Virtual Racing Nothing More Than Video Slots

When we saw the story in the Daily Paper about “virtual horse racing” it looked like just more of the remote video races from other locations.

Turns out it is nothing more than video slots–like video poker, blackjack. By all accounts Guv Butch Otter is in favor of the gambling scheme put forth by Capitol Racing at the Fairgrounds as long as it cannot be rigged. He talked on KBOI Radio Thursday saying the legislature will be the ultimate judge of the gambling.

The proponents claim the video game–which you can bet on–is nothing more than another race track at the same location.

They claim the virtual races will stimulate interest in live racing. We think that is about as likely as slot machines stimulating interest in cherry orchards!

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  1. Blazing Saddle
    Oct 30, 2008, 10:17 am

    Ya see Guardian, there to go think’in small and nippin at the guv again.

    What we need to do is merge the horse race’in commission with one of the brokerage offices. That way, you could bet on a horse, real or fake. And at the same time you could bet on a stock, which all seem to be fake in my eyes.

    See, the thing is, any way you look at it you’re going to lose your money. You might as well be able to sit back and sip on an ice cold Jack while you watch the money burn.

  2. Mr. Guardian
    Video poker and blackjack will fit right into Garden City. I mean where else in Idaho do we have pawn shops, Adult XXX video, slizzy hotels and bars on the same street.

    And think about all the gas folks will save by not having to drive to Jackpot….

    Save the environment let Garden City have vitural horse racing…

    EDITOR NOTE–Porc, there is historic precedent for your idea! Garden City was actually incorporated for the purpose of gambling when it was outlawed in Boise about 1948 as part of the local option law that allowed slots within incorporated cities…long before the Indian reservation gambling was conceived.

  3. It’s so “virtual”, you can almost smell the road apples.

  4. True video horse racing is just another form of slots, but what’s the difference between the Lottery commision’s machines and slots? Wasn’t that the argument the Native Americans used to get slots?

    You are correct about why Garden City was incorporated but the race track is on county grounds and not a part of the city that surrounds it.

  5. Nobody ever lost as much on horse races or slots as people have lost in the stock market.
    As long as we allow that form of high-stakes gambling, why frown on the nickel, quarter, dollar, two-dollar and other lower-cost entertainments?

    Personally, I’m not attracted by either video games or simulcast, cuz I like to see the real ponies, jockeys, gamblers, etc., but I have no objections to other people enjoying such diversions and losing a few bucks.

    Of course, recently it has turned out that buying a house can be an even costlier gamble than anything but the stock market.

    As with anything else, one needs to decide how much one can afford to lose, and play with only that amount. And, who knows? Once in awhile, you might come out a few nickels, quarters or dollars ahead.

  6. The controversy here has not been reported. What’s going on is that the Les Bois Park people have signed on with this company to deliver this product. The dog track people in northern Idaho are allied with another company that offers a competing product. Lobbyists are pouring money into the state. Basically, folks, it’s the equivalent of the Sony Playstation v. the XBOX 360 going on here. Meanwhile, the good folks in eastern Idaho just see it for what it is: Gambling.

    EDITOR NOTE–Nicely done James! It has now been reported. If you are open to assignments, please notify us via the “contact” tab.

  7. This is a GREAT idea! Just think of all the “geek” types that will be pounding the keyboards to “break” the codes of this, and they will.
    When it is finally compromised, and it will be, we can give the now rich person a scholorship to BSU in computer science!

  8. The code behind this system is quite a bit more involved than video poker — it includes the ability for the horses and jockeys to learn as they become more experienced. People could follow specific horses and jockeys. The odds structure would be similar to live racing.

    The advantage to Idaho horsemen is that the percentage reserved from the proceeds for purses would be the same as for live racing — not just on betting within Idaho but betting anywhere the game is played. Currently, live-racing purses receive a lower percentage from traditional types of simulcast betting than from bets placed during live racing. And, the racing industry receives an even smaller cut from Internet betting, which I believe attracts more Idahoans than simulcast does — racing fans bet from home or office and subscribe to cable or satellite to watch the races.

    (And, as far as I know, the folks up North have not offered the horsemen anything.)

    Disclosure: I own a few horses that race at Les Bois.

  9. Mr. Guardian

    If my recollection is good Garden City is where JackPot came from…. when they were run out of town so to speak…

  10. Alert me when there’s a law that allows us to play and bet money on real video games. I’d put up my skill on Halo 3 against most people. 🙂

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