and sleep
downtown in the bad part of LA. That’s what it looks like and that’s what’s representing
our businesses and I’m pretty pissed off. Somebody needs to get down here and
somebody needs to look at this. I’m calling the news media and we’re going to slander
Boise City because we shouldn’t be having to do this. This is what we pay our taxes for.
Why in the hell our Mayor isn’t noticing this or anybody else that has some authority,
because our hands are completely tied. We had a hard enough time trying to get
approval of getting signs on the corner to give the tourists identifications of other
businesses so we can keep the revenue moving here. Everybody is sitting on their ass
not doing anything; somebody needs to come down here and look at this filth and
allowing it to happen. Once again, Sylvia Anderson, Syringas; I’d love to talk to a real
person. Thank you.
September 13 – 19, 2008
Page 3
Sharon Jarrett
Weed Abatement: I just wanted to let you know that I called the Ada County weed
control in Meridian because there are some huge thistles going to seed. The basic
concern is – I wonder what they do because they didn’t do anything for the problem. I
called originally and gave them the address, then I realized about a week or two later
that I had given them the wrong address. They never called me back to correct that and
find out where they actually were. I drove by there just this week and they’re still there
and that was a couple of months ago that I called them. So it’s a concern when
somebody isn’t doing their job and I just wanted to leave this message. Thank you, bye.
Action Taken: contacted
Donna Fairchild
4838 Johns Landing Way
Boise, ID 83703
Weed Abatement: Hello, I’m hoping you can help. I have called Code Enforcement four
times regarding my neighbor’s yard. He has 5 ft. weeds in his front yard which not only
poses a fire hazard but a toxic weed hazard as well. I have not received any replies
from Code Enforcement, nor has his lawn been taken care of. The neighbor’s house is
right next door to me, 4832 Johns Landing Way. Several of us are very upset about this
and nothing seems to be getting resolved. If someone could contact me, I would
appreciate it. Thank you.
Action Taken: left msj

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  1. Two comments:
    It appears that Paul has recently moved to Boise from Sacramento.

    It would seem that at least two downtown business owners don’t like ice cream!

  2. Wow, you know it’s bad photograpy, when you can’t even find the photograph! What was Kirby Clondenen talking about?

  3. The Boise Picayune
    Sep 23, 2008, 1:55 pm

    I feel for the Lady @ the “New Leaf Boutique”; but wouldn’t be so quick to condemn the nice folks at ColdStone.

    As a frequent flier at Dawson’s Coffee across the street, I can tell you that the probable culprits are the ne’er do well that have as of late chosen to hang in front of Dawson’s, or across the street (depending on the position of the sun) in front of ColdStone.

    Though not all are jackasses, many are. Littering and spitting all over the place, impeding the flow of pedestrians, standing in the middle of the road, trashing the bathrooms of the aforementioned establishments and talking smack to passerby’s.

    The CCDC (who “owns” that section of 8th Street) and the Police have thus far been unreceptive to pleas from the merchants for relief.

    While these knuckleheads have a right to hang out, they do not have a right to be nuisances, and there are plenty of laws and ordinances available to deal with them.

    Also… Like all businesses downtown, ColdStone is forced to join the Downtown Business Association – which is tasked with cleaning up the streets and sidewalks.

  4. The Boise Picayune
    Sep 23, 2008, 2:14 pm


    The long faded pic of the Mayor and the City Council with their saccharin smiles, located at about your 10 O’clock as you come down the escalator from the Security Checkpoint.

    It’s always struck me as a metaphor.

  5. While the airport is being raked over for the silly pictures of the Boise City Gods someone ought to mention the less than modern and sanitary facilities that were incorporated into the modern design of a new airport. There are airports and public facilites much older than Boise’s that have the automatic water and soap valves in the rest rooms and the other touchless items seen in currently built or remodeled facilities. Spread those germs Boise…..

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