City Land Deal Put On Hold

The land deal that was to include a three way swap to get the Boise PD a shooting range in the Foothills and a group of docs the site for a private hospital has been put on hold until at Least October 23.

We got this message from the Team Dave press office:

“At its September 30 meeting, the Council will act on an amended resolution on the land exchange which will extend the closing date to on or before October 23, 2008.”

We have no idea where this puts things since the council has already approved the transaction, but if they hold a public hearing and give any interested party a shot at the purchase, we would have no objection. All of their dealing on this deal has been conducted out of the public eye with a single “buyer” who doesn’t even own the land they are offering to trade.

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  1. The Idaho AG’s office needs to investigate this and prosecute. It is time these folks learned to follow the law.

    EDITOR NOTE–Couldn’t agree more, but the AG has no authority to do any investigation of local government–or anything else unless requested by the county prosecutor.

  2. Then the county prosecuter should get off his backside and get the ball rolling!!!! NOW!

  3. I know my previous comments have made it seem like I supported this transaction, in an end-justifies-means sort of way. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how the council figured they could explain this.

    The owner of record of the shooting range is Boise Police Association, and they pay $0 property tax, being non-profit. How this entity is connected to the Riverside Medical Center LLC aka Surgical Hospital LLC is beyond me.

  4. I got cut off. As I was saying, just because the hospital folks are not owners of record of the 2 received properties, doesn’t mean anything. I’ve been involved in a similar 3 way deal, myself. It’s unusual, but not necessarily illegal. Guardian is stooping to the same tactics as MSM, appeal-to-emotion arguments, again.

    Why isn’t there similar outrage about the $50,000 annual rent Boise City paid to the Boise Police Association for the shooting range. Doesn’t this seem a bit high to any of you? A police perk perhaps?

    Why isn’t there similar outrage over the condition of the Boise Junk House building that sits on the lot at 25th and Fairview? Broken windows all over. Mr Bieter, tear down this building!

    If anybody should oppose this deal it’s the so-called non-profit Boise Police Association.

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