Record Voter Turnout Predicted

If the November 4 election turnout isn’t the biggest turnout in history, you can’t blame the local election officials who have done everything possible to make it easy to vote.

The response to their mail-in absentee ballot campaign resulted in some 50,000 ballots being mailed to registered voters. In addition, early voting for those who missed the deadline will open Tuesday at the City-County Law Enforcement Center on Barrister from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily until November 3. It is the ONLY pre-election day polling place in Ada County.

Election day is November 4, but Ada County election officials hope to keep the lines short through their early vote effort. The panic is caused by a new optical scanner ballot system that neither voters nor election workers have previously used. The old “hanging chad” punch card equipment is no longer manufactured or repaired.

A “paper trail” is created with the fill in the dot system, thus avoiding computer problems and providing for easy recount and auditing.

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  1. Note on absentee voting:

    Some sources (including the County) are indicating that if you REQUEST an absentee ballot, you may not vote at the polling place. WRONG!

    The only circumstance in which you may NOT vote at the polling place is if the poll book indicates that an absentee ballot has been RECEIVED by the elections office. A voter may have requested, but not received or returned the absentee ballot for a number of reasons (dog ate my ballot, etc.)

    If you choose to vote absentee, the best choice is to return your ballot by mail, or vote early at the location above (I heard that there would be early voting at the Front St. courthouse as well, but don’t see confirmation of that on the County website as yet). You may also return your absentee ballot to the courthouse before 8pm election night. However, if you misplace or damage your ballot, or simply change your mind, you may still vote at the polling place. As long as the poll book does NOT indicate ballot RECEIVED, you may be issued another ballot and vote. If you bring your absentee ballot to the polling place, that ballot will be spoiled by the election judge, a notation made in the poll book, and you will be issued another ballot.

    BTW, Idaho is one of only eight states that allows same day registration. Bring a photo ID and proof of residence (any piece of mail, tax bill, checkbook etc), but be prepared to wait in line. This is usually the the most time consuming step for voters and poll workers. Make sure you are in the right precinct before you go to vote, see

    OH, another little tidbit about Idaho is that convicted felons (with the exception of treason, aaarrrgh) may register and vote upon completion of sentence, No court action is required, simply register and vote. This also applies to convictions from OUTSIDE Idaho, including states that bar felons from voting for life (like Florida). Another legacy of Idaho icon JR Simplot, thanks dude!

  2. I’ve heard about Front St. courthouse voting on NPR the other day.

    EDITOR NOTE: NPR IS WRONG! The GUARDIAN has it from the county in boldface that Barrister is the ONLY pre election day polling place.

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