Note The Kiosks With Notices

The Veterans had trouble getting publicity for the November 11 parade without getting crosswise of an ordinance that prohibits posting flyers in the downtown area.

Not only is it illegal to post on signal boxes and lamp posts, merchants were reluctant to place the signs in their windows. Doug Foote, a retired Idaho Air National Guardsman called the Mayor Hotline seeking some concessions to the rules.

But once again the humble GUARDIAN–whose humility is awesome–has the solution. After years of traveling the globe we recall the countrymen of our friends who own the local water company–the French–use Kiosks and city operated electronic reader boards to inform the citizens in towns from Paris to Nice.

It would be a good joint venture of the CCDC, Downtown Business Association, and Chamber of Commerce to fund a couple of installations at strategic locations. The kiosks would be very economical and the reader boards would reduce clutter if made available to any non-profit with events in the downtown area.

Also see this SIGN POST.

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  1. What? No flyers on lamp posts, etc..?? Merchants windows? I see flyers for concerts and other events all over downtown, all the time… onn the poles and in store windows. I learned about the last Curtis Stigers concert I attended at the Egyptian from flyers in the window and Bittercreek Ale House and the coffee shop down on the corner. I shocked to hear the Vets couldn’t put up flyers about the parade. If there are rules against these things, they sure as heck aren’t being enforced!

    EDITOR NOTE–So what do you think of the KIOSKS?

  2. The problem with posting “bills,” other than the ugly cluttered look, is few bother to take them down. I’m having deja vu, didn’t this just come up, oh yeah, election signs.

    Vet’s Day Parade people might do well to insist their Vets on motorcycles adhere to the muffler law, i.e., Idaho 49-937. As long as they scoff at Idaho 49-937, I guess there’s little to stop them from scoffing at Boise Uniform Sign Code 4-07.

  3. Mike Murphy, Bull Moose Tenor
    Nov 13, 2008, 8:32 pm

    Yup… Another idea I advocated as a Mayoral candidate.

    Witnessed them throughout Europe and in a couple / few American cities.

    Great idea.

    Glad – ahem – you came up with it.

  4. Dave – I love the Kiosk idea. If we can assume the fine folks in charge of such things would choose a proper design, they could add a lot of character to the downtown area.

  5. G-Man,

    What part of ‘French Idea” don’t you understand. How am I going to read that posterstand while I blast by in my new Dodge Hemi Quad 3500 monster truck. Merica..F…k Yeah!

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