Ada Satellite Office Is No Space Station

Ada Assessor Bob McQuade has found a way to make it easier to get into the pockets of Star residents and he got Mayor Nate to put up half the wages for a clerk and offer free rent in the deal.

McQuade is opening a branch office in Star staffed with two clerks to offer DMV services in the far northwest corner of the county. The media is invited to an Oct. 29 “launch” (ribbon cutting) which will no doubt be attended by the two incumbent Commish candidates since it is just 5 days prior to election day.

We envisioned a fortified bunker sprouting machine guns when the press release from the county talked about efforts to “strategically place” motor vehicle services. They just meant “opening an office in Star” because Mayor Nate and others have nagged about it for a couple of years.

This amounts to a “public-public” partnership and it gets a “satellite county office” in Star. It isn’t really a satellite office in the NASA sense and “Star” has nothing to do with outer space. They just have a rent free room in the Star City Hall for a year. Other county services may follow.

Watch for Mayor Nate to start charging rent after the 12 month “free introductory period” if the launch is successful.

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  1. I know Mayor Nate’s priorities are providing his constituents with services. This is an easy low cost service that he can help provide. I am sure he would like to be able to offer emergency medicine as easily to his citizens. Currently the closest hospital is 20 minutes away.

    I like these try it before you buy it plans. Much like Boise’s Strip Mall libraries. You are probably right about a trial period. But I don’t see this as double taxation. Ada County probably does need to provide services elsewhere. Valley County does it in McCall and Boise County does it in Horseshoe Bend.

    I guess you should ask Mayor Nate about the arrangement. He will tell you the truth and let you know where he stands. I bet he sucks at Poker.

    EDITOR NOTE–We agree there is nothing wrong with the deal. Retailers and casinos have ATM machines for convenience and the county is doing the same thing, sort of. Please don’t get Nemo started on EMS or this thread will go on forever!

  2. Not to sound rude Dave..but I’m confused. Would you have rather have:
    – Ada County build a seperate new building, or
    -Ada County rent/enovate a different building, or
    -Ada County Pay rent that first year, or
    – Ada County not be in Star at all?

    At least on the surface sounds like the closest you can (realisticaly) come to a win-win deal for West Eagle, North Meridian, and Star.

    Am more than open to read on if you can point out closet deals, or someone pocketing the rent, or whatever.

    Just seems like your reaching this time, no offense.


    EDITOR NOTE– Nemo, I am afraid there is no controversy here. Just a sarcastic (humorous) rewrite of a county press release. No controversy. Sorry.

  3. So ITD DMV employees work for the Assessor instead of ITD?

    EDITOR NOTE– Ada assessor sells Idaho State license plates on a contract basis for ITD. Most sheriff’s contract to sell driver licenses as well.

  4. The nerve of them! Opening an office just collect vehicle registration fees from people! Money grubbing at its worst!

    If people in Star want to register their vehicles, let them drive to Boise or Meridian. That’ll teach those greedy county bureaucrats to set up another office to perpetuate their schemes!

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